Mysteries Abound

Mysteries Abound


A podcast about mysteries from anywhere and everywhere - the unusual, the strange, the perplexing and the down-right odd. This Podcast was created using


EPISODE 139 - The Mysterious English Sweating Sickness  

Wreckage of German Submarine Sunk By Sea Monster Cave Paintings Reveal Clues to Mystery Ice Age Beast Consciousness Could Be a Side Effect of Entropy Could a Mysterious Brand New Planet Be Blamed for Our Tilted Sun The Mysterious English Sweating Sickness BBC Halloween Hoax This Tree Trunk Has Been Floating Upright for 120 Years The Lesbian Vampire Story That Came Before Dracula 10 Incredibly Creepy Mysteries from India Timeslip on the Road in Saskatchewan

EPISODE138 - 8 Mysterious People Without a Past  

8 Mysterious People Without a Past Execution by Elephant Octopus DNA Does Not Belong to Our World Scottish Poltergeist Ghost of Black Monk of Pontefract Eclipse Wind The Green Man Haunts Zombie Land Road The Reappearance of Carrie Mae

EPISODE 137 - The Mysterious Fawn Hoof Mummy  

10 Thoroughly British Mysteries The Mysterious Piri Reis Map The Mysterious Fawn Hoof Mummy The Unexplained Chicago Tylenol Poisonings Mysterious Death of Don Kemp The Trunk Murders and Sausage Ghost of 1920s New Orleans Inventing the Beach Body Under the Sandstone Slab The Disappearing Doll

EPISODE 136 - Why Do Clowns Wear Read Noses?  

The Possible Origin of the Witchs Hat Why Do Clowns Wear Red Noses Submarine Reincarnation Legendary Wakulla Volcano How 10 Pieces of Furniture Got Their Names How a Mathematician Turned a Obscure Number into a Scary Story Some Ghostly Tales How the Key to the Bastille Ended Up in George Washingtons Possession

EPISODE 135 - The Unusual Origins of Pink Lemonade  

Legend Says China Began in a Great Flood We Have Been Wrong About the Origins of Life for 90 Years 1816 The Year Without a Summer That Changed Everything The Mystery of Why You Cannot Remember Being a Baby The Unusual Origins of Pink Lemonade The Ancient Legend of the Monstrous Rat King The Unexplained Mystery of the St Augustine Monster 5 Important Things from History that No One can Explain In the Walls Creepypasta

EPISODE 134 - The Public Shaming of England's First Umbrella User  

10 Bizarre Findings from Research Polls Did China Discover America Why Do We Say as Happy as Larry She Sells Sea Shells on the Seashore Our Weird Lack of Hair The Public Shaming of Englands First Umbrella User It Comes at Night My Old Stomping Ground

EPISODE 133 - The Real Reasons Why We Have Sex  

The Real Reasons Why We Have Sex 10 Bizarre British Ceremonies The Man Whose Life Inspired Zorro The Strange Con of the Antonio Maria Esquivel Painting The Gympie Pyramid Why Dogs Stick Their Heads Out of Car Windows By The Light of a Dying Fire

EPISODE 132 - Are We All Martians?  

The Unexplained Disappearance of Ludwig Leichhardt Hundreds of Genes Spring to Life up to 4 Day After Death Are We All Martians Jesus Wife Papyrus Probably Fake The Truth Behind the Christ Myth The Strange History of Microfilm Strange Low Pitched Sound From the Caribbean 7 Foot Tall Hellhound Step inside the Worldâ??s Most Dangerous Garden

EPISODE131 - 18 Medical Professionals Share the Creepiest Things Seen  

18 Medical Professionals Share the Creepiest Things They Have Seen Mysteries Mounds in Sth America A Secret Forest Grew for Millenia in Nth America Australian Link to US Civil War Robert The Haunted Doll Delivering Meat to Cats The Fish in the Deep My Dead Mothers Notebook Chupacabras The Sandman

EPISODE 130 - 10 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest Giants Existed  

The Enchanted Forest of Orrius NASA Reveals Traces of Ancient Human Settlement Under 2.3km of Ice The Hidden Messages of Colonial Handwriting 10 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest Giants Existed Scientist Discovered Exoplanets More Than 70 Years Earlier Than Thought Scientist Solve 350 Year Old Pendulum Clock Mystery The Surrency Haunting Victim of the Beast 666 Dream Sketch

EPISODE 129 - The Mystery of the Hair in the Coffin  

10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Music The Very Strange Case of Mr and Mrs Thomas B Cumpston Bank of Australia Robbery 1828 Missing Germans in Death Valley The Unsolved Mystery of Peter Bergmann Romsey Abbey The Mystery of the Hair in the Coffin The Palermo Stone The Surprising Link between Alexander the Great and Christianity The Lost Cosmonaut from Creepypasta

EPISODE 128 - 10 Strangest World War 2 Unsolved Mysteries  

The Forgotten History of the London Stone 10 Strangest World War 2 Unsolved Mysteries The Australian Kelpie Manila Cemetery Beverly Hills of the Dead The Mysterious Death of the First Man in Space Creepypasta The Darkness of Farside mdd69fie

EPISODE 127 - The Spy in the Doll Shop  

8000 Year Old Tiny Hand Prints Unraveling Mystery of Rare Whales of Madagascar Ghostlike Octopus Found in the Pacific Million Year Old Lizard Species Discovered on Remote Pacific Island The Spy in the Doll Shop What was Elisa Lam Doing Just Before She Died Ancient Greek Laptop New Zealand Zeppelin 1966 Michigan UFO Wave 9 Unsolved Mysteries of the Wild West My Jersey Devil Sighting by John Devine

EPISODE 126 - Why Do We Kiss?  

Sending Humans to Mars Could Uncover a Disturbing Truth The Enigma of Italys Ancient Etruscans is Finally Unravelled Why Do We Kiss 15 Things You Might Not Know about Michelangelos David 911 Call The Strange Ice Box Murders The Lost Cosmonauts Conspiracy The Ongoing Mystery of the Devils Footprints Why Are Humans the Only Animals with Chins Love

EPISODE 125 - Trees That Can Walk 20m Per Year  

A Mysterious Mammoth Carcass Could Change Human History The Bizarre and Lonely Death of Olivia Mabel 6 Penis Panics Around the World Venus Flytraps Are Even Creepier Than We Thought Trees That Can Walk 20m Per Year I Let the Black Eyed Kids Inside My House Rabbits in the Creek from Episode 92

EPISODE 124 - Poodle Clipping As An Olympic Sport  

Japanese Taxi Drivers Report Ghost Passengers Why Havent We found Aliens Yet Who Is The Fat Lady and Why Is It Over When She Sings 10 Strange Church Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved Poodle Clipping As An Olympic Sport Ancient Maps Prove Portuguese Explorers Were the First Europeans to Find Australia Bedtime

EPISODE 123 - Thank You Everyone I Got There  

This Bizarre Looking Star Has Reignited the Alien Theory The Tree of Death Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Contains Earliest Record of Demon Star Six Legged Giants Finds Secret Hideaway Hides For 80 Years Light Spotted in Space May Have Spilled Through From Another Universe DNA Analysis of the Paracas Skulls Prove They are Not Human Mystery of the Alien Skulls and Nazi Briefcase The Mystery of Ball Lightning No Rhyme No Reason No Explanation

EPISODE 122 - The World's Strangest Radio Broadcasts  

Another Danger of Climate Change Giant Flying Boulders 10 Best Places to Find Mythical Beasts The Worlds Strangest Radio Broadcasts Frankincense May Infuse Users with Mild Euphoria One of the Most Terrifying Mythological Beast The Yeller Nikola Tesla Invented Advanced Flying Saucers Over 100 Years Ago The Origins of Krampus Europes Evil Twist on Santa Whatever Happened to the Bermuda Triangle Creepy Pasta Safe

EPISODE 121 - Why Are Cats So Insanely Afraid of Cucumbers?  

10 Unanswered Questions from WW2 Why are Cats so Insanely Afraid of Cucumbers A Brief History of the Haunted House The Strange Legend of Fred Fisher 220 Year Old Apple Tree Single Eyed Newborn Ritual Caves Found on Witchcraft Island Astronomers Spot Mysterious System 1600 Light Years Away Scientists Think a Whole New Type of Life Form Could Be Living in Our Guts The Top Secret Document written by Oppenheimer and Einstein on Aliens and UFOs One Word Story Creepypasta

EPISODE 120 - With a Little Help From My Friends 2  

First Peoples Were Firestick Farming Nth Qld up to 140 000 Years Ago Teacher Says He Knows Jack the Rippers Identity The Incredible Powers of D.D. Home 17 Out of Place Artefacts The American Dentist Who Drilled a Secret Message on Tojos Dentures Plane Said to Vanish and Reappear 10 Minutes Later The Sleepy Village That Stopped the Black Death 12 Steps Creepypasta

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