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They appeared first in March of 1997.  They were strange.  They were controversial.  They were called simply the Phoenix Lights. What was different and unusual about the strange sightings in Arizona was the fact that many people witnessed the phenomena.  As a result of the widespread publicity , and the fact that the sightings occurred … Continue reading PHOENIX LIGHTS

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,Many of us have experienced what we believe is our Moon’s effect on humans.  Does Earth’s satellite really affect our behavior? It is common to know of individuals, or maybe even ourselves, that seem to be affected by the moon.  The effect seems to be greater with a full moon. On the other side of … Continue reading MOON’S EFFECT ON HUMANS

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The British passenger liner, the RMS Titanic sank, after running into an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912.   Or did it?  Was it possibly a Titanic insurance scam?   Robin Gardiner’s book, “Titanic:  The Ship That Never Sank?” puts forth a theory that is quite controversial.  Gardiner suggests that the ship … Continue reading RMS TITANIC INSURANCE SCAM?

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When one hears the name of the French Psychic Nostradamus the thought that immediately comes to the minds of most people is that of a predictor of future events. Some of the famous psychics include the likes of Edgar Cayce, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and Jeane Dixon.  However,  Nostradamus probably is the most famous. The … Continue reading FRENCH PSYCHIC NOSTRADAMUS

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Scandinavian countries seem to have more than their share of mysteries.  Perhaps there truly are more unexplained events in those countries, or they are reported more than similar events in other countries. One of the unusual occurrences takes place in the central part of Norway in a valley called Hessdalen.  Many lights of unknown origin … Continue reading SCANDINAVIAN MYSTERIES

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Something happened in the sixth century that remains somewhat of a mystery today, however there a couple of theories as to what caused the mystery. For some reason or reasons, the weather around the globe was considerably cooler, and the sun seemed to shine less brightly than usual in and around the year 562 AD.  … Continue reading SIXTH CENTURY GLOBAL CATACLYSM

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There are several different multiverse theories, and included  among some of the famous proponents are legendary scientists, such as, Brian Greene, and Michio Kaku.

The problem with the a multiverse is how to prove its existence.  If we believe, as many of us lay people and scientists do, that space is truly infinite, or almost infinite, there is a very high likelihood that somewhere out there there is, at least, one or possibly many Earths exactly like ours.  It it perhaps hard to imagine space being that enormous, but infinite is a word that offers unlimited possibilities.

There are several possible types of a multiverse including the above mentioned in Level I, Level II, which entails anthropic evidence, Level III involves quantum mechanics, and Level IV the mathematical multiverse.

It has been only fairly recently that theories, such as, string theory have been presented to us in a manner that is understandable to even a lay person.  Both Brian Greene and Michio Kaku are experts at clearly explaining many of the aspects of such theories.  As a result of their explaining abilities many people are today aware of the amazing possibilities that await our exploration, and those possibilities will undoubtedly increase in the future.

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Almost everyone, with the emphasis on almost, no longer believes in a flat Earth, therefore why is it that some still believe today in a hollow Earth?

It almost seems impossible, or extremely unlikely, that with modern day scientific advances, a rational person would suggest he or she traveled into openings at the poles that allowed them to see amazing things.  Some believe that the famous United States Admiral Richard E. Byrd was one of those supposedly rational persons that claimed to have visited such an area.

Supposedly, different factions of United States media reported on Admiral Byrd's forays into the unknown openings into Earth, but those reports were quickly squelched.

Another person with an intense interest in openings to the inside of Earth is the evil Adolph Hitler.   Legend or rumor has it that Hitler, and some of his high ranking associates, escaped to an opening at the South Pole, rather than having committed suicide as has been widely reported.

No matter what one believes, the idea of a hollow Earth is very interesting and intriguing, and it is the subject of many science fiction publications and productions.  Apparently, there will always be some who believe in the possibility of what seems impossible to most of us.

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Nome, Alaska is located remarkably close to the mainland of Russia, but there is something else about Nome that might be remarkable, and that is the possibility that it is a hotbed for alien abductions of humans.

The 2009 film, "The Fourth Kind" was about those abductions.  Many have criticized the movie for its exaggerations and inaccuracies, but there also many that truly believe much of the information in the film is indeed factual.

It seems that one of the strange features of the humans that were supposedly abducted is the belief that many of them saw visions of owls in their dreams, and another feature is that many of them repeatedly noticed the number 333.  The FBI apparently conducted an investigation into the many missing persons of Nome, Alaska, but the organization declined comment about what they found, however, it is believed that the alien abduction theories were debunked.

Nome's remoteness and the adventuresome lifestyles of many of its residents could also account for many of the missing persons.  Perhaps some people just don't want to be found, but there are many in and around the Nome area that claim they know of people that were abducted, or they themselves were victims of abductions.,_Alaska


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Could it be possible that in some of the writings of the prophet Ezekiel there is reference to a spaceship of sorts and that is what might be called Ezekiel's Wheels?

Many of us have heard of Erich von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods" in which he puts forth the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods.  Josef F. Blumrich put that hypothesis to a test to determine if von Daniken could possibly have been correct.  Blumrich approached the subject as a scientist and a complete skeptic of the possibility that the descriptions given in the first chapter of Ezekiel might allude to a helicopter of sorts or a spaceship with wheels, which could be referred to as Ezekiel's Wheels.  As might be expected Blumrich had a change of attitude about Ezekiel's writings, and he provided some interesting interpretations of some of the verses in Ezekiel, Chapter 1.

Many individuals might be skeptical of such interpretations since many writings by religious prophets  are interpreted in many different ways by different people.  In any event, the possibility is intriguing that Blumrich might have interpreted the writings correctly.

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We have all heard of elves, but there exists a certain kind of elves, Icelandic Elves, that more than 54% of the population of Iceland really believe are real.

Many of us think of elves as creatures presented in folklore and handed down from generation to generation throughout the ages.  Santa Claus and his helper elves certainly come to mind with many of our Christmas traditions.  The cookies, milk, and other goodies that often are left out overnight on Christmas Eve for Santa, his elves, and reindeer is an example of how elves have entered our imaginations.

The Icelandic Elves are a different matter altogether.   They are believed to reside in rocks, and the politicians of Iceland seriously take into account the possible locations of elves, or elf territory that the elves might want protected, when roads are planned.

It is apparently believed that most of the elves of Iceland are benevolent, but it is also believed that if one does harm, in any way, to the elves or their territory and possessions bad things will likely happen to those that take that dangerous chance.

Many think that believing in elves is silly, but if you go to Iceland it is probably a good idea to take those little creatures seriously.


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Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian, who died in August of 1996 at the age of 85.  She was apparently a person with special powers including clairvoyant skills, and the ability to predict future events with remarkable accuracy.

Most of us have heard of Nostradamus and his predictions that, in many cases, turned out to be correct, but it seems as if Baba Vanga was even better at predictions than Nostradamus.

Some of her predictions that turned out to be correct include the date Stalin died, the Chernobyl disaster, that the United States would have and African American president, and many others.  What might be even more amazing are some of her predictions that still have not come to fruition including cancer will be cured, energy from outer space will include helium-3, that water will be scarce, and gold will be pretty much worthless.  So many of her other predictions seem truly unbelievable or even outlandish, but there are those that believe wholeheartedly in those predictions.

In any event, whether one believes in the special abilities of the young girl, and later woman, from Bulgaria or not, the remarkable accuracy of some of her predictions that have come true certainly cause one to take an interest in her life.





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Taliesin means "shining brow" to those of Welsh ancestry, and for Frank Lloyd Wright it was his way of describing his house built into the side of a cliff in Wisconsin.

Many people have heard about Frank Lloyd Wright and his architectural masterpieces throughout the world.  And why not, since he designed more than 1,000 structures, and over half of those were completed.   However, many people do not know of the tragedy that occurred at his beloved Taliesin, a house he orchestrated building as a refuge and retreat for his beloved friend, Mamah Borthwick Cheney, and himself and other family members near Spring Green, Wisconsin.  Mystery surrounds the fire and murders that occurred at the three-year-old house and home, and that mystery is still present and unanswered even today.

Some would say that the tragedy might even have inspired and motivated Frank Lloyd Wright to produce  better designs after the fire that occurred at Taliesin in 1914.  He was only 47 in 1914, but he lived to the age of 92, and most experts would agree that he produced some of his best work in the latter half of his life.

In any event, despite the mysterious tragedy of 1914, the house was rebuilt and today there are public tours of the property available for all to witness the architectural genius of Frank Lloyd Wright.


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Is it possible that there are some items in China described as China Pipes that are man-made and 150,000 years old?

Out of place artifacts have been a mystery to scientists for many years, and probably the most famous of such artifacts is the Antikythera Mechanism, which was found in a shipwreck.  It apparently represents knowledge that was about 1000 years off from our previous understanding.  Perhaps the so called China Pipes are also out of place artifacts, which certainly add to the mystery of how such items could have been made by man so many years ago.


It might be possible that a civilization with very advance technologies existed 150,000 years ago, and as a result of the fall of that civilization, it totally disappeared.  It is also possible the pipes might be geological formations that only appear man-made.

The pipes were dated using the technique called thermoluminescence, which helps to determine how long minerals have been exposed to sunlight or heat.

Nomads might have occupied the area where the pipes are located in China, but it  seems unlikely the nomads would have been the creators of the pipes that are left behind.

In any event, the pipes in China offer an opportunity for interesting discussion about their origin.


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When one hears the name Leonardo da Vinci the thought that immediately comes to mind, for most people, is that of a very gifted artist.

What is probably not well known among most people is that Leonardo da Vinci was accomplished at so many more skills.  He was a sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor, geologist, botanist, and in addition to many more skills he was, of course, a painter.

Some people seem to think that Leonardo reminds one of Nikola Tesla in that both individuals seemed to be far advanced in their thinking.   In other words, they were both well ahead of their time when it comes to their ideas and inventions.

An interesting aspect of Leonardo's paintings is that he seemed to be hiding some secret message in many of his masterpieces.  He used the technique of mirror writing in some of his works, and it was this special process that perhaps enabled him to hide his secret messages.

Leonardo was also interested in performing autopsies on human bodies even though that medical technique was forbidden in his time.   He undoubtedly was able to learn much about the workings of the human body through his autopsies, and he was  probably a forerunner of current medical technique that is used today.

In any event, when one thinks of Leonardo it is important to think of him as much, much more than a painter.



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Hy-Brasil is either a mythical island about 200 miles off of the southwest coast of Ireland, or it might have truly existed, and is now submerged under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

Much has been written about Atlantis and Lemuria, and the mythical nature of the two mysterious islands, and Hy-Brasil is similar in some aspects to both of those islands, but also very different.  Undoubtedly, the biggest difference is size, with the island supposedly located off the coast of Ireland as being much smaller than the reportedly huge Atlantis and Lemuria.

There is even a believed connection to the Redlesham Forest Incident of 1980 in England.  Supposedly, in that English event one of the witnesses was given binary code information telepathically through his touching of markings on a crashed, triangular-shaped craft.  Of significance is that the code information included coordinates to significant locations on Earth, and the coordinates for Hy-Brasil were among those provided to the witness.

We will probably never truly know for certain if the little disappearing island ever existed, or if it was, and is, simply a tale or allegory of sorts that has been passed down from generation to generation, but the possibility that it does exist, along with the reported riches that it holds, is certainly intriguing.

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The Newport Tower is located in a tourist area on the eastern shore of the United States in Newport, Rhode Island.

Many people walk by the tower without even thinking about how it got where it is, and at the same time, there are many individuals that have been speculating about the origins of the tower.  The Newport Tower is not very big since it is only 24 feet across, and it is 28 feet in height.  What is somewhat unique about the tower is that it is supported by columns at the bottom half and the top half is completely solid and obviously very heavy since it is made out of stone.

It is generally accepted that the tower  was once an old windmill, but that is just about all that is agreed upon by many.   The differences of opinion center on the builders of the tower.  Perhaps it was the Vikings, Chinese, Portuguese, Knights Templar, or even Colonial governor Benedict Arnold, who was the great-grandfather of the Revolutionary War traitor or hero depending upon one's point of view.

One can imagine individuals sitting on a park bench nearby the tower, and many of them having a spirited conversation about the tower's origin.

In any event, since Newport, New Hampshire is a tourist destination, it might be enjoyable for tourists to look a little closer at the tower and try to imagine how it got where it is.


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Poverty Island is located between the Door County Peninsula off of the tip of "Wisconsin's Thumb", and Escanaba, Michigan.

Legend has it that five chests of gold, worth perhaps $400 million, is somewhere under the relatively shallow, but treacherous water very near Poverty  Island.  Napoleon III purportedly was sending the riches to the Confederate forces during the United States Civil War in 1863 when the ship that was carrying the gold was attacked and the chests ended up on the bottom of Lake Michigan.  France and England both relied heavily on the cotton that was abundant in the southern United States, and the Confederates needed financing for the war effort.  Napoleon III also was interested in venturing into Mexico, which would have been aided by an alliance with the South.  The Union forces blockaded southern United States ports during the war to prevent the exporting of cotton, and the United States government indicated that it considered any aid to the Confederate Forces an act of war.  As a result, France and England remained somewhat neutral when it came to the United States Civil War.

However, that tempting gold might still be down there in the cold and dangerous Lake Michigan waters, and searchers undoubtedly will continue to risk their lives in the quest for wealth.


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The Rendlesham Forest Incident refers to what was purported to be a series of sightings of a UFO or UFO's in December of 1980 in the Rendlesham Forest, which is located in Suffolk, England.

The Redlesham forest seems like a nice place to visit with hiking and biking trails.  . The hiking trails go  through plantations, and wetlands. There is even a UFO trail that will take a hiker to some of the areas connected to the UFO sightings some 36 years ago.

What makes the alleged incident more believable than many UFO sightings is the fact that they took place in an area between two military bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge.  Back in 1980 the two bases were leased to the United States Air Force.  The location in question obviously had many credible individuals available to verify the strange sightings that were reported.

Adding to the intrigue of the Rendlesham Forest Incident is that one individual, Jim Penniston, claimed to have been temporarily privy to binary  code information when he touched some pictures of sorts on the craft supposedly involved in the incident.

In any event, the incident is on par with the famous Roswell, New Mexico Incident of 1947.



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Is it possible that there is a shadow government controlling America, and that controlling force is made up of tall white space aliens?

Conspiracy theories abound when it comes to whom is really in control of the United States government.  On the surface it appears as if the United States is governed by President Obama, and the members of congress and the senate.

Edward Snowden is computer specialist who has been in the news the last couple of years or more, and he has been viewed as both a traitor and a patriot for revealing information he allegedly acquired as a former Central Intelligence Agency employee, and/or a former NSA/CSS contractor.    He might  have presented information that indicates there are two governments in the United States, which would include the elected officials, and hidden, behind the scenes individuals who are truly running the show.   To complicate the matter even further the current president of the United States might be running both governments, and there also might be tall white space aliens involved.

This theory all seems truly outlandish, but over the years many have become suspicious as to whom is truly running the government of the United States, and this information only adds to the speculation and confusion.


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