Myths and History of Greece and Rome

Myths and History of Greece and Rome

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A journey through the myths and history of Ancient Greece and Rome for all the family.


Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six: Planning for Greatness  

Basil II takes control of his empire, finally dispatching the pesky Bardases! And then he plans… a lot.

Chapter 125: Brilliance, Battles and Bardases  

The Empire is still on the rise despite the meddling of two men called Bardas!

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four: White Death of the Saracens  

Romanus II succeeds his father but is partied out before too long.  Romanus’s loss is the Empire’s gain.

Important Announcement  

An important announcement about Christmas scheduling and my new recording technology.

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three: The Unusual Usurper  

Having taken the place of his own son-in-law as senior emperor Romanus Lecapenus begins ro rule. He does a surprisingly good job. Shame about his sons!

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two: Born to the Purple  

Leo the Wise finally solves his marriage problem and has the legitimate heir he’s always wanted. Then he dies too early!

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One: Too Many Wives for Leo the Wise  

Trying to produce a son can be a challenging activity.  Just ask Leo!

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: The Rise of the Macedonians  

Michael III is known to history as Michael the Drunkard. While this may have some truth, it is mostly slander - perpetrated by a certain Basil the Macedonian.

Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen: Empire of Gold  

Christmas Day dawns and Leo V is a troubled man. By the end of it he would be a dead one. The Empire, though, is soon rolling in cash.

Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen: Crumbs, It’s Krum  

The Khagan of the Bulgars proves to be more than a match for Nicephorus. Meanwhile the hermit’s prophecy begins to come true!

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen: Irene and Charlemagne  

Leo IV could have been a good emperor but didn’t get the chance. Unfortunately his wife did!

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen: Back in the West Part One  

What’s been happening in the west in the 300 years since Rome fell? Time to find out!

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My new ebook: Legends of King Arthur and His Knights is now available on all Amazon stores.  The ASIN code is B01I8IB7J8. for the UK in the US


I am going on holiday to Croatia to explore Split and see Diocletian’s Palace! There will be a brief break in the schedule.

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: That is a Statue, not God!  

After decades of turmoil a strong emperor finally assumes the purple. His reign may have been good news for the people but it was bad news for icons! And as for his son….

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: The Return of Slit Nose  

The Empire realises, far too late, that exile is not enough for a deposed hated emperor….. he just might come back!

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