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Nailed It


Great Comedians. Terrible Thinkpieces. Nailed It! is a live show performed at Giant Dwarf, Sydney where comedians SKEWER the big issues of the day. This. Is. So. Important.


18. Osman Faruqi - Love It AND Leave It  

This is a question of justice.

Osman Farqui (Junkee) leaps to the defence of the Budgie Nine, whose only crime was loving their nation - and yes, putting their dicks on the flag of another nation and thinking that'd be fine.

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17. Benjamin Law - Let's Celebrate How Well We Tell White Stories.  

We do one thing really well in this nation: tell the stories of white people.

It's time we celebrate that fact.

Benjamin Law (The Family Law) looks at the glorious homogeneity of Australian television and sees the light amongst the white.


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16. Zoe Norton Lodge - Pay Me For My Thoughts  

Zoe Norton Lodge (Storyclub, The Checkout) has an incredible idea but if you want to hear it you'd better pay her for having it.

Catch Nailed It live at Giant Dwarf in Sydney this Wednesday October 12th. 

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15. Kate Mulvany - Make Me A Saint  

The shock canonisation of Mother Teresa has left the world aghast - but no one more than Kate Mulvany who had already written to the so-called pope and lodged a formal application.

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14. Lane Sainty - A Plebiscite On Every Marriage  

It seems as if we're doomed to head towards an expensive and dangerous plebiscite but .. should we be having more?

Lane Sainty (Buzzfeed) posits a debate in a civil and respectful way.

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13. Gina Rushton - Australian Stories Are Missing From Mainstream Porn.  

Find it hard to get hard?
Is your mazz lacking that razamataz? 
Maybe it's because your pornography isn't speaking to you.

Gina Rushton (Buzzfeed) wants mainstream pornography to get off its high horse and get real, honest people off.


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12. Melina Wicks - Self Esteem Has Failed. Feel Bad Again.  

You must be feeling pretty good about yourself for downloading this episode. 

That's a terrible mistake and it's ruining our society. Melina Wicks (The Weekly, The Checkout) is here to tell you why it's time to feel terrible about yourself again, for the good of the world. 

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11. Miranda Tapsell - Why Hasn't Beyonce Solved The Energy Crisis?  

It's time to ask the big questions. It's time to address the greatest threat of our time. It's time to question why the greatest popstar of our time hasn't solved the greatest challenge of our time. Miranda Tapsell is ready to get in formation.

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10. James Colley - Calling Me An Angry White Male Makes Me So Angry.  


To mark our 10th episode today we have Literally Me

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We'll be back tomorrow with another episode for you.

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9. A.H. Cayley - The Most Important Masterchef Dish Of All  

Strap on your formal bibs and whet your appetite for delicious takes as A.H. Cayley flambes a delectable thinkpiece about Australia's most beloved reality show.

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8. Kirsten Drysdale - Another Issue With The Very Bad Islamic State  

The Islamic State are perhaps the least woke people out there right now. Kirsten Drysdale (The Checkout, The Chaser's Election Desk) takes them to task for a hitherto overlooked but still deeply problematic issue.

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7. Ben McLeay - Space Is Bullshit  

Ever seen a void talk about a void? Strap in as Ben McLeay (The Backburner) teaches you why you shouldn't waste your time looking up at night.

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6. Eve Beauregard -  Plot Privilege Is Real  

Spoiler Warning - This show contains a warning about your problematic use of spoilers. Performed by Eve Beauregard at Giant Dwarf, Sydney. Get tickets for our next show on August 19 at

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5. Sebastian Hernage - The Dumb Boat That Broke  

In a special episode to celebrate our LIVE SHOW ON JULY 21ST AT GIANT DWARF, Sebastian Hernage delivers fresh takes off the top of his problematic dome.

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4. Alex Lee - White People Are Making My Neighbourhood Less Edgy  

Quirky and understanding progressive Alex Lee (The Chaser's Election Desk, Buzzfeed) is staring down the greatest moral challenge of our time: white people are moving to her neighbourhood and it's becoming less edgy.

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3. Eleanor Robertson - Babies Are The Least Woke People  

Eleanor Robertson (The Guardian) reveals the horrible truth that the world refuse to face. Babies are not innocent. They are deeply problematic.

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2. Rebecca Shaw - Cory Bernardi Is Right  

Rebecca Shaw (SBS Comedy) shocks the world by revealing far-right wing Australian senator Cory Bernardi was correct about her. 

You won't believe what happens next unless you listen and find out.

This. Is. So. Important.


Music - 'Into The Woods' by Dlay

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1. Ben Jenkins - If We Had To Take The Shot  

Ben Jenkins (StoryClub, ABC's The Checkout) delves into the shot heart around the world and wonders how we can do better for our next generation.

This. Is. So. Important.


Music - 'Into The Woods' by Dlay

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