Neebs Cast

Neebs Cast


Neebs and the guys went to Gamescom in Germany and it was awesome! Hear all about it on their first podcast:)


Celebrity Hook-ups  

The guys discuss everything from What fast food they prefer, to what guests we are getting and who we want on the show.

Cards Against Humanity vs Mountain Biking  

From our health care system to Cards against humanity, the guys have opinions and hope that you do to!  We hope you enjoy our bullshit session:)

Strange Brews & Bad Milk  

Would you drink a beer with bull testicles or  smell potential sour milk for a friend?  These may sound like stupid questions, but we call it a podcast.

Crazy World Records!  

What started off as a list of fun and crazy world records, turned into a fierce competition that shook the world!  Listen and enjoy:)

Honk if You're a Man!  

The guys came up with a million dollar idea,  Can you guess what it is?  The odds are that you can't guess it so just have a listen and enjoy the nonsense:).

Gross Things We ate & Much More!  

When The Battlefield Friends record NeebsCast, they never know what they are going to get into.  Would you eat Seagull or rat?  Have they?  Listen and find out:)

Gross Things We ate & Much More!  

The Battlefield Friends just turn on the microphones and they never know what they're going to say.  Would you eat seagull or rat?  Have they?  Listen and find out:)

Video Game Trivia Contest Fail & Much More!  

Simon attempts to Host a Trivia game with the guys and it goes horribly wrong.  We then decide to just shoot from the hip and see what happens.  This is what happened:)

Commenting on Comments & More!!!  

Neebs and the gang discuss Comments, Red Dead Redemption 2 and some Funny Stories mixed in with some ball busting.  Enjoy!

Online Dating Experiment  

Our Friend Linda visited us and told us some fun stories about her work and dating life.  Listen and enjoy!

The Infamous Myrtle Beach Trip!  

Neebs and the gang went to Myrtle Beach S.C to have their first community trip and things got CRAZY!  Have a listen and learn a thing or two about the AWESOME people we had the pleasure of meeting:)

Gamescom Trip to Germany!!!  

The guys were invited to Gamescom by EA and they had a blast.  Let them tell you all about it:)

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