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Old Concepts + New Techniques = Unlimited Worth  

What would it be worth to you if you never ran out of quality prospects to talk to? What would it be worth if you had prospects coming to you, asking you questions about your product or opportunity? What would it be worth if you could have a process for identifying unending prospects, converting those people into customers and distributors, and doing it not just for yourself but for your team too?

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When Others Succeed...and You Don't  

Do you ever get discouraged by other people’s success in Network Marketing? Let me share the three things I did to combat this comparing anxiety that will help you.

I stopped comparing myself to others, and started comparing with myself.  Instead of worrying about others, worry more about getting better.  I practiced.

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Some Do's and Don'ts of Social Media  

I sat down with Bri Richardson and she had some great advice on how to use social media to grow your business.

Walk Away From Need  

There are so many people in Network Marketing who need things. They need support, someone to hold their hand, recognition, training, etc. But as Jim Rohn used to say, “Life doesn’t respond to need. Life responds to deserve.”

Paying it Forward  

Jeff Roberti talks today about how once you really start to see growth in your business you can now work from a standpoint of inspiration instead of desperation.

Obsession leads to Success with Nicola Domini  

Eric interviews Italian Multi-Millionaire, Nicola Domini in Vienna. Before Network Marketing, Nicola was living in “modern slavery” as he calls it, and working in a bank for 15 hours a day. He was great at his job, a financial planner for 10 years, but was determined to get out of the rat race and create a passive income for himself!

Go Through The Doorways  

Today, I want to clear up a big misconception in Network Marketing. People come to me all the time and say, “I sign people up, and they don’t do anything. They just sit there.” Those people are expecting their distributors to get to work and become superstars, but instead their distributors aren’t doing anything. Well, I have to say that that is very common.

Learn From Their Mistakes  

I have been thinking about mentors and how much you can learn from them recently. So, I wanted to share this old favorite video of mine.

The Masters of Emotion  

When I work with leaders around the world, one thing that fascinates me is that so many think once they’re a 6 or 7-figure earner, they don’t have any emotional drama. They think that money takes care of everything. But mastering your emotions is one of the most important topics to deal with.

The Relationship Block  

I have worked with thousands of 6 figure earners at all levels of the game. And one of the most common challenges of every high-level earner is relationships.

Just a Decision Away  

One theme keeps coming to my mind. All you need to go to the top in this profession is just to make a decision. That’s it.


Do you know what drives me crazy? Whiners. People get involved and decide to become entrepreneurs, and then as soon as they get in, they start complaining. They complain about their upline, the product, the training, support, translations, and everything else!

Crazy Ain't Average  

A lot of us don’t go out and share our Network Marketing opportunity because we’re concerned about what people will think about us. Well, your parents already think you’re crazy. Your friends, siblings, and Facebook friends all think you’re crazy. So, what?

Level Up  

I’m old enough that I remember when the game Pong first came out. That was my very first video game, and the only way to level up in that game was when the balls would go faster and faster. Then, there was Miss Pac Man where you got different fruits as you leveled up. And it was exciting to be able to level up!

Play Catch  

Today, I want to talk with you about a secret to accelerate success. And the secret is to find a friend. Whether they are in your upline, downline, or crossline, find someone in your Network Marketing company to be friends with. Treat that friend like a workout partner, and talk with them all the time. Doing this accomplishes a couple different goals.

I Like the Way You Work It  

People ask me all the time, “How do I motivate myself to take action?” And unfortunately, here’s what many in Network Marketing are doing. Even those people making money will admit that if someone were to pay them for the work they did in the last 30 days, it wouldn’t be that much pay. In other words, they aren’t acting employed.

Thoughts Become Things  

Many people have seen the movie The Secret or read the books As a Man Thinketh, Acres of Diamonds, or Think and Grow Rich. All of them are about the idea that thoughts can become things. And that is real. So, if I was to give you or any person wanting higher levels of success advice, it would be to think about your Network Marketing business all the time.

Three More Ideas to Change Your Life  

1. The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.

2. Don’t wish things were easier. Wish you were better.

3. Life doesn’t respond to need. Life responds to deserve.

These 3 Ideas Will Change Your Life  

There are three key concepts I learned from Jim Rohn that have changed my life and my business.


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