New Yorker: Comment

New Yorker: Comment


A weekly reading of the magazine's "Comment" essay.


Parting Words  

In “Parting Words,” George Packer writes about President Obama’s farewell address.

Taking It to the Streets  

In "Taking It to the Streets," Jelani Cobb writes that the sixties produced a conviction that “democracy is in the streets.” The Trump era may echo that.

Mrs. Obama  

In “Mrs. Obama,” Amy Davidson writes about the First Lady’s impact.

Women in the White House  

In “Women in the White House,” Margaret Talbot writes about the future of women under President Trump.

The Fight to Vote  

In "The Fight to Vote," Jeffrey Toobin examines the voting-rights crisis.


In “Transitions,” Amy Davidson writes about Donald Trump, and the change in Administrations.

States vs. Trump  

In “States vs. Trump,” Jelani Cobb writes about how political leaders in New York and California are vowing to protect their most vulnerable.

To Serve or Not to Serve  

In “To Serve or Not to Serve,” Amy Davidson writes about Donald Trump’s appointees and other responses to Trump’s election.

Another Round  

In “Another Round,” Jeffrey Toobin reflects on the end of the Presidential campaign.

October Surprises  

In "October Surprises," Amy Davidson writes about the new Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy.

That’s What He Said  

In “That’s What He Said,” Margaret Talbot writes about sexism and Hillary Clinton

Three’s a Crowd  

In “Three’s a Crowd,” Amy Davidson writes about third-party politics and the potential impact of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein on the Presidential campaign.


In “Millennialism,” Jelani Cobb argues that young voters, by the numbers, oppose Donald Trump’s bigotry and sexism. So why aren’t they more driven to defeat him?

The Fear Factor  

In “The Fear Factor,” Steve Coll writes about terrorism and the election.

Clinton’s Sick Days  

In “Clinton’s Sick Days,” Amy Davidson writes about Hillary Clinton’s surrogates.

Upholding Standards  

In “Upholding Standards,” Amy Davidson writes about how the race is getting closer, and how Hillary Clinton’s supporters are blaming the media.

Obama the Conservationist  

In “Obama the Conservationist,” Elizabeth Kolbert writes about how President Obama has put more acreage under protection than any other President.

Images of War  

In “Images of War,” Steve Coll examines Assad’s war on Aleppo.

The Home Front  

In “The Home Front,” Jelani Cobb writes about President Obama and the war on drugs.

The Way Out  

In “The Way Out, ”Amy Davidson examines the dilemma facing Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, and other G.O.P. officials who refuse to support Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

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