New Yorker: Comment

New Yorker: Comment


A weekly reading of the magazine's "Comment" essay.


The Strategy of Truth  

In “The Strategy of Truth,” Jill Lepore writes about Presidential truth and propaganda.

May Days  

In “May Days,” Evan Osnos writes about the turmoil inside the White House.

The Silent Majority  

In “The Silent Majority,” Jeffrey Toobin delves into the G.O.P.’s silence.

Pay Days  

In “Pay Days,” Amy Davidson writes about politicians and speaking fees.

Out of Time  

In “Out of Time,” Jelani Cobb writes about the death penalty in Arkansas.

One Hundred Days  

In “One Hundred Days,” David Remnick assess the Trump Administration as it reaches a milestone.

Reversal of Justice  

In “Reversal of Justice,” Jelani Cobb writes about criminal-justice reform.

Trump’s Intervention  

In “Trump’s Intervention,” Steve Coll considers the consequences of President Trump’s strike in Syria.

Trump v. the Earth  

In “Trump v. the Earth,” Amy Davidson writes about President Trump and climate change.

Case Studies  

In "Case Studies," Jeffrey Toobin considers the judicial philosophy of Neil Gorsuch.


In “Eurotrump,” Amy Davidson examines the electoral defeat of Geert Wilders, the “Dutch Donald Trump,” and what it says about the relationship between Europe and the new American President.

First as Tragedy  

In “First as Tragedy,” David Remnick reflects on the deep state.

A State Away  

In “A State Away,” Jelani Cobb writes about Republicans and the Constitution.


In “Trumpcare,” Atul Gawande writes about the G.O.P. and Obamacare.

Official Duties  

In “Official Duties,” George Packer writes about Donald Trump and the G.O.P.


In “Americanisms,” Adam Gopnik writes about the Trump Administration’s anti-Americanism.

Info Wars  

In “Info Wars,” Steve Coll writes about how the White House senior counsellor wants the press to shut up.

Trump Takes the Oath  

In "Trump Takes the Oath," Amy Davidson writes about bitterness and resentment at Donald Trump's Inauguration.

Parting Words  

In “Parting Words,” George Packer writes about President Obama’s farewell address.

Taking It to the Streets  

In "Taking It to the Streets," Jelani Cobb writes that the sixties produced a conviction that “democracy is in the streets.” The Trump era may echo that.

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