NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

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Dave Dameshek sets his gaze on the NFL landscape to analyze, celebrate and - when necessary - offer improvements to America’s true national pastime from a true fan’s perspective. From his previous broadcasting stops on ESPN Radio, the Adam Carolla Radio Show and the 'Daves of Thunder' podcast, to his written work on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', 'The Man Show' and, Dave always agrees with what he’s got to say. Dave is joined each week by's Adam Rank for some much-needed hooey and applesauce. On this podcast, nothing is off-limits... Except some stuff.


DDFP 536: The QB Carousel & Best franchise position groups of all-time  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Matt "Money" Smith and Cynthia Frelund to discuss where Tony Romo, Jay Cutler and Kirk Cousins will end up next season and whether or not there is life on other planets. Also, the fellas and Cynthia choose their favorite football family trios, as well as the best holiday treats. Plus, in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" the guys discuss the positives and negatives facing the Miami Dolphins ahead of the 2017 season. Lastly, Shek provides a comprehensive list of potential best all-time position groups for a single franchise across professional sports and each guest declares a top three.

DDFP 535: 'The Maurice 5' & College All-Americans vs. Cleveland Browns  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Maurice Jones-Drew to determine whether or not the college first-team All-Americans could beat the Cleveland Browns and if Adrian Peterson could potentially be a good fit for the Giants. Also, in the debut of the DDFP Halftime Show segment, Shek plays an interesting 1979 interview of "Hollywood" Henderson talking about his teammate D.D. Lewis. Lastly, MJD provides his annual telling of 'The Maurice 5,' an in-depth look back at his NFL Draft experience and all five running backs taken ahead of him in 2006.

DDFP 534: Best QB trios, Dear Ikey & Half Empty, Half Full: Giants  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Ike Taylor to discuss who they think the Patriots should play in the 2017 kickoff game, the Patriots' "Blitz for Six" trademark and Byron Maxwell's comments about the Dolphins' secondary. Also, in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" the fellas discuss the positives and negatives facing the New York Giants and how optimistic they should be ahead of the 2017 season. Lastly, based on Jimmy Garoppolo and Tony Romo's potential trade value, the guys talk about the best quarterback trios in the NFL.

DDFP 533: Half Empty, Half Full: Jets with Jonah Keri & Best days in life  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Matt "Money" Smith and Jonah Keri to breakdown the Jets' 2016 season and discuss the team's positives and negatives as they prepare for the 2017 season in a new edition of "Half Empty, Half Full." Also, the fellas delve into an animated debate regarding whether or not a hamburger is a sandwich and discuss the best days in life, highlighting snow days and the last day of school. Then, in an interview from Super Bowl weekend, Shek, Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew talk to Jerome Bettis about being teammates with Ike, Le'Veon Bell's transformation and competing with Ben Roethlisberger in practice.

DDFP 532: Half Empty, Half Full: Falcons & Zero-RB strategy retrospect  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Matt Harmon and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss what they'll be watching on TV during the offseason and participate in a game of "Worst-case scenario: Airplane seating." Also, in honor of Harmon's last show for a while, the fellas hear the debut of his intro song and revisit his famous feud with Michael Fabiano regarding the "Zero-RB Strategy." Then, the guys premiere the Falcons edition of "Half Empty, Half Full," a segment where they breakdown the positives and negatives of a team as they prepare for the 2017 NFL season. Lastly, the fellas review the Super Bowl performances of the Falcons' and Patriots' triplets.

DDFP 531: SB LI recap, Best catches in SB history & Terrell Owens debate  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to rank the best catches in Super Bowl history, determine where Super Bowl LI ranks among all Super Bowls and discuss what they each will remember the most from this year's game. The fellas also highlight their pregame sideline experiences and Shek raves about his luxury box view of the game with Jon Hamm. Then, in keeping with an annual tradition, everyone shares their predictions for Super Bowl LII. Lastly, the guys and Cynthia weigh in on Terrell Owens' missing the Hall of Fame cut once again.

DDFP 530: SB LI Red Challenge Flag picks, All-time triplets & Xavier Rhodes  

Shek is joined by Cynthia Frelund and Handsome Hank in Houston, Texas ahead of Super Bowl LI to make their Red Challenge Flag picks, use the 10 Ft Pole to determine the best all-time Super Bowl triplets and discuss the best celebrity encounters they've had so far. Then, Maurice Jones-Drew and Ike Taylor join the show with special guest, Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes, to respond to some 'Dear Ikey' questions from fans, as well as Chargers running back Melvin Gordon. Xavier also talks about playing with Terence Newman and his altercation with Odell Beckham Jr. Lastly, Ike and MJD weigh in on Super Bowl LI in Red Challenge Flag picks part 2!

DDFP 529: Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana & 10 Foot Pole: Super Bowl Edition  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Patrick Claybon, Handsome Hank, and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss who has the better Super Bowl resume Tom Brady or Joe Montana. The guys also take some time to debate the best Super Bowl of all-time followed by a heated debate if hamburgers are sandwiches. Finally the guys bust out the 10 foot pole to discuss some predictions for the upcoming Super Bowl LI matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

DDFP 528: Best 2017 Draft prospect, Peyton's next job & New SB bits  

Shek is joined by Patrick Claybon, Handsome Hank and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss who's worth trading up for in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, debate how good Deshaun Watson is and honor Mary Tyler Moore with a best working women on TV discussion. Also, ahead of Super Bowl LI Media Day and NFL Honors, Shek asks the guys for suggestions on new bits he can use with players and coaches. Plus, the fellas determine if they would rather be a GM, TV analyst or politician based on Peyton Manning's next potential career move. 

DDFP 527: Conference Championships recap & Key SB LI matchups  

Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to discuss the news of Ben Roethlisberger contemplating retirement, rate the Super Bowl LI matchup on a scale of 1-10 and discuss if Aaron Rodgers is to blame for the Packers' loss. Also, the fellas and Cynthia talk about the key Super Bowl LI position matchups and highlight some of the best all-time Super Bowl uniforms. Plus, the guys discuss which teams who missed the playoffs this year could ultimately make the Super Bowl next season.

DDFP 526: Red Challenge Flag Picks & is this the best final four QBs ever?  

Shek is joined by Matt Harmon, Handsome Hank and Matt "Money" Smith to discuss if Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers are the best final four quarterbacks ever. The guys also got into what will each of these quarterbacks legacy be if they win Super Bowl 51. Then they all make their Red Challenge Flag Picks for the AFC and NFC Championship games. 

DDFP 525: Divisional Round recap, Postgame antics & Matt Ryan's legacy  

Shek is joined by Ike Taylor, Handsome Hank and Cynthia Frelund to discuss which team has the best roster minus the QB and determine what was the least impressive win over the weekend. Also, Shek brings back the Orbach Factor to admit he was wrong about Matt Ryan in the preseason. Then, the fellas and Cynthia talk about Antonio Brown's locker room video and Travis Kelce's postgame comments. Also, the guys discuss hypothetical losing scenarios for each team, highlighting their individual weaknesses. Plus, A.J. Hawk returns to talk about the Packers' impressive playoff performance so far and his pick for Super Bowl LI.

DDFP 524: Red Challenge Flag picks, The Curse of S'posta & Loser Bowl  

Shek is joined by Gregg Rosenthal, Matt "Money" Smith and Matt Harmon to discuss the Chargers' move to Los Angeles, revisit the "Curse of S'posta" and evaluate Gregg's NFL QB index. Also, Matt "Money" Smith serves as the play-by-play announcer for a Madden simulation of Shek's famous "Loser Bowl" played between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. Then, the guys make their selections and break down the divisional round games in this edition of Red Challenge Flag Picks.

DDFP 523: Wild Card Weekend recap, Ranking Playoff QBs & Kevin Harlan  

Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to discuss whether or not Mike Tomlin should've left Ben Roethlisberger in the wild card game, determine if Mt. Pious is to blame for Odell Beckham's drops and choose the second best coach remaining in the playoffs. Then, Ike and Cynthia weigh in on Bud Dupree's controversial hit on Matt Moore and decide if it was a dirty play. Also, the fellas rank the remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs. Plus, Kevin Harlan joins the show to talk about the upcoming matchup between the Steelers and the Chiefs, his craziest experience as an announcer and his childhood fandom of the Packers.

DDFP 522: Red Challenge Flag picks & Future Hall of Fame candidates  

Shek is joined by Handsome Hank, Patrick Claybon and Matt Harmon to determine which players participating in Wild Card Weekend are destined for the Hall of Fame and discuss whether they would rather have an older, experienced head coach or take a chance on someone new. Also, the fellas talk about which players and teams need to "Wake Up and Win" this weekend and Shek and Hank place a friendly wager on the Dolphins-Steelers game. Then, the guys make their selections and break down the wild card games in this edition of Red Challenge Flag Picks.

DDFP 521: Top 5 MVP candidates, Coaching vacancies & Bye week impact  

Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Cynthia Frelund to cast their 2016 MVP ballots, discuss the Giants' wide receivers' trip to Miami and choose the best head coaching vacancy. Then, Ike and Cynthia weigh in on the impact of a bye week during the playoffs from both a player and statistics perspective. Also, in this week's edition of "10 Foot Pole" Shek asks whether or not Tony Romo will take a snap during the playoffs. Plus, the fellas and Cynthia review the parallels between Tony Romo's current situation and Joe Montana's circumstances with the 49ers in 1992.

DDFP 520: Red Challenge Flag picks, where Tony Romo will play & who the MVP trophy should be named after?  

Shek is joined by Cynthia Frelund, Patrick Claybon and Matt Harmon to give their MVP picks and who the MVP trophy should be named after. The crew guessed where Tony Romo will end up next year and told us their Who Are You Lovin' choices. They wrapped up the show with their Red Challenge Flag picks for the Week 17 NFL action. 

DDFP 519: 21st Annual Sheky Awards  

It's the main event of the season, the 21st Annual Sheky Awards hosted by the one and only Dave Dameshek. The most anticipated categories include Best Celebration, Best Non-Football Playing Guest, Best Condiment, and of course Best Fruit.

DDFP 518: Red Challenge Flag picks, MVP race & Wild Card contenders  

Shek is joined by Cynthia Frelund, Patrick Claybon and Matt "Money" Smith to preview the 2016 Sheky Awards, discuss the NFL MVP contenders and determine who will play in this year's wild card game matchups. Also, the fellas reveal their "Who are you lovin" candidates for Week 16 and discuss some of the upcoming college football bowl games. Then, Cynthia’s mom, Mary Anne, joins the show for the Week 16 edition of Red Challenge Flag Picks.

DDFP 517: Week 15 recap, Sheky Spotlight & Who's to blame in Jacksonville?  

Shek is joined by Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew to discuss the best Week 15 celebrations, who's to blame for Jacksonville's struggles and Mark Ingram's sideline outburst. Shek also ranks Rogue One within the Star Wars franchise. Then, the fellas discuss the best wins and worst losses from Week 15, highlighting the Colts' win and the Chiefs' loss. Plus, the fellas also talk about the most embarrassing wins and losses, which includes the New Orleans Saints and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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