NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

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Dave Dameshek sets his gaze on the NFL landscape to analyze, celebrate and - when necessary - offer improvements to America’s true national pastime from a true fan’s perspective. From his previous broadcasting stops on ESPN Radio, the Adam Carolla Radio Show and the 'Daves of Thunder' podcast, to his written work on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', 'The Man Show' and, Dave always agrees with what he’s got to say. Dave is joined each week by's Adam Rank for some much-needed hooey and applesauce. On this podcast, nothing is off-limits... Except some stuff.


DDFP 554: Mailbag! | Ike's Draft sleepers & MJD on playing through injury  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew as they answer some of the most pressing questions from you, the fans! Ike lays out his top Draft sleepers, and dishes out some solid romance advice while MJD talks about what it’s like for athletes to play through injury, and what he thinks of the Jaguars draft strategy.

DDFP 553: Duane Brown on the Texans QB situation & 2017 NFL schedule  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank to discuss the 2017 NFL schedule being released today as they broke down the games week by week. Shek and Hank also played a game of Over/Undies and have a Mock Draft of Things: fictional football players edition. Then, Shek is joined by Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown who spoke about Tony Romo retiring, Tom Savage playing quarterback and blocking J.J. Watt.

DDFP 552: Ryan Shazier on his Draft experience & Worst 5 QB situations  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Patrick Claybon and Marc Istook to discuss the worst five quarterback situations in the NFL and who their top QBs are in the upcoming NFL Draft. Shek and the fellas also debate the best and worst regional foods in America. Then, Shek is joined by Ryan Shazier to talk about the passing of Steelers owner and chairman Dan Rooney, the team's loss to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, and his 2014 NFL Draft story.

DDFP 551: Marshawn Lynch latest & Malcolm Jenkins on OBJ vs. Marshall  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Cynthia Frelund to discuss the latest news regarding a Marshawn Lynch trade and to participate in another Producer Conference. Shek and Cynthia answer questions about Jarvis Landry's comments about sweeping the Patriots this year, the impact of analytics on the NFL Draft and Shek's recent beverage of choice. Then, Shek is joined by Malcolm Jenkins to talk about the toughest wide receivers to cover and how much of a challenge the Giants will be now that they have Brandon Marshall. Plus, Malcolm details his 2009 Draft experience, picks his winners for the first round of the NHL playoffs, and also weighs in on the Joe Mixon debate.

DDFP 550: Top fantasy RB prospects & Best sporting moments since 1980  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Matt "Franchise" Franciscovich and Marcas Grant to discuss Franchise's top running back prospects and their potential fantasy impact during the 2017 season. Also, the guys talk about whether they would rather have a green jacket from the Masters or a gold jacket from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Then, the fellas determine their top 10 sporting moments since 1980, beginning with the Miracle on Ice. Plus, in this edition of "Surprise Game Show," the guys try to list as many QBs as they can that started at least one game during the 2016 NFL regular season. 

DDFP 549: Half Empty, Half Full: Bears & Richard Sherman trade rumors  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Matt "Money" Smith and Cynthia Frelund to discuss the possibility of Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement, Christian McCaffrey's NFL player comparison and how the game of dodgeball reveals a lot about one's character. Also, in the return of "Surprise Game Show" the fellas and Cynthia name as many QBs as they can that started at least 100 games for one team. Plus, Shek and Money look at the positives and negatives facing the Chicago Bears ahead of 2017 in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full." Lastly, the guys weigh in Seahawks GM John Schneider's comments regarding a potential trade of Richard Sherman.

DDFP 548: Tony Romo's retirement, Hall or Nothing & Top 3 QB prospects  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Bucky Brooks and Elliot Harrison to discuss the news of Tony Romo's retirement and whether or not he will ultimately make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The fellas also talk about the impact of Romo's retirement on the rest of the teams in need of a starter. Then, in a game of "Cutty, Kap or Draft" the guys debate what the Texans should do at the QB position this season. Plus, Shek asks Bucky, "What's up with Scouts?" in search of answers about how they missed on successful QBs like Tony Romo, Tom Brady and Kurt Warner. Lastly, Bucky gives a quick breakdown of each of his Top 3 QB prospects available in the 2017 NFL Draft.

DDFP 547: Raiders SB LII chances, Uniform updates & Kaepernick debate  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Chris Wesseling to discuss if the addition of Marshawn Lynch would make the Raiders the Super Bowl favorites, as well as the overall impact he could have on the team. The fellas also talk about the latest uniform and logo updates and discuss which teams should go back to their old jerseys. Plus, the winner of the Best All-Time NFL Position Group Bracket is announced! Lastly, Bleacher Report's Doug Farrar joins the show to debate both the political and on-the-field issues surrounding Colin Kaepernick with Wess, as well as determine where he may be a good fit for the 2017 NFL season.

DDFP 546: Las Vegas Raiders, the League of Leagues & 'Mean' Joe Greene  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Cynthia Frelund, Handsome Hank and Matt "Money" Smith to participate in another Producers Conference, answering questions from behind-the-glass about the Raiders' big move to Las Vegas, Marshawn Lynch's future and dream Vegas performer residencies. Cynthia also reviews and analyzes some of Shek's picks from his "League of Leagues" draft. Plus, EmmaVP reveals the final matchup in Shek's Best NFL Position Group Bracket. Lastly, Shek talks with Steelers legend "Mean" Joe Greene about the Steel Curtain, playing for Chuck Noll and the dominance of the 21st century Patriots.

DDFP 545: 'Mean' Joe Greene interview  

Dave Dameshek talks to Pittsburgh Steelers legend "Mean" Joe Greene about the dominance of the 1970's Steel Curtain and whether they were the best defense of all-time. Greene also discusses the legacy of his former coach Chuck Noll and what it was like to play for him. Shek also asks Joe about his favorite teammate and some of his memories from the 1979 season. Lastly, Greene weighs in on the 21st century New England Patriots and how they're able to maintain their excellence year after year.

DDFP 544: Patriots offseason moves, Position Group Elite 8 & Song Draft  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Cynthia Frelund and Gregg Rosenthal to discuss the Patriots' many offseason moves and determine whether or not anyone can beat them in 2017. The fellas and Cynthia also talk about Ben Roethlisberger's comments on his retirement and why they may need to be taken more seriously. Also, Dave brings back the "Song Draft" to select his next tune, as well as critique the choices made by his guests and behind-the-glass. Lastly, the guys weigh in on the Elite 8 matchups of the Best Position Group Bracket and EmmaVP reveals the Final Four contenders.

DDFP 543: Half Empty, Half Full: Jaguars, Unsigned QBs & Julian Edelman  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank to discuss FBI Director James Comey's hatred for the New England Patriots, as well as determine the very worst day of the sports year. The fellas also discuss the remaining unsigned quarterbacks and whether they would rather have Jay Cutler or Colin Kaepernick on their team in 2017. Then, Fantasy Hipster Matt Harmon joins the show to discuss the positives and negatives facing the Jacksonville Jaguars ahead of the 2017 season in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full." Lastly, Shek sits down with Julian Edelman to talk about his game day routine, his spectacular Super Bowl catch and charitable plans for his facial hair.


DDFP 542: Darrelle Revis, Browns' long-term outlook & Bracket results  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank for another edition of the DDFP Producer Conference, in which the fellas answer football and game of life questions from behind-the-glass. The guys also welcome back Producer Sully and review the results of round one of Shek's Best All-Time Position Group bracket. A sampling of today's questions:

1. Would Darrelle Revis be a good fit for the Steelers?

2. Will the Browns win a Super Bowl in Shek's lifetime?

3. How much did Shek pay in taxes back in 2005?

DDFP 541: NFC North outlook & Free Agency update with Geoff Schwartz  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Geoff Schwartz to evaluate free agency so far and discuss what makes a good offensive lineman in the NFL. The fellas also celebrate Pi Day and talk about the "Do's & Don'ts" of kids birthday parties. Also, in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" Schwartz weighs the positives and negatives facing his brother's team, the Chiefs, ahead of the 2017 NFL season. Lastly, EmmaVP reveals the winners of the first half of the Round of 32 in Shek's Best All-Time Franchise Position Group bracket challenge.

DDFP 540: Free Agency latest: Osweiler, Jeffery, Jackson, Romo & more!  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Patrick Claybon and Cynthia Frelund to react and respond to the latest free agency news from around the league. The fellas and Cynthia discuss Brock Osweiler's trade to Cleveland and what the Browns may plan to do at the quarterback position. Then, the guys react to Alshon Jeffery signing with the Eagles, as well as the impact of A.J. Bouye's trade to the Jaguars. Also, in this edition of "Cynthesize It!" Cynthia breaks down the ins and outs of free agency, including the complexities of salary cap space and setting the market value for specific positions. Lastly, everyone weighs in on where both Colin Kaepernick and Tony Romo will land.

DDFP 539: Best sports records, Rams' uniforms & Pancakes vs. waffles  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Marcas Grant for the inaugural DDFP Producers' Press Conference where the fellas answer a series of football and "game of life" questions from behind-the-glass. A sampling of today's conversation topics:

1. Which free agents would you stay away from and why?

2. What are the toughest records in all of sports to break?

3. Would you rather have a private island or a million dollars?

4. What does the Uniform Monitor think of the Rams' new uniforms?

5. Waffles or pancakes, how say you?


DDFP 538: Malcolm Jenkins on Chip Kelly, Colin Kaepernick & the NFLPA  

Dave Dameshek sits down with Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins at Gatlin's BBQ in Houston, Texas to discuss if New Orleans has better food than Philadelphia, as well as Malcolm's limited experience with tailgating football games. Then, Shek asks Jenkins about his experience playing for Chip Kelly and if he believes Kelly will ultimately get the last laugh. Also, Malcolm weighs in on Colin Kaepernick's protest and how he believes athletes can effectively utilize their platforms for social and political causes. Lastly, Shek and Malcolm decide to create their own gold jackets for people they choose to be in their "Hall of Great."

DDFP 537: Free agency news, 'Hall of All' & Cowboys: Half Empty, Half Full  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Marc Istook to discuss Jamaal Charles' release from the Chiefs and where he falls in the rankings of best all-time Chiefs running backs. Then, Patrick Claybon joins the fellas to talk about potential landing spots for Adrian Peterson, Bill Polian's comments regarding Terrell Owens and the best spots for fast food burgers. Plus, Shek debuts Claybon's intro song! Shek and Marc also revisit the "Hall of All," naming their top ten candidates across all professional sports for this honor. Lastly, in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" the guys discuss the positives and negatives facing the Dallas Cowboys ahead of the 2017 season.

DDFP 536: The QB Carousel & Best franchise position groups of all-time  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank, Matt "Money" Smith and Cynthia Frelund to discuss where Tony Romo, Jay Cutler and Kirk Cousins will end up next season and whether or not there is life on other planets. Also, the fellas and Cynthia choose their favorite football family trios, as well as the best holiday treats. Plus, in this edition of "Half Empty, Half Full" the guys discuss the positives and negatives facing the Miami Dolphins ahead of the 2017 season. Lastly, Shek provides a comprehensive list of potential best all-time position groups for a single franchise across professional sports and each guest declares a top three.

DDFP 535: 'The Maurice 5' & College All-Americans vs. Cleveland Browns  

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Maurice Jones-Drew to determine whether or not the college first-team All-Americans could beat the Cleveland Browns and if Adrian Peterson could potentially be a good fit for the Giants. Also, in the debut of the DDFP Halftime Show segment, Shek plays an interesting 1979 interview of "Hollywood" Henderson talking about his teammate D.D. Lewis. Lastly, MJD provides his annual telling of 'The Maurice 5,' an in-depth look back at his NFL Draft experience and all five running backs taken ahead of him in 2006.

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