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Nigella Sound Bites

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Hello, I’m Nigella Lawson and these are my Summer Sound Bites. Three podcasts in celebration of summer cooking and eating, produced in collaboration with my publishers, Vintage. I am unapologetic about being a home cook rather than a chef. Real cooking, the sort that goes on in homes, does not have to be tricksy or difficult. I want you to feel that I’m there with you, in the kitchen, as you cook. My books are the conversations we might be having, and these podcasts are an extension of that.


Nigella Lawson The Complete Summer Sound Bites  

My three summer podcasts have been condensed into one full length episode. Find out about the perfect al fresco lunch, how to enjoy summer food even when the weather doesn't behave and what food and cooking means to me as I chat with Will Rycroft from my publishers Vintage.

Nigella Lawson Summer Sound Bites Episode 3  

In the last of my summer podcasts I talk about the food I'm cooking right now, what food really means to me, how I hope you all feel when you get in the kitchen and how I decide which recipes to include in my books.

Nigella Lawson Summer Sound Bites episode 2  

What could be more appropriate to the climate I live in than an indoor picnic? Much as I enjoy cooking, when I have friends over I don’t always want to make a meal of it. I’m not looking to cut corners, but the opposite: I want everyone to laze expansively - a freeform fiesta - greedily grazing from bits and bites covering the kitchen table.

Nigella Lawson Summer Sound Bites Episode 1  

In the first episode of my Summer Sound Bites series I’m thinking about a high summer al fresco lunch from my first cookbook, How To Eat. To eat outside, and I'm thinking here of table-borne lunch outside in the garden, you don't have to cook a lot but you've got a lot to think about - so let me lend a helping hand.

Nigella Lawson Summer Sound Bites...  

A new podcast series from Nigella Lawson

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