Nightlife with Tony Delroy.

Nightlife with Tony Delroy.


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It's joyous and adorable, but how accurate is the mythology of Moana to the legends of the Pacific Island?  

Was Maui really an obnoxious beefcake? Was he even a demi-god? Our expert unravels the Pacific Islands myths of Disney's Moana.

This Mortal Coil - Breaking Up Like a Buddhist with Meshel Laurie  

How civil was your last break up? For most people it's a painful wound that takes a long time to heal. But according to comedian and Buddhist Meshel Laurie, it doesn't have to be that way.

Tree changes are all the rage - has it worked out for cartoonist & author Warren Brown?  

What life is really like for Middle Arm-ers, north of Goulburn.

Under that sarcasm, there's a lot of love - By My Side with Judith Lucy and Denise Scott  

Comedians Judith Lucy and Denise Scott talk about their decades working together, through good times and awful ones, particularly with the loss of their friend and colleague Lynda Gibson.

I went on 100 dates and lived to tell the tale: Helen Razer  

Writer and broadcaster Helen Razer found herself in the depths of despair after the end of her relationship. The result? She penned The Helen Razer 100 - which is exactly what it sounds like - one woman's attempt to go on 100 dates in a year.

China and the US - is war inevitable?  

With the rise of China, pressure points including free trade and the future of Taiwan, is it possible - or even probable that there will be military conflict between China and the US?

Are you looking for alternatives to the NBN?  

Are we moving backwards in terms of technology due to the lack of high-speed broadband connections? Why is it that most Australians cannot access the top speeds? And are there any alternatives for people looking for faster connections?

At the Movies with CJ Johnson  

At the movies with CJ Johnson

Hollywood Hot  

Grammy Award gossip from Hollywood Hot's Kathryn Tulich

Should we be looking at Russia with fear or sympathy?  

In the last five years Russia has become more of a world player with Vladimir Putin seen as her strong frontman but what’s life really like for everyday Russians?

Hollywood Hot  

The winners and the losers from the Grammy awards

Is there a way to get rid of our personal debt?  

Whether its credit cards or mortgages, Australians are drowning in personal debt. Does this make us vulnerable in terms of a global downturn? How do we deal with our personal debt?

Monday night travel: Ethiopia  

It's got the source of the Blue Nile and a fascinating Christian history featuring spectacular underground churches. Monday night travel takes us to Ethiopia.

Herbs and Spices with Ian Hemphill  

What kind of native herbs and spices can we use in our cooking? Spice guru Ian Hemphill explains the secrets of using Australian herbs and spices such as lemon myrtle, wattleseed and pepperberry.

Are you in your 50s and looking for employment?  

Did you know that plenty of older unemployed people don't show up in the unemployment statistics because they simply give up looking.

Time to stop being cynical about love and admit that we're in love with it, with philosopher Tim Dean  

Philosopher Tim Deane educates us on the origins and many facets of love

This Mortal Coil with Susan Connelly  

Sister Susan Connelly is a Josephite nun and refugee advocate.

This Week in History: The Jerilderie Letter  

It was Ned Kelly's famous manifesto written this week in 1879. What did it say and what is it's significance in 2017?

The Dinner Party - cartoonist Cathy Wilcox, conservationist Chris Darwin and broadcaster/saxophonist James Valentine  

Sarah's dinner guests are cartoonist and the very funny Cathy Wilcox, conservationist and bird lover Chris Darwin (very famous Great Great Grandfather!) and fellow broadcaster and saxophonist James Valentine.

75 years since the Fall of Singapore - with historian Lynette Silver  

An Australian contingent with ties to the Fall of Singapore have set off for the Pacific to mark the 75th Anniversary of the battle, led by historian and writer Lynette Silver.

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