Nightlife with Tony Delroy.

Nightlife with Tony Delroy.


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Remembering 1932: Memorabilia and Antiques with Tom Thompson  

Remembering a big year in Australian history.

Hollywood Hot with Katherine Tulich  

Katherine Tulich brings you all the gossip from Hollywood

Ideas that started in science fiction: with business futurist Morris Miselowski  

From space travel to hoverboards, Morris Miselowski explores technology and ideas that were once the stuff of science fiction.

CJ's movie reviews  

CJ Johnson reviews Masterminds and the Boys in the Trees

Science with Dr Will Grant  

Dr Will Grant from the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science talks about why you should trust your lightbulb ideas and eureka moments, and how an ancient Aboriginal site in the Victorian bush could be the oldest astronomical observatory in the world.

What's the future of vocational education in Australia?  

Higher education in TAFE and private colleges is often in the headlines - where is the sector heading?

A guide to Australia's award wininng spirits  

Luke McCarthy takes a look at Australian production of whisky, gin and more - and tells Dominic Knight that we're in a golden age, with local spirits winning international awards. Here's your guide to the best on offer.

Australian Politics with Karen Middleton  

Karen Middleton from The Saturday Paper joins Dom Knight to talk about the week in politics, including the sudden resignation of Family First Senator Bob Day.

Too much screen time? Managing kids' access to technology  

How much is too much? And which gadgets are the best for learning and development?

Nightlife Book Reviews with Rachel Edwards  

Rachel Edwards takes on two novels set in Tasmania, and Secondhand Time, a book documenting the fall of the Soviet Union.

Tracks of Your Life featuring Fleetwood Mac  

In this week's Tracks of Your Life, Zan Rowe looks back at the music and story Fleetwood Mac

Nightlife Foreign Correspondent: Martin Cuddihy  

ABC's Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy talks about the latest news and events in Africa, including the state of emergency in Ethiopia where the government has the power to ban protests.

What lies beneath - famous shipwrecks of Australia.  

What's the story behind this country's ill-fated voyages?

Paul Wallbank on tech for small business  

It might surprise you to learn that the small business sector around the world is struggling. Paul Wallbank has some tips on technology that could help establishing a start-up easier.

Hollywood Hot with Katherine Tulich  

Katherine Tulich joins Dom Knight for a catch up on the latest Hollywood Gossip - Tom Hanks' latest film, Inferno and Billy Bush in "that" Trump video

What's the future of radio? With James O'Brien and Steve Ahern  

Podcasts, streaming and apps have revolutionised the medium. What will the future of radio sound like?

Finance with Roger Montgomery  

Investment guru Roger Montgomery joins the Nightlife to help you understand how to approach the challenge of making money on the sharemarket.

CJ reviews Joe Cinque's Consolation and Neon Demon  

CJ Johnson takes a look at Joe Cinque's Consolation: the film version of a murder story in which guests were invited to dinner parties in Canberra and told that a terrible crime would be committed. He also takes on the Neon Demon starring Elle Fanning and Keanu Reeves.

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