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Nightlife with Tony Delroy.


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This Week in History - David  

This week in 1504 – one of the greatest sculptures ever made was unveiled in a small square in Florence.

Is religious freedom in Australia under threat?  

A closer look at what religious freedom means and whether it might disappear.

Motortorque with Toby Hagon: off roading  

Toby's just driven a fair chunk of the West Australian coastline, and reports on the best cars to tackle the terrain in this edition of Motortorque

Can you be sure you won't have a heart attack?  

A new study conducted at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney found a big increase in the number of people having heart attacks with no obvious risk factors. Cardiologist Dr Ravinay Bhindi from the hospital explained to Phil Clark that these figures are surprising, but it's never been the case that anyone is immune from having a heart attack.

CJ's Film Reviews: That's Not Me, IT and Small Town Killers  

CJ's keen on new Aussie film That's Not Me but says the new version of Stephen King's IT fails to frighten

Is Facebook making us sad?  

Are you a Facebook addict? Do you find yourself constantly checking your feed? Has it snuck into your bedroom or even made its way to the dinner table? There’s a new body of research that suggests the more time we spend on Facebook the more likely we are to feel unhappy.  

Are you living your dream job?  

If you can’t remember the last time you had a great day at work - would it be time to consider other options? Jane Lowder explains how to change your career or change your perspective.

Nightlife history: Rethinking B.A Santamaria  

B.A Santamaria was a pivotal figure in the politics of the 1950s, with a key role in the split of the Labor Party in 1955. Mark Aarons has been rethinking his contribution and wonders if he learned more from the communists he despised than he might have cared to admit.

Family Estrangement: Is reconciliation possible for everyone?  

Do you get along with your family? Or are there members of your immediate family that you haven’t spoken to in months or even years? Elisabeth Shaw explains why some families drift apart and when it’s worth trying to mend those broken relationships and when it's just not.

This Week in History: the Battle of Actium  

It marked the downfall of history's most famous lovers - Antony and Cleopatra - and set up Julius Caesar's nephew Octavian to take over rule of the Roman Empire as Augustus.

Simon Napier - Bell  

Simon Napier-Bell knew and worked with many of pops greatest stars including George Michael and Dusty Springfield. He speaks to Sarah Mac from Thailand.

Simon Napier-Bell  

Simon Napier-Bell is in Australia. He knew many of pops greatest stars including George Michael and Dusty Springfield. He spoke to Sarah from Thailand a few weeks ago. Great chat!

Trump's change of heart on Afghanistan: good or bad?  

US President Donald Trump's said he'll be sending more troops to Afghanistan, but with what aim? Professor Ramesh Thakur from the Crawford School of Public Policy says the end-game is still not clear for countries with troops in Afghanistan, and wonders whether this might be a case of prolonging the agony.

Australia's gangland history and its long tail  

Gang crime in Australia is almost as old as white settlement itself. Susanna Lobez, author of Gangland Oz, takes a look at the history of criminal gangs in Australia, including the very different motivations which have driven many of them.

Making the NBN switch  

Most of us will have to make the NBN switch in the coming 18 months. What’s the best approach towards making a smooth switch and what are the traps to avoid? Representatives from the NBN join Phil Clark to answer your questions.

Not all it was cracked up to be: what's happened to the NBN?  

It was held out as the great technological backbone for Australia's future - but it's now synonymous with delay, cost overrun and frustration.

CJ's Film Reviews: American Made and 47 Metres Down  

Tom Cruise's American Made passes muster, while CJ says avoid 47 Metres Down at all costs

Is downsizing the answer to Australia’s housing shortage?  

What are the pros and cons of moving into a smaller place? How many older Australians are making the move and does it make sense for the economy?

Ouch! What's in my eye?  

Be careful when you're swimming with contact lenses. Acanthamoeba is a form of amoeba, that can cause infection in your eyes.

Investment and Global Markets  

Roger Montgomery joins Philip Clark to discuss the pros and cons of investing abroad, why investors should be wary of high yielding stock and which companies are worth keeping an eye on.

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