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Breast implants: keeping a record to avoid the risks  

It may be a popular cosmetic surgery, but breast implants are considered a 'high risk' medical device.

CJ's Film Reviews: War For The Planet Of the Apes and Dunkirk  

CJ on the epic aspirations and slow paced 'War For the Planet of The Apes' plus a history lesson meets cinematic drama in 'Dunkirk'

Science with Merryn McKinnon: Can Cows cure AIDS?  

We explore how cows may be able to help in the fight against AIDS, and take a look at why you'll soon be able to charge your phone in the blink of an eye.

Gail Kelly’s story of life and leadership  

Listed by Forbes in 2010 as the 8th most powerful woman in the world, the first female CEO of one of Australia’s big four banks and mother of four including triplets, Gail Kelly shares her story.

Wage growth: why Is Australia lagging behind?  

Australia’s wage growth is at historically record lows, with the wage price index rising a mere 1.9% over the past year. How are these less than impressive figures affecting the wider economy?  

Monday night travel: trekking Lord Howe's seven peaks  

Stunning views from high peaks, and traverses through deep banyan forests are highlights of this trek for the fit and adventurous.

Remembering love in later life  

As part of an oral history project spanning the generations, Professor Alistair Thomson asked older Australians about the love they found in their later years. For some, it meant a whole new take on romance.

Sight mythbusting and new eye developments  

Can you take vitamin supplements to improve your eyesight?

The rise and fall of Lady Jane Grey  

This week in history the late Queen of England, Lady Jane Grey was dethroned. Nicknamed 'Bloody Mary', she ruled for 9 days before her beheading a year later. So who was this young Queen?

The Good News with Jon Dee: The forests and the trees  

Nightlife LEAVES the bad news behind with reforestation in India, National Tree Day in India and the One Tree Per Child initiative.

Science with Darren Saunders: Grey hair gone, ancient Australia and champion cheetahs  

Cancer treatments are showing some curious side effects - putting the colour back into grey hair. What's going on?

Steve Harris The Prince and The Assassin  

In 1867 Prince Alfred, Victoria's favourite son, was more interested in the fleshpots of Melbourne and Sydney than the pomp and ceremony of Australia's first Royal Tour.

Reading Minds: Exploring psychics and telepathy in pop culture  

Which movie and book characters have the best sixth sense?

The Week That Was: with Jamila Rizvi and Sunil Badami  

Dramatic scenes in Kalgoorlie, a renewed push for euthanasia and the exhumation of an iconic artist.

The Writers - Carmel Bird  

Do you have a memoir in you? Carmel Bird joins Sarah Macdonald to discuss the family secrets in her latest novel and why everyone has a book in them.

Is nuclear war on the horizon ?  

It’s the unthinkable, and yet experts say that the threat of nuclear war is rising.  Earlier this month, the UN conference voted to adopt a new nuclear weapon prohibition treaty.  But the countries that have nuclear arms didn’t show up.  With two volatile leaders on the world stage, what happens next ?

True Crime with Rochelle Jackson  

On June 29th last year, jeweller Karen Ristevski left her home in peaceful Avondale Heights, for a walk and never came back.   Eight months later her body was found wedged between two logs. Police still have no answers.

CJ's Film Reviews: Baby Driver and The Beguiled  

Car chases and southern gothic feature in CJ's picks this week.

Why is your power bill so high?  

Price rises of up to 19% have hit consumers this month alone, and more price hikes are predicted to come. Fairfax economics writer Peter Martin explains why it's happening.

CJ's Film Reviews: Baby Driver and The Beguiled  

Car chases and southern gothic feature in CJ's picks this week

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