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Each episode, comedians Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick explore a single topic and discuss their past, current and future relationships with it.


Episode 61: LIES  

Lies are dangerous - but are they all bad? In this episode, Billy and Adam relive some of the best lies they've ever told. Public firings, underwear models and real estate mogul, Dohn Gigalo! Sponsored by Blue Apron and Squarespace

Episode 60: DISNEY  

Billy and Adam debate the Disney brand. Is Mickey a basic mouse? Can you really swim in coins like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales? Were the subliminal messages in The Little Mermaid real? Plus, an imaginary Royal Rumble between Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny and Kermit the Frog!

Episode 59: POWER  

How do people like Donald Trump become so powerful? After reading the book, "The 48 Laws of Power," Billy might have an idea. In this episode, Billy and Adam discuss the book, it's controversial techniques and how American History is rooted in resistance. Sponsored by Squarespace

Episode 58: COLLEGE  

Billy and Adam compare their college experiences and examine what they would do differently. The parties, the productivity and the West Village. If it's on campus - it's in this episode. Sponsored by Blue Apron

Episode 57: COURAGE (w/ Ned Fulmer)  

Billy and Adam are joined by Buzzfeed Try Guy, Ned Fulmer, to discuss the risks and rewards that come with being courageous. He's swam with sharks, fought UFC fighters and performed a simulated pregnancy. In short, Ned embodies bravery. But can he survive the podcast? (Yes. He can.) This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron and Squarespace.

Episode 56: DINERS  

In this episode, set at the fictional No Joke Diner, Billy and Adam discuss their love of Coca Cola and their hate of Cheeseburger in Paradise. Plus - huge menus, old waiters and our first SquareSpace ad of the year!

Episode 55: DATING  

Despite being in long-term relationships, Billy and Adam imagine how they would date if they were single. In this episode, they discuss the rules of attraction from teenagers to tinder and quickly learn how difficult dating can be. Plus, music by Dion and the Belmonts!

Episode 54: NEW YEARS  

Billy and Adam discuss the stress of New Year's Eve and how the holiday can be improved. Topics include hologram pop stars, Times Square pee jars and the infamous cheeseburger deluxe. Plus, music by The Zombies!

Episode 53: CHRISTIAN ROCK (w/ Jen Tullock)  

Billy and Adam visit a Kentucky Mega Church with their guest, Jen Tullock. In this episode, they learn about Religious Jumbotrons, Broadway-Level Easter Pageants and, of course, Christian Rock. Plus, music by Merrigay Tullock!

Episode 52: SANTA  

Billy and Adam determine whether Santa Claus is real. Topics include reindeer improvements, how to feed an elf and Santa's wife, Debby. Plus, music by the Jackson 5!

Episode 51: FITNESS  

In preparation for Tough Mudder, Billy and Adam discuss fitness. Topics include martial arts, weight lifting, obstacle courses and more! Plus, music by Olivia Newton John!

Episode 50: THE FIRST 50  

Billy and Adam take a look back at their favorite moments from the first fifty episodes. Stories, confessions and ghosts - it's all in this special recap show. Plus, music by Snakes!

Episode 49: SOCIAL MEDIA  

Social media is a dual edged sword. In this episode, we discuss the costs and benefits of living in an interconnected age and look back on Billy's brief modeling career. Plus, music by Snakes!

Episode 48: THANKSGIVING  

After discussing the recent events of the past week, Billy and Adam turn their attention to Thanksgiving. A time to get together, sit around the table and argue with your uncle about politics. Also in this episode - giant macaroni, shots of grape soda and music from A Tribe Called Quest!

Episode 47: BARACK OBAMA  

We celebrate President Barack Obama by looking back at the past eight years. Topics include his accomplishments, his legacy, his wife, his knowledge of the NBA and frankly, his swag. Plus, music by Chance the Rapper!

Episode 46: COLD  

Put on a sweater and get cozy. In this episode we discuss growing up in cold weather, moving to warm weather and then solve global warming. Plus, music by Justin Bieber!

Episode 45: CLOWNS (w/ Ahmed Bharoocha)  

We explore the history of clowning and where it all went wrong. In this episode, comedian Ahmed Bharoocha joins us to discuss the rise in clown-related crimes and ways to improve their image. Plus, music by Barbara Streisand!

Episode 44: EMPATHY  

Billy and Adam explore the virtues of empathy and how the world needs more of it. Is it taught? Are you born with it? And what steps can we take to make the world a more empathetic place? Plus, music by Snakes!

Episode 43: AUDITIONS (w/ Nicole Byer)  

MTV star, Nicole Byer, joins us to discuss the challenges of auditioning for commercials, television and film. In this episode, hear true tales of bombing in front of Melissa McCarthy, stumbling in front of Beyonce and being a black fairy in Romania. Auditioning... it's ain't easy.

Episode 42: PETS (w/ Faryn Einhorn)  

In this animal-friendly episode we discuss tinder for dogs, insanity from cat poop, Lassie's human lips and domesticated bobcats. Ya know... Pets!

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