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Each episode, comedians Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick explore a single topic and discuss their past, current and future relationships with it.


Episode 82: NEW YORK (w/ Brian McElhaney & Nick Kocher)  

Billy and Adam welcome Brian and Nick from BriTANicK and SNL to discuss their lives in New York City. In this episode they explore the comedy, the chaos and the little known pizza labyrinth. Plus, Nick shares his theory of 'five chances for a good night' and Brian warns about the dangers of climbing buildings while drunk. And like always, theme music by Send Medicine! Sponsored by Blue Apron


A topic so nice Billy and Adam had to cover it twice. This episode features songs from Nelly, TLC and you guessed it... the Jeps. Plus, the fellas try to sing like Mariah Carey, meet Carly Rae and figure out who got the boy - Brandy or Monica. Plus, theme music by Send Medicine! Sponsored by Squarespace

Episode 80: SUBCULTURES  

Billy and Adam explore some of the oddest and most devoted subcultures from around the world. Using Wikipedia as a reference - they read and react to randomly chosen niche communities. If you're a straight edge, nudist, rude boy or furry... this episode is definitely for you. Plus, music by Send Medicine and Rihanna!

Episode 79: GLOW (w/ Kimmy Gatewood & Rebekka Johnson)  

Billy and Adam welcome the stars of Netflix' smash hit, Glow to discuss their experience making it. How does one train to become a female wrestler? What does the audition look like? And what does it mean when the producers give you a jacket at the end of the shoot? All of these questions, plus music by Send Medicine and Motley Crue! Brought to you by Squarespace

Episode 78: SUMMER ANTHEMS  

Billy and Adam look back on the last 20 years of summer pop songs and listen to some of their favorites. What makes an anthem? How did Matchbox 20 get so popular? And where has Carly Rae Jeps-been? Plus, music by Outkast and a theme song from Send Medicine! Brought to you by Blue Apron

Episode 77: NBA FINALS (w/ Amir Blumenfeld)  

Billy and Adam discuss the history of the NBA Finals with HeadGum founder, Amir Blumenfeld. Reflecting on previous NBA dynasties and the players on those rosters - the three break down the Warriors recent successes. Is having a super-team good for the sport? Does it make it more fun? Plus - difficult math, Amir's body and music by Snakes!

Episode 76: TABLE READ (w/Geoffrey James & Reilly Anspaugh)  

Billy and Adam read scripts they have written that never made it to television. "The Dog House," written by Billy, is a sitcom pilot that stars Billy and Adam and "The Lembeck Technique" is an unaired episode from Adam's Adult Swim show starring Jason Alexander. It's a table read at HeadGum... hopefully the producers like it!

Episode 75: DAVID LYNCH (w/ Jake Fogelnest)  

TV Producer Jake Fogelnest joins Billy and Adam to discuss Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart and the moody, nonlinear world of David Lynch. Plus, music by Angelo Badalamenti! Sponsored by Blue Apron

Episode 74: FANDOM (w/ Nick Mundy)  

Billy and Adam discuss the fine line of fandom with comedian Nick Mundy. Nick has turned his love of wrestling into a career hanging out with Chris Jericho and being married by The Rock. But being a public figure has its problems. In this episode, they discuss fanboy culture and why Rocky 5 makes Nick cry. Plus, music by Elton John!

Episode 73: SUPERHEROES  

In this super-sized episode, Batman and Superman go head to head. Also, was Robin the best choice to save Gotham? And what would Billy and Adam's superpowers be? Plus, music by U2! Sponsored by Squarespace

Episode 72: MUST SEE TV  

Friends, Mad About You, Seinfeld, Frasier, ER. There has never been a more iconic lineup in sitcom history. In this episode, Billy and Adam turn the channel to NBC. Plus, music by George Costanza!

Episode 71: CONCERTS  

Billy and Adam give you backstage passes to an episode about concerts. They've performed them at JCCs and attended them when stampedes broke out. Mixed reviews all around. Plus; tiny microphones, Tanglewood and music by James Taylor!

Episode 70: THE 90's  

Billy and Adam time travel back to the 90's. In this episode they discuss boy bands, slap bracelets, Saved By The Bell, Dave Matthews Band and more. Throw on a pair of parachute pants and listen on your walkman! Sponsored by Blue Apron and Squarespace

Episode 69: BASEBALL  

Billy and Adam draft a fantasy baseball team that includes Roseanne Barr, Carrot Top and Chance The Rapper. Plus - Mets fans vs Yankee fans, Barack Obama's slider and music from John Fogerty!

Episode 68: TOUGH MUDDER (w/ Kina Grannis)  

Billy and Adam are joined by musician and friend Kina Grannis to discuss their recent trip to Tough Mudder. Five miles, sixteen obstacles and one black eye later - everyone survived and is ready for more. Learn what it takes to complete an adult obstacle course and enjoy music from Kina!

Episode 67: ASIA  

Adam just returned from a three week trip traveling Asia. He washed an elephant and mourned a king. Obviously. In this episode they discuss Bangkok, Thailand and what its like to be the loudest person in Japan. Sponsored by Blue Apron and Squarespace

Episode 66: LEARNING (w/ Baron Vaughn)  

Billy, Adam and comedian Baron Vaughn explore the virtues of teaching yourself new things. In this episode, they discuss standardized education's negative impacts, the importance of nurturing a child's imagination and how the French Revolution is a blueprint for America in the future. Its funnier than it sounds. Plus, music from Lou Bega!

Episode 65: FILMMAKING  

Billy recently directed a short film that stars Adam. In this episode, they discuss the various steps required to make a movie and relive past productions they have led. YouTube tips, TV show headaches and music by David Bowie! Sponsored by Squarespace

Episode 64: CATERING (w/ Dan Klein)  

Billy and Adam spent five years working as caterers. In this episode, their catering co-worker, Dan Klein helps relive some of their most humiliating moments on the job. Nehru jackets, mid-day naps and getting fired for a mustache. The service industry... it's No Joke. Sponsored by Blue Apron

Episode 63: VIDEO GAMES  

Billy and Adam explore the world of video games from Atari to Augmented Reality. Revisiting their past lives with gaming; they debate Nintendo vs. Genesis, Blitz vs. Madden and try to figure out who those women were in Bowser's castle... because they weren't the Princess. Sponsored by Squarespace

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