No More Whoppers

No More Whoppers


A podcast about two best friends trying to get to sleep at a sleepover.


154: Shindanksen  

Pull up a chair and have a hot link! This week: talk of cars; pastries; questionable behavior at Critical Hit (I mean really… carpet?); Saturday night's all right for fighting -- and social engineering; the world's worst curry slogans; laughs abound in the retro gaming scene; and Fan Fun finally drives Alex insane! This podcast is brought to you by the banjo.

153: A Toast to Reploids  

Four more years! This week, Alex explores NEW more whoppers; Ray emerges mostly victorious from the battlefield of illness; the further adventures of Blocko; Ray dreams of Xbox One imports; the intersection of fantasy and football; aspirations of streaming; why, Atsugiri Jason?; cool Japan vs. hypocritical Japan; the fall of Becky; don’t question Abe or Johnny, and a sampling of Fan Fun! We’ve got it going on!

152: Gone Corin'  

The greatest modern musical! This week on the show: the uh, merits of Bayonetta cosplay; preserving X in 10; Firewatchin'; Dragon Quest Blocko is boffo!; seeing what Alex can gank from "AFK;" and searching behind the couch cushions for drops! This podcast has the power to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

151: Twenty-Minute Movies  

Brought to you by Bacardi! This week, we talk Star Wars, paintings, and Christmas; Alex needs help with games; our best tweets of 2015; video game talk, and Alex finally joins PS Plus!; Bar Talk here ad there; Ray attends SF SketchFest; the joys of AGDQ and charity streaming; Netflix is the best/worst; Rockmen 9 and 10 are very hard; elongated Fan Fun, and Cinema Sukiyaki! Don’t listen to this.

150: The Four Score Awakens  

Zap! Pew! Bwang! This week, it's time for some Star Wars chat (no spoilers); a Christmas delivery for Critical Hit; some dinosaur movie; laptop woes, and the good and bad of really generic RPGs. This podcast is 50% off with purchase of the STAR WARS: BEHIND THE MAGIC Interactive CD-ROM.

149: Mullety  

We’re the original Black Friday! This week, we give thanks for several new versions of a game called Dragon Quest!; celebrating Thanksgiving with a list of great things; the horrors of Japanese marketing; X-Files brainstorming; MGSV advice and other video game talk; television and podcast programmes; another bumbling installment of Cinema Sukiyaki, and some big, juicy Fan Fun! Tivo us!

148: Bushido Savior  

Now with 33% more free! Thanks to a recent holiday, we go long this week. Lots of Metal Gearin'; slushy drink arguin'; MST3K (and general) Kickstartin'; some quick Fan Fun BUT THEN a new segment about Japanese movie titlin', and some pretty funny old-fashion bullshittin'. This podcast has everything you need to survive at sea.

147: Muy Malo  

What horrors we discuss this week! Ray gets stoned, cranky, and cured; Alex busts his hump at the end of October; video game talk of most shapes and sizes; Chipotle coli; Alex’s bum 3DS; the rigors of working in costume; brewing beer for fun and profit; Fan Fun returns, and we shill for some other podcasts! Look for this podcast in your grocer’s freezer.

146: Netflix and Kill  

146 is a really high number! Autumn is here and it's a hot time for video games, so feel free to skip discussion of Picross or Dragon Quest Heroes or Metal Gear Solid! No, actually, you might miss talk about Lifetime Balderdash; Rather's Day; new stories from Critical Hit; and Red Lobsterburger! This podcast is a tribute to the podcasts that died so that we may live.

145: Ladies Love Coolant  

It’s October and death is in the air! This week, Ray acquires more Amiibos; a variety of games both tanked and tankless; Alex rages against wasei eigo; NES cameos because 80’s and brainstorming for FunTime; the AAA phenomenon; Better Call Al, and we break in that new Fan Fun theme! This podcast is free size!

144: Mega Mensch Vier  

144 CCs of inanity, stat! On this escapade: Ray ends his car saga (with a twist ending!); Alex spends a day in Tokyo and talks to some friends, and also means video game talk!; Hulk Baby Tweets; swimming in business receipts; writing sitcoms; and Fan Fun gets a new game! In a clerical error, this podcast was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame.

143: Annoyed Grunt Matsuri  


A return to something! This week, heaps of car trouble; sweaty cans; Dragon Quest VIII on IIIDS, no MGSV on PSIV; death and taxes; Al returns to D&D; a bumper crop of Overnerds, and Ray hates tattoos! This podcast is really looking for a long-term commitment!

142: Disney's Rock Pullers  

142, the REAL meaning of life! This week, Ray's car doesn't want to come home; Alex fights the ingenious Japanese banking system; YES Dragon Quest XI!; our round-up of new mobile games!!; lemon-covered chocolate balls, and catching up on a backlog of donors and Likes -- has it been a year already?? This podcast is like a double-walled thermos of fun!

S10: Precious Time  

"Thanks" to the typical follies, Ray is forced to call in live to Pittsburgh for a special report from Alex! We talk great local eats; Ant-Men; Alex hacks the in-flight entertainment; Grodin/Brolin; a serious moment regarding podcast editing, and awkward moments with the family! We'll be back… eventually?!?

141: Greenpeace  


We’re one for one! This week, Alex finally sees Wet Hot Avengers Summer and Ray finally sees The Terminating Robot; X-Men more Marvel and DC movie talk; dumb title gripes; Alex attends a long-awaited concert; taking annoying bullets on Facebook; two new versions of a game called Dragon Quest, and a little bit of Fanf! Like it or lump it!

140: Inversopolakypse  

Fact: This IS the 140th episode. And WHAT an episode! Car storage technology; Hawaiian cuisine; celebrating our nation's burrito; anything is an amiibo; news from the Giuseppe household; shoppin' for PlayStations, and an Overnerd with a Broadway dream. This podcast is injured in the fourth quarter.

139: Musou Sorry  


We’re back and terrible as ever! This week, tardy E3 roundup; Happy Birthray!; Alex narrowly avoids fiery death; Ray’s phone takes a tumble; do people like Kingdom Hearts? and other common questions for teens; Fan Fun & Mad Max; giving out our personal information, and Alex alienates the audience! This podcast tortured some folks.

138: We Regret the Error  

138 practices no hate! Yeah. In this episode: Alex's record-breaking Twitter victory; an intense staircase situation; gross bar customers; a certain game of quests' news; MAPO?!; and Fan Fun handles WAY too many donors! This podcast hid a million dollars where the sun meets--*gurk*

137: Low-Pol/Higher-Qual  


Wow, two consecutive weeks! This time we cover the new version of a game called Dragon Quest; Alex makes the jump back into FFXI; RDB on P&D; one disgruntled van owner; bar news and Rockman blues; sudden Saturn acquisition, and Fan Stuff! This podcast is set in its ways.

136: Judas Prius  

The show of shows! (That's not taken, is it?) This week: You can take the Vana'diel outta Alex, but you can't take the Alex outta Vana'diel! Hence another several minutes on the old boy's favorite vice. Plus: fake Seinfelds; GotHam; woozy bees; surprise parties at Critical Hit and other follies; SPIDERS!!! And Fan Fun is light on originality. This podcast is rotgut for the soul.

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