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No Sleep Podcast

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Late night struggles of a creative mind.


Episode 47: Back to Reality  

Talking more about what went down the past few weeks before the tour, the first few days of the tour, and what's going on with me now.

Episode 46: PHASES OUT NOW  

Getting down with the new EP from The Lounge Act that was released today. I talk a little bit about the concept behind the titles and behind the songs. The Lounge Act Playlist: 1. Take The Fall - The Lounge Act 2. Phase II - The Lounge Act 3. Phase I - The Lounge Act 4. Misdemeanor - The Lounge Act

Episode 45: RADIO SHOW #1  


Episode 44: NEW MUSIC HYPE  

I premiere the 2 singles from The Lounge Act and talk about them a bit. The Lounge Act Playlist: 1. Misdemeanor - The Lounge Act 2. Phase II - The Lounge Act

Episode 43: Everyone's A Critic  

Start off rambling about my crazy morning, then new tour info and shit from The Lounge Act camp, and finally discussing my newfound criticism of my own stuff.

Episode 42: In With The New  

NEW PODCAST NAME!! Discussing the name change, why Americans are FAILING in our politics, skateboarding, and not being afraid to fall. Also get a peek at some new music from The Lounge Act and we hear Matthew Charles' new 'Static' EP. Matthew Charles Playlist: 1. Help - Matthew Charles 2. Trying - Matthew Charles 3. Words - Matthew Charles 4. Waiting for the End - Matthew Charles

Episode 41: Amber Time #1  

We talk about Black History Month, non-racism vs. anti-racism, and why Beyoncé is punk rock.

Episode 40: More Dumb Politix  

Bringing up Sister Helen's new campaign, Chris Krasnow's Beat Machine, addressing more issues with politics, and talking about the water crisis in Flint. Playlist: 1. Roger - Chris Krasnow's Beat Machine

Episode 39: I Don't Care About History...  

Gettin political yall. Talking about the stuff that matters, like biking in NYC, horses in central park, the bad electoral college system, and our dumbass candidates for President.

Episode 38: Ch-Ch-Changes  

Talking about some legal stuff I learned, a couple updates on what I've been up to, talking about how to successfully change yourself, and the One Week Challenge.

Episode 37: Happy Birthday (to me?)  

We reflect on the last Knucklehead gig with CJ Ramone, acknowledge the passing of Lemmy, and talk about my new addiction. Playlist: 1. I'm Making Monsters for My Friends - Ramones 2. Killed by Death - Motorhead 3. R.A.M.O.N.E.S - Ramones with Lemmy

Episode 36: Processing......  

I talk about my process for documenting the new KNUCKLEHEAD music, CJ Ramone, encouragement for creativity, and gripe a bit about DIY touring. CJ Ramone Playlist: 1. Strength to Endure - Ramones 2. Got A Lot to Say - Ramones 3. Scattergun - Ramones

Episode 27: Some Ups and Downs  

Hear the release of KNUCKLEHEAD's new single! I discuss the latest in my music endeavors, trying to meet Billie Joe (Round 2), a bit of the Green Day history, my story of fighting a bike ticket, and hating police. Playlist: 1. Waiting Alone - KNUCKLEHEAD 2. Knowledge - Green Day

Episode 28: AT THE OFFICE  

Updates from the office on the gigs, albums, and what I've been up to. And I talk about Caitlyn Jenner.


Talking about my 2nd podcast with Joey Steel. Go to or search on iTunes to listen.

Episode 26: BIKELOG #3  

Talking about being featured on the Dispatches from the Underground podcast, reminding everyone to check out that podcast, updates on the bands, and some ramblings about horses/traffic stuff.

Episode 25: I'm Back! With Some PUNK!  

Back with some updates from the bands, stuff I've been up to, the "e-sport" of Counterstrike, a story of The Lounge Act's last attempt at a gig, meeting Joey Steel of All Torn Up! and how that experience inspired me to become a musician. It comes full circle with myself becoming an upcoming guest on Joey's podcast. Playlist: 1. Do What You Want - Bad Religion 2. Halloween - The Misfits 3. Incite Violence - All Torn Up!

Episode 24: Family Matters  

Talking about family support, taking ideas seriously, nurturing creativity, Kurt Cobain's early creative situation, and focusing on art. Playlist: 1. I Will Dare - The Replacements 2. About A Girl - Nirvana 3. Blew - Nirvana

Episode 23: Are you Experienced?  

I address the importance of going out and learning from experiences by talking about my experiences going to heavy metal shows, Slayer, and meeting Julian Casablancas. Playlist: 1. War Ensemble - Slayer 2. Where No Eagles Fly - Julian Casablancas+The Voidz 3. 11th Dimension - Julian Casablancas

Episode 22: BIKELOG #2  

Riding uptown on my bike talking about homeless people, cops on horses, and the stuff going on in Baltimore.

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