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Conversations with mums and dads on everything from juggling life with parenthood and making ‘mum friends’ to IVF and mental health.


#05 JK & Charlie On How Their Relationship Changed When They Became Parents - Not Another Mummy Podcast  

JK & Charlie are my guests on the podcast for episode five - the incredibly multi-talented pair are both radio presenters (JK presents Drivetime on Heart London and Charlie presented a Heart breakfast show until recently), YouTubers (they make gorgeous videos about family life) and they recently launched their podcast Married & Tired. They're also parents to a two-year-old and have another baby on the way! After listening to the first couple of episodes of their podcast, I wanted to chat to JK & Charlie about how they think their relationship has changed since they became parents (spoiler alert: they get less sleep, watch more Pixar movies and go on "date nights" rather than just go out). It was brilliant to hang out with these guys - hope you enjoy this episode! hit play to listen and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes!  

#04 Clemmie Hooper On Giving Birth - Not Another Mummy Podcast  

I'm so excited to have Clemmie Hooper as the guest on this episode of Not Another Mummy Podcast. The midwife-turned-author of How To Grow A Baby And Push It Out really knows her stuff when it comes to pregnancy and birth. Clemmie came over to my place and we chatted about all of her births and how different they were (including why her twin birth was the best out of all of them), hypnobirthing and some GREAT tips on what to pack in your hospital bag. Clemmie also spoke about how, along with husband Simon, they created a two week cocoon with their new babies (no visitors allowed) and shared tips on how to do this yourself. We also chatted about her Insta-fame (340k+ followers on Instagram and counting...) even though it makes Clemmie cringe. Hope you enjoy this episode! Hit play to listen and subscribe on iTunes so that you don't miss an episode.

Louise Pentland On Juggling Work And Motherhood – Episode 03 - Not Another Mummy Podcast  

For episode 3 of Not Another Mummy Podcast, I went to hang out with Louise Pentland - aka Sprinkle of Glitter - for the afternoon. It's a wonder she managed to squeeze me in though because as well as making videos for her 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and being the author of two best-selling books, Louise is mum to a six-year-old and has another baby on the way! So Louise was the perfect person for me to chat work/life balance with. I wanted to know how she juggles all of her work commitments with family life, and how she coped when she was a single mum following her divorce. You can listen below by hitting 'play' and you can subscribe over on iTunes to make sure you never miss an episode!  

Erica Davies On Mum Style & Identity – Episode 02 - Not Another Mummy Podcast  

It's the second ever episode of Not Another Mummy Podcast (catch up with Episode 1 featuring The Unmumsy Mum here) and my guest is Erica Davies. Erica is a former fashion editor and founder of The Edited, whose mix of high street outfits, decor inspiration and family life chat has captivated thousands - 55,000 to be precise because that's how many people follow Erica on Instagram. So I wanted to chat to Erica about how tricky it is when you're a new mum and you feel like your whole identity shifts a bit - you go from being "you" to being "someone's mum" and I remember looking in the wardrobe and genuinely thinking "What did I wear again, before I was pregnant?!" Erica had loads of tips on this - and general chat on being a style influencer (and having a cushion obsession). You can subscribe on iTunes here (do rate and review too, if you can!) and listen by pressing 'play' below!  

The Unmumsy Mum on Friendship – Episode 01 - Not Another Mummy Podcast  

It's here! Episode 1 of Not Another Mummy Podcast! I'm ridiculously excited to be sharing this with you, after months of plotting and planning (and, well, working out HOW on earth to record and release a podcast!) The podcast series will see me interview a range of mums (and dads) and in episode 1, I chat to Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum - as well as being a superstar blogger and author, Sarah is an ambassador for Mummy Social, a website which connects mums online and in real life. So we chatted about mum friendships - why they're SO important, how hard they can be to form when you're a sleep deprived new mum, school gate mums - the lot! We also caught up about Sarah's recently announced pregnancy and how she's feeling about becoming a mum of three. Listen by hitting 'play' below! Subscribe over on iTunes! And if you want to be really nice, rate and review it over on iTunes too. In episode 2, I'm chatting to Erica Davies from The Edited on identity and style.  

Not Another Mummy Podcast Trailer: Episode 00 - Not Another Mummy Podcast  

Well look at this! It's only the trailer for my podcast series! Each episode, I'll be chatting to a different mum or dad - and I've already recorded episodes with Sarah Turner aka The Unmumsy Mum, Erica Davies from The Edited, Clemmie Hooper aka Mother of Daughters and Louise Pentland from Sprinkle of Glitter. I've got lots more chats lined up in the next few weeks and I'm SO EXCITED to share them with you. Have a listen to this trailer for a sneak preview of what Not Another Mummy Podcast will be like, and come back for the first full episode, which will be here and on iTunes very soon.    

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