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Not The Worst Show

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Kirill Was Here (aka Slut Whisperer), his best friend Kevin, and radio personality Niko join forces for a weekly roundtable conversation. Honest, provocative, and consistently offensive, their bizarre choice of topics and life experiences don't make it the best show, but it sure is Not The Worst Show. New episode every Tuesday. CONTACT: STUFF@NTWSHOW.COM Music & Production: Mike Young Studio


Episode 26: Actually The Worst Show  

While Kirill and Kevin gallivant with society's elite sluts, Niko and Chelito are working to bring you a new episode. They did their best, with Chelo's friend Sebastian (I use best loosely).

Episode 25: Fat Shaming, More Dating Problems & Niko Returns!  

This week we discuss fat shaming, Kirill attempts to get a new show on TV, Kevin's dating woes and a bunch of other shit.

Episode 24: Interracial Blowjob, Free Drinks & Current Events  

We've been away for two weeks, lot of shit to catch up on. Niko is out of town, so Chelito steps in to co-host this week. The boys talk about their recent trips, how to get free drinks and current events.

Episode 23: Have You Ever Fucked A Cantaloupe?  

Kirill discusses the future of his brand & Kevin's birthday party shenanigans, Chelito tells longest story ever and Kevin fucked a cantaloupe.

Episode 22: A Vegas Love Story  

After spending almost a week in Vegas celebrating Kirill's birthday, Kevin, Kirill and his best friend Ben recap everything that went down... Love, laughs, blowjobs, near death and a breach of contract.

Episode 21: Everything Is A Lie  

Niko breaks Kirill's heart explaining that radio shows are all fake. Kevin recaps his trip to Detroit & Kirill partied with Niko's wife in Vegas.

Kirill Ruins A Second Date  

Audio from a radio station in Sacramento (107.9 The End) where listeners call in with stories of their second dates. This week a guy calls up and explains that his date bailed on him after she found out that he partied with Kirill the night before. Listening to the radio show hosts wrap their head around the "slut whisperer" is priceless.

Episode 20: WTF Happened This Weekend?  

Kevin recollects everything that happened over the weekend (since Kirill got so drunk that he has no recollection of even seeing Kevin), Chelito insights a soccer riot and the boys discuss exercise & weight loss.

Episode 19: Ravers, Meghan Trainor Sucks & Pussy Soap  

This week the boys talk about ravers at EDM festivals, Kirill's trip to Vegas & San Francisco with Val & Geller and why Meghan Trainor is going to die alone.

Episode 18: Andrew Schulz & The Big Gay Kiss  

Comedian Andrew Schulz hangs with the boys as they discuss everything from relationships to comedy to Kirill & Kevin's big gay kiss.

Episode 17: Nice! Niiice! Niiiiiice!  

While Niko is out of town, Chelito fills in and so naturally Kirill & Kevin decide to spend most of the show roasting Niko.

Episode 16: Getting Deep With Simon Rex (Dirty Nasty)  

Actor, comedian, rapper & neurotic Jew... Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty calls into the show and drops some knowledge. Kirill & Kevin recap their weekend with more stories of not getting laid.

Episode 15: She Really Is The One  

Niko's wife stops by and the boys finally realize that she may in fact be "the one."

Episode 14: Stories From Sacramento, Single Life & Kirill's Mom  

Kirill & Kevin recap their trip to Sacramento, the boys discuss single life & the one that got away and Kirill's mom finally calls in and discusses her birthday at one of his parties.

Episode 13: Kevin's Bad Gift, Tight Pussy Disease & Podcast Beef  

Kevin gets a bad gift from a girl, Kirill's failed TV show, a girl with a super tight vagina calls in and the boys have their first podcast beef.

Episode 12: Poppers, House Arrest, Slutty Coffee Shop & Retards  

Kevin describes getting high on poppers, Kirill assumes Niko's children will be born retarded, the boys talk to a chick who is on house arrest & to another chick that works at a slutty coffee shop and a few friends stop by the studio to shoot the shit.

Episode 11: Day Drinking, Pink Socks, Eating Poop & Awful Callers  

Niko's wife almost divorces him again, Kevin & Kirill recap their party weekend, a fat pornstar talks about pooping in a guy's mouth, they boys take some awful calls and Kirill agrees to be pooped on.

Episode 10: Hobbies, A Lazy Escort & Wild Moms  

Niko believes that buying & collecting sneakers is a real hobby, the guys talk to a girl who forgets to mention that she's an escort and they also find out that there are way more wild moms out there than they expected.

Episode 9: Throat Gonorrhea, The Boyfriend Experience & Caller Confessions  

Kevin & Niko learn that you can get gonorrhea in your throat after Kirill shows up sick to the studio, Kevin spends a weekend with a thankless girl he met on the internet and the guys talk to some fans about their wild/embarrassing sexual experiences.

Episode 8: Football Sucks, Being Homeless & Fat Models  

The boys talk about the Super Bowl (and why football sucks), what it's like being homeless, a fat girl being on the cover of Sports Illustrated and some new party stories.

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