Nourishing the Mother

Nourishing the Mother


Mothering can be an inspired journey to our most glittering, authentic, passionate, creative and connected selves. Through the mirror offered to us by our children, we are taken to every hurt, unmet need, and also every joy and excitement we’ve ever experienced. We want every woman and mother to give themselves and those around them the compassion, love and healing they so readily offer their children, but rarely allow themselves. Journey with us as we discuss the many layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with yourself, motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.


NTM 96: Preparing to expand your family  

Whether as a conscious choice or perhaps you find yourself preparing to welcome another into your tribe, it can bring up a lot of questions and big feelings about your beliefs, values and sense of self as a woman.  In this deeply personal episode, Julie opens up about where she’s at with baby number 4. […]

NTM 95: Do we want to eliminate mother guilt?  

What purpose does mother guilt serve?  The chains of mother guilt can threaten to overwhelm us, so the question is, how can we unlock the confines of this paradigm?  Can we motivate ourselves outside of self-flagellation towards what our subconscious is trying to reveal to us?  In this episode we provide a different perspective and […]

NTM 94: Dealing with a bad attitude in our kids  

…”And I just thought, argh!  I get it now, I can see how my kid’s an asshole…” reveals Bridget in this week’s podcast and we take it from there!   What to do with ourselves and our kids when they’re displaying angry, aggressive or disrespectful behaviour. Nourishing The Mother – Suburban Sandcastles The Pleasure […]

NTM 93: Embracing the Chaos  

Overwhelm is a state of mind, but can become a fairly common story in motherhood. How do we transcend our story to find the magic of childhood that’s right in front of us? In this episode Julie and Bridget speak from personal story around how they themselves move from overwhelm to spaciousness.

NTM 92: Interview with Dr Karen Jaffe on being an entrepreneurial, gay, single mother of two  

In this weeks episode Julie interviews Dr Karen Jaffe of Wellbeing Chiropractic and Mums the Word Podcast on her experience as a gay mother of two.  I’m thrilled to bring this episode to you as we dive vulnerably and deeply into a motherhood experience that ‘breaks all the rules’.  We touch on her experience of […]

NTM 91: The Challenge of Our Gender  

Inspired by Bridget’s screening of “Dream, Girl” we open up the discussion on feminine oppression and feminine power and our ownership of both.  Why as a culture have we lost connection to the inherent power of the feminine?  Why do we feel that the way for us to gain momentum and take on leadership roles […]

NTM 90: 3 Reasons To Challenge Your Sleep Deprivation Story  

Every mother is exhausted and wrung-out, right? It seems to be a common story, particularly in the early years. In this episode Bridget and Julie take a different look at it, exploring how it serves us, what we can do to change it, and the wisdom of universal laws to remind us we are all […]

NTM 89: How to find your Freedom in Motherhood  

If you’ve been listening for a while, you’ll know we’re all about consciousness and conscious parenting – but in this episode we discuss the self-built cage we can create for ourselves in setting that conscious bar SO high.  How do you balance your desire for a different upbringing for your child with your own needs? […]

NTM 88: The Last Taboos of Motherhood  

In this episode Bridget and Julie get a little cheeky as we “air the dirty laundry” and bring the shadow of motherhood out to play! We discuss the last taboos of motherhood, bringing humour, insight and a different perspective to this conscious parenting gig. We really hope you enjoy it and cut yourself some slack […]

NTM 87: Aligned Parenting  

In the buildup to our next course, ‘Aligned Parenting’, we discuss the philosophy of what it means to raise children who are autonomous, empathetic and have a clear sense of self and their wholeness. In raising ourselves to raise our children, we discuss how to hold space for the full spectrum of emotion, create spaciousness […]

NTM 86: How To Still Love Your Friends Even When They Challenge You  

As women our intimate friendships can be so intimate they’re more like family. So when there are clashes, or your friend challenge or triggers you, it can be hard to maintain the friendship. How do we listen to the feedback of the trigger and gain the wisdom for ourselves and what it’s teaching us, so […]

NTM 85: Breaking the Label  

Labels are limiting – for us and our children. In this episode Bridget and Julie discuss the impact of labels, how to recognise when we’re internally dialoguing or externally expressing a label and how to crash the self-imposed glass ceiling. It could be confronting for some, but we hope you’ll dive into the challenge with […]

NTM 84: Accepting the Unexpected  

When life throws you a curve ball, what do you do? What are your options? How can you gleam the wisdom sooner, rather than later? In this episode Bridget opens up the conversation on some very real and intimate recent experiences of Julie’s, in the hopes we create discussion on ever deeper aspects of motherhood.

NTM 83: Body Ownership and Our Children  

This episode is a bit more conversational as Bridget and Julie continue a dialogue around teaching our kids appropriate and inappropriate touch, connecting with their body and control over their body.  We discuss our own experiences, our parenting philosophies and tickling. Links: The Pleasure Nutritionist – Suburban Sandcastles next movie “Dream, Girl” –

NTM 82: Bringing Sexy Back  

In this revealing episode Bridget and Julie challenge the accepted story that mothering small children equals no satisfying sex life.  What if there’s another way?  When we’re willing to look at what’s really going on for us, it is the pathway for deeper connection and fulfilment in our sexual relationships – it all start with […]

NTM 81: Flip Your Finances – The Overview  

If you missed out on our Free 5-day Flip Your Finances Audio Series – never fear! We’ve created a podcast just for you so you can gain some insight into your self-worth and self-wealth. In this episode Bridget and Julie delve into family history and philosophy to understand our money-stories with some practical tools to […]

NTM 80: Bridget’s Birth Story  

In this deeply vulnerable episode, Jules prompts Bridget to share her birth story of baby Sylvie, and in honouring the ancient art of storytelling and the passing down of wisdom through story, we hope you journey the waves of tears and laughter with us and feel into what this story brings up for you.

NTM 79: New year, new you?  

We can’t create any lasting change before first recognising how everything we’ve done today has served us. Before we set and achieve our goals for 2017 we need to get into gratitude for what 2016 brought us. In this episode we explain the tools to flip the idea of the “bad stuff” and self-flagellation into […]

NTM 78: Tools for an indestructible marriage  

As lofty as this topic sounds, in this weeks episode Bridget and Julie explore the principles and dynamics within healthy relationships and how to awaken more in yours.

NTM 77: Dealing with your inlaws at Christmas  

An anecdotal look at some of our stories during the silly season. It’s a little serious, a lot light hearted and a fraction unhinged. We hope you enjoy and carry some wisdom into your week.

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