Nourishing the Mother

Nourishing the Mother


Mothering can be an inspired journey to our most glittering, authentic, passionate, creative and connected selves. Through the mirror offered to us by our children, we are taken to every hurt, unmet need, and also every joy and excitement we’ve ever experienced. We want every woman and mother to give themselves and those around them the compassion, love and healing they so readily offer their children, but rarely allow themselves. Journey with us as we discuss the many layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with yourself, motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.


NTM 112: Julie’s Birth Story  

It’s been an epic lead up full of emotion and in this episode we get to listen to the unfolding of Julie’s birth story with number four.  From anger and tears to overwhelming love and gratitude, there’s something in this story for all of us.  A completely natural, intervention free hospital water birth at 41 […]

NTM 111: Going ‘Overdue” and the challenges we face  

It’s rare we hear the stories of women in challenge and transformation as its happening, often we only hear the wisdom and edited story afterwards. In this conversational episode Julie opens up on where she’s at as she approaches 41 weeks of pregnancy and the internal conflicts that being ‘overdue’ create.

NTM 110:   Finding your way in sibling rivalry  

In this episode we look at the age-old conundrum of sibling rivalry. We explore the dynamics between siblings, triggered feelings within ourselves, and emotional toolkits to help our children learn to connect head and heart when dealing with conflict. Nourishing the Mother: Suburban Sandcastles – Bridget: The Pleasure Nutritionist – Jules:

NTM 109: In between worlds: Waiting for baby  

On the precipice of birth we’re called more deeply, and with more heightened emotion, into facing what birth and new motherhood brings up for us. In this episode, we giggle and we sigh about our own experiences, and challenge the idea of ‘irrational pregnancy hormones’ to instead look for the message our emotions are revealing […]

NTM 108: Babies, toddlers and introducing food  

In this week’s episode we answer a listener’s question around introducing food; the practical steps, philosophies, approaches and challenges that arise within these dynamics. We touch on food as a pleasurable experience, expectations and connection during this phase. We interweave our own experiences along the way.

NTM 107: Nourishment and Health through pregnancy  

In answer to a listener’s question, we dive into what we personally consider when approaching health, wellness and nourishment in pregnancy. We discuss practitioners, nourishment and nutrition in pregnancy, in preparation for birth and new motherhood. Relevant links: Nourishing the Mother Suburban Sandcastles – Bridget The Pleasure Nutritionist – Jules Mornington Chinese […]

NTM 106: Blessing the Way in birth and motherhood  

What is a Blessingway and how do you hold one? What is the purpose and intention?  How do you facilitate one and what do you consider?  In this conversational episode we discuss both our Blessingway experiences and what to consider in creating your own. Relevant links: Nourishing the Mother Suburban Sandcastles – Bridget […]

NTM 105: Relationship as a mirror, what’s yours revealing to you?  

How do we get our relationships to improve or our partners to change without expecting them to change? In this episode we discuss why our intimate relationships are our most potent for our own growth and how to approach what a situation is revealing to us so we can take ownership, mine the gold its […]

NTM 104: What’s up when you’re feeling depressed?  

We all get depressed. Depression is feedback, so what is it trying to communicate to us? In this episode Bridget and Julie discuss philosophy and toolkits behind awakening what’s underneath our emotional oscillations and how to move through them. What if feelings were safe for you? What if you could make more feeling safe, so […]

NTM 103: Birth as a portal to consciousness  

How would life be for you if you saw your birth experience as perfect and exactly what you needed? How would your motherhood and relationship be if you loved your birth experience? In this episode we explore the profound nature of birth to open us up to new levels of growth, whatever the birth story […]

NTM 102: When you’re sick of motherhood  

We all get sick of motherhood! But it’s what do with these emotions, ruts, and difficulties that define how we move forward, and transform what’s going on from us. Blame, shame, guilt and ‘should-ing’ all serve a purpose, and in this episode we seek to dive into what these feelings are seeking to reveal to […]

NTM 101: Why won’t my partner parent the way I do?  

Argh! We’ve both been here and its a regular discussion in our members only group! In this episode we discuss what’s underlying this dynamic, what it’s revealing to us, the power it has to create change within our relationship and how to manage this dynamic both personally and within a parenting relationship. Nourishing The Mother […]

NTM 100: When your baby won’t sleep  

In this episode Bridget shares “being in the trenches” with a baby that won’t sleep for long stretches. We discuss whats going on underneath it all, what this dynamic is trying to reveal and our own personal thoughts on infant sleep from our own journeys with our children. Nourishing The Mother – Suburban Sandcastles […]

NTM 99: Mining for gold in your mother wound  

Can you love your mother for everything she did, and didn’t give you? Is your heart open, or judgemental of how she parented you? If you’re seeking a more conscious path of parenting, it’s likely you perceive that something was missing in your own childhood. In this episode we discuss how you can both find […]

NTM 98: Sex in 15 minutes  

We’re busy, we’re exhausted, we’re co-sleeping, breastfeeding and baby-wearing but what about our sex lives?  Where has the intimacy gone in your relationship? In this episode we discuss with boldness the story we carry to protect ourselves from deep vulnerability, awakening and allowing of pleasure both into our lives and into our relationships.  What does […]

NTM 97: “I don’t like you as much as daddy”  

We bow at the feet of the parent-child dynamic and what awareness of this most intricate and insightful healing dyad can offer us, if we are willing to become aware, and meet both ourselves and our children in this place. In this week’s episode Bridget shares an experience of being told “I don’t like you […]

NTM 96: Preparing to expand your family  

Whether as a conscious choice or perhaps you find yourself preparing to welcome another into your tribe, it can bring up a lot of questions and big feelings about your beliefs, values and sense of self as a woman.  In this deeply personal episode, Julie opens up about where she’s at with baby number 4. […]

NTM 95: Do we want to eliminate mother guilt?  

What purpose does mother guilt serve?  The chains of mother guilt can threaten to overwhelm us, so the question is, how can we unlock the confines of this paradigm?  Can we motivate ourselves outside of self-flagellation towards what our subconscious is trying to reveal to us?  In this episode we provide a different perspective and […]

NTM 94: Dealing with a bad attitude in our kids  

…”And I just thought, argh!  I get it now, I can see how my kid’s an asshole…” reveals Bridget in this week’s podcast and we take it from there!   What to do with ourselves and our kids when they’re displaying angry, aggressive or disrespectful behaviour. Nourishing The Mother – Suburban Sandcastles The Pleasure […]

NTM 93: Embracing the Chaos  

Overwhelm is a state of mind, but can become a fairly common story in motherhood. How do we transcend our story to find the magic of childhood that’s right in front of us? In this episode Julie and Bridget speak from personal story around how they themselves move from overwhelm to spaciousness.

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