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Nowhere To Run is a Christian podcast talking about news, politics and the new world order with a Jesus centered perspective. Chris is a filmmaker and host of several online radio programs on various subjects. He also the director of the internet radio station called The Revelations Radio Network. His videos have been viewed millions of times over the internet, and he continues to produce documentaries and short videos for educational purposes. He also produces a local television program about Christian apologetics. He has lectured on various subjects including: the occult, The New Age, biblical prophecy, how to refute false teaching from a biblical perspective, 2012 doomsday theories, and more recently, the ancient astronaut theory. Chris does evangelism and discipleship programs full time. His Christianity 101 DVDs have been sent to thousands of people all over the world free of charge. He has been a missionary to Africa and spoken at several pastors conferences there. Chris came from a background in the “new age” where he once believed many of the theories he now frequently debunks. He feels it is important to show others the errors of the teachings that once had him convinced. Website; Cabin Cleaning in Blue Ridge GA Maid Service in Nashville TN A product to stop husband or wife from stealing covers at night


BPT - Saudi Arabia as Mystery Babylon Debunked  

In this episode I play the audio from my upcoming book The Islamic Antichrist Debunked about the idea that Mystery Babylon is Saudi Arabia.

BPT - Alexi Tsipras is not the Antichrist  

In this episode I discuss the reasons why I believe that Alexi Tsipras, a charismatic Greek politician is not a good canidate for the Antichrist.

BPT - Thoughts on Walid Shoebat's Mark of the Beast Theory  

As I have been working on the book/film debunking the Islamic Antichrist theory I had a chance to review the claims of Walid Shoebat’s theory that the mark of the beast is not a number (666) but is really a combination of Arabic words and symbols. I discuss the various problems with this theory in this podcast.

BPT - The 7 Kings of Revelation 17:9-11  

In this episode I talk about the most recent film/book project I am working on as well as a lengthy discussion about the 7 kings of Revelation 17 (Five have fallen on it, and the other has not yet come...)

NTR - Im Back and the Keystone Habit of Prayer  

In this episode I talk about why I have been on a bit of a hiatus as well as discus how to get out of a spiritual slump using the keystone habit of prayer.

BPT - ISIS, Russia and Iran and Creation Questions  

In this episode I talk about the Islamic State (IS) and its possible implications (or lack thereof) on Bible prophecy as well as the recent Russia/Iran deals. I also ask a question about Day 4 of creation and seek advice about its proper interpretation.

NTR - America, Psalm Stuff, "Lost" Tribes, and Making Jesus Your Lord  

In this episode I discuss if I see America in Bible Prophecy, I respond to some criticism about my view on Psalm 83, debunk the 10 lost tribes myth, and discuss the key to getting out of a spiritual slump.

NTR - Israel/Palestinian Conflict, and the Results of Sin  

In this episode I announce the release of my new book False Christ. Then I talk about the current Israel Palestinian issues and if it has anything to do with Bible Prophecy. I then answer an email about the results of falling into pornography and describe some reasons to strive toward holiness.

NTR - Health Rant  

In this episode I disuss some of my recent research into health issues and some things that I think may be the cause of our modern diseases. Here are some of the books I mentioned: You can get a free audiobook of anyone of these books by signing up for a free audible trial here: Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

BPT - Stagnation - Dry Bones - Temple Institute - Great Tribulation  

In this episode I talk about spiritual stagnation and what to do about it, The valley of dry bones prophecy in Ezekiel 37, the Temple Institute and what the Great Tribulation is and when it occurs.

BPT - Avoiding Pornography, Blood Moon Debunked Update and Russia Hype  

In this episode I talk about tips for avoiding internet pornography, I discuss some recent criticisms of the Blood Moon Debunked video and I end with a discussion about wheter or not the Russia / Ukraine situation has anything to do with Bible prophecy. Show notes:

NTR - Sleep Paralysis Book and Other Projects  

Hey everyone! I am excited to say that I finally finished my book about sleep paralysis. All in all it’s been several years in the making, and I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out. I have released it for free in many forms on the new website (posts, new videos, and a free Audiobook) but if you want to purchase a paperback copy or a Kindle/Nook version you can do so at this link: Or on Amazon:

NTR - Update on Podcast Progress  

I wanted to put this short episode out to remind everyone that although I am taking a brief hiatus from the nowhere To Run Podcast I have been podcasting regularly on the Bible Prophecy Talk and the Sleep Paralysis Podcast. I will post direct links to the last 7 podcasts (particularly the ones that will be used in upcoming books) Sleep Paralysis: Problems with the Scientific View of Sleep Paralysis The Spiritual Cause of Sleep Paralysis and Demonology Doorways and Specific Causes of Sleep Paralysis Anti-Messiah: The Church Fathers on the Jewish Antichrist Jewish Antichrist Proof Texts Part 1 Jewish Antichrist Proof Texts Part 2 The Wars of Antichrist and the Messiah Ben Joseph Connection - See more at:

Problems with the Scientific View of Sleep Paralysis - See more at:  

This is an audio recording of the first few chapters of a forthcoming book on sleep paralysis and how to stop it. I talk about who I am, what sleep paralysis is, what the scientific community says sleep paralysis is, and finally, why I believe they are wrong.

NTR - Blood Moon Theory Debunked and More  

I discuss some recent projects and play the audio from a new video that critically reviews the Blood Moon Theory of 2014-2015, which is being promoted by John Hagee and Mark Biltz. Show Notes: Daniel Commentary: Paperback: Kindle:

NTR - Law of Attraction, Catholics and Salvation, and Johnny Mac  

In this episode I go through a lot of show notes and then cover these topics. 1.) The Law of Attraction and Christianity? 2.) Can Catholics Be Born Again? What is the most important apologetic for them? 3.) John MacArthur and "Strange Fire" and his recent Mark of the Beast remarks.

NTR - Caesar' s Messiah Debunked (Audio and Video)  

This is a refutation of Joesph Atwill's book Caesars Messiah as well as his new documentary. You can also visit the website I made for the video

NTR - Partial Preterism and Historicism Debunked - Part 1  

This is a two our edit of an audio that I did for a friend to refute the partial preterism of R.C. Sproul / Hank Hanegraaff. Thsi first audio also has elements that will debunk Historicism but the main debunking of that will be in part 2. I also edited in a lengthy debunking of the idea that Jesuit's Manuel Lacunza and Francisco Ribera were the inventors of dispensationalism or alternatively the Future antichrist/tribulation/rapture. I also do a lengthy verse by verse refutation of the partial preterist view of Matthew 24 as well as other passages. Show Notes: A great resource on preterism debunking Refutation of the Jesuit conspiracy written by a Calvanist The real Manuel Lacunza and the Adventist connection to him written by an Adventist: A refutation of Historicism: My commentary on Daniel 9: Debunking the day year theory:

NTR - Help With Unbelieving Spouse's - Getting Out of a Spiritual Rut - And My Top 16 Favorites Podcasts  

After a few show notes I answer the following questions: 1.) What can you do to increase the chances of the conversion of an unbelieving spouse? 2.) How do you get out of a spiritual rut? 3.) What are my favorite podcasts? Show notes:


This is a message for subscribers of Nowhere to Rnn and Bible Prophecy Talk. Here is the link I mentioned in the audio:

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