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NYT's World News (Video)

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Solitude and Industry Collide Near Mumbai  

An industrial zone for blue-chip multinationals is changing the landscape in western India. But three years after the biggest leaseholder signed on, some land once used for grazing still stands empty.

In Bolivia, Legitimizing Child Labor  

Bolivian legislation allowing children as young as 10 to work has created a rift between those who support it as Andean tradition and others who condemn it as exploitation.

A Tibetan’s Journey for Justice  

Worried about the erosion of Tibetan culture and language, one man takes his concerns to Beijing, hoping media coverage and the courts can reverse what he sees as a systematic eradication.

The Chief Suspect  

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Belgian, was killed in a Wednesday raid in the Paris suburb of St.-Denis. He is believed to have orchestrated Friday's attacks in Paris.

A Survivor’s Story: ‘I’m Coming Home’  

François Granier, 24, went to the Bataclan concert hall in Paris on Friday night. After gunfire erupted, he grabbed a bloodied drumstick from backstage. “I know it’s pathetic, but this was one of the things that allowed me to try to keep some hope,” he said.

The Paris Attackers: Who Were They?  

A snapshot of seven men suspected in Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian who is believed to have been the architect of the assaults.

Surviving Paris: Pulled From the Gunfire  

Gauthier, 24, was in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris when assailants opened fire. He was shot but escaped when a man dragged him to safety.

How Paris Terror Attacks Unfolded  

A series of attacks in Paris from the main sports stadium to the Bataclan concert hall spread terror across the city Friday night.

Terror and Confusion in Paris  

On the Boulevard Beaumarchais, there was shock on Friday over a siege at a concert hall that took place a short distance from the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January.

Paris Attacks on Social Media  

Scenes from sites of attacks across the Paris area on Friday were shared on social media.

Muslims Sidelined in Myanmar Election  

As Myanmar counts votes in its first free elections in 25 years, the Muslim minority, including the Rohingya, remains unrepresented, and for some, disenfranchised.

Ahmad Chalabi: 1944-2015  

James Glanz, a former Baghdad correspondent for The New York Times, recounts past encounters with Ahmad Chalabi, who helped persuade the United States to invade Iraq and then unsuccessfully tried to attain power.

Chinese Coexist With Coal  

Despite China’s pledge to cap and then reduce carbon emissions, coal production continues to grow, creating tough choices for those who work in and live near the mines.

In China, One Child or Two?  

As China ends its one child policy, some parents ponder the pros and cons of having a second child.

Argentina’s Created Candidate  

Omar Obaca was concocted by an advertising firm to lampoon Argentine politics.

36 Hours in Cape Town  

Cape Town is a singularly inviting place, wowing visitors with its art, architecture, wine and culinary offerings, not to mention its spectacular setting amid mountains and sea.

Appetite for Patriotism in Moscow  

Some restaurants are turning sanctions into an opportunity to celebrate traditional food.

Tunisian Quartet’s Nobel: Why They Won  

The National Dialogue Quartet, made up of four organizations, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for aiding in the transition to democracy in the North African country.

Villa Priests of Buenos Aires  

Priests working in the slums or “villas” of Buenos Aires are a legacy left behind by Pope Francis from when he was Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio.

36 Hours on the Right Bank, Paris  

The many faces of the Right Bank: classic Parisian restaurants, exquisite museums and grand boulevards.

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