Off the Air - Chick McGee

Off the Air - Chick McGee

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Off the Air with Chick McGee


CMS 051 - Tongue Is Love  

Macy Gray, Bodhi, Booty, Doris Burke, giant heads, crushin' D, Joe Buck, parents as friends, Uggs, Apple stores

CMS 050 - Road Dogs  

Good and bad gigs, dank, Larry Bird, rally poop, group texts, Laser tag, rub and tugs, long underwear.

CMS 049 - Cupcakes!  

Kid Rock, interracial issues, Chick's impending surgery, f'n Don Henley, climaxing, Chewing Gum Series, Xmas catalogs, sizes, trailers, cupcakes!

CMS 048 - The Aftermath  

The aftermath happened, that is all!

CMS 047- A Celebration of Chick  

We celebrate Chick's birthday with a bevy of guests!

CMS 046 - Thanksgiving  

Top deaths, being thankful, The Eagles, top 10 animal bands, "please stop", Jeff's lovin' playlist

CMS 045 - Sausage Party  

Hair extensions, Sunset Tan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, new John Mayer, Jawwwdinz, phone calls, Chi-Chi's, fart sneeze

CMS 044 - Food Talk  

Food talk, cheese, it's cold!, man eaters and more

CMS 043 - On A Boat  

The Big Montana, boats, noodling, losing in elections, employee reviews, Reese's cup, Real World

CMS 042 - Can We Kick It?  

LNJ gets hurts, yurts, ESPN, Chick's birthday month, pigs, election talk, movies, predictions.

CMS 041 - Bert Kreischer  

Candy, Dads, breast feeding, doing television, kids, Chick's shoes & heart, smells, catchphrases, Bo Burnham, growing up in Florida and MORE

CMS 040 - Halloween 2016  

Halloween candy, Jeff's candy attempt, costumes, school lunch, movies, eerie sounds, dogs, socks, vitamins, going to a cabin.

CMS 039 - Marilene Isaacs Kauffman  

Clowns, being positive in a dark world, bossy women, around the horn, dealing with distorted reality.

CMS 038 - Pineapples People!  

Elton John, Jess talks too much, parenting, speeches, wedding dresses, shoes from Vietnam, JT

CMS 037 - A King's Podcast  

Kings of Leon, Dick LeBeau, Tennessee, costumes, fears, heights & mice.

CMS 036 - My First Boner  

What's your motivation? Jeff's porno moment, The Beatles, animal wangs, hard yes, passive vaginas, Redskins, Pushmonkey.

CMS 035 - Yoni Egg  

Jess brought Cookies... politics still suck, Dragon Ball Z, Pinterest, Hall & Oates

CMS 034 - Politics Suck  

Jeff George, cards, CFL, Redskins, naps, tanning aaaaand some political BS, plus The Bone Zone!

CMS 033 - Famous 33's  

Neighbors, school stories, scary movies, farting and then segment 2 happens... good luck.

CMS 032 - Dreams & Groceries  

We start off with some DMB, removing doors, fortune cookie, Jess' dream, sporting goods, nasty rap, dying, and farmers markets.

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