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Off the Air with Chick McGee


CMS 067 - Josh Arnold  

Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel, music distribution, The Matrix, partying, Jeff dabbing, show choir, college comedy, bloggers... Josh's movie - The Impersonators. Get it at

CMS 066 - Chris Bowers  

Las Vegas, kidnapped by stripper, betting, being a kid jerk, pizza fights, upstairs comedy clubs, Indy famous, singing titties, Bengals fan, NFL

CMS 065 - Steve Gerardi  

Chick revisits a ton of memories from Ohio with Steve... Aretha Franklin, talent riders, Billy Squier, Columbus-getting started, first concerts, Grateful Dead

CMS 064 - Pat McAfee  

Accents, boxing, cats, The Decision, football talk, parents, Barstool Sports, having kids... it's our friend and overall great guy, Pat McAfee!

CMS 063 - Henry Phillips  

Clapton says, Black Sabbath, Dr. Demento, Shaving Cream Song, upcoming movie, strippers, Live Song!, fate, Raymond J. Johnson Jr., coffee, sports, snapchat

CMS 062 - Todd McComas  

Repos, Marines, boot camp, tattoos, becoming a cop then a comedian, comedy clubs and Todd's AMAZING story of survival

CMS 061 - Jake Johannsen  

Dwayne 'The Rock" Johnson, comedy beginnings and connections, podcasting, fermentation at home, chaos dinner, tracking services, New Zealand, The Matrix, comedy venues.

CMS 060 - Dr. Will  

Sociopaths, Jess announcement, dogs, denial of death, struggles, TM, solutions...

CMS 059 - Avocado Toast  

Jeff is VERY positive, age limits, the Village People, Black Juice, Chick a vegan?, hooking up Jeff live... sound-alike songs, Chick does Mrs. Monkey voice, houseplants

CMS 058 - The New Podcast  

Jeff and Jess almost died, melatonin, Shakespeare, Cheap Trick, Jess' smoothie, going Vegan, documentaries, Jeff hates Indiana Jones but loves sex robots, more f'n Drake talk.

CMS 057 - Goals and Resolutions  

Calendars, Jeff's dying, Chick's losing wight, prostate issue, playoffs, going vegan, goals, random puss, Puppy Bowl

CMS 056 - The Year in Death Review  

Shawty, 2016 deaths, LNJ gets out again, painful surgeries, minimalism, leggings/yoga pants, more deaths

CMS 055 - Christmas 2016  

Ryan Adams, post-surgery, Jess' time capsule, race/religion segment, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Christmas memories, gifts and gift-giving.

CMS 054 - Bert Again  

Bert Kreischer is our guest again! And he may never leave... Crying talk, toilets, dick pics, Bert's dream compound, podcasting and advertising, hooking people up, making it, cauliflower ear, Chappelle, randomness.

CMS 053 - Copper Christmas  

Copper and Brass, Xmas cards, Brenda Lee, school discipline, undies, Xmas letters, being gay, Alamogordo

CMS 052 - Jess' Lips  

Pee-Wee Herman, dirty Santa, suicides, brownies, Jimi Hendrix, grocery stores, fav Xmas songs

CMS 051 - Tongue Is Love  

Macy Gray, Bodhi, Booty, Doris Burke, giant heads, crushin' D, Joe Buck, parents as friends, Uggs, Apple stores

CMS 050 - Road Dogs  

Good and bad gigs, dank, Larry Bird, rally poop, group texts, Laser tag, rub and tugs, long underwear.

CMS 049 - Cupcakes!  

Kid Rock, interracial issues, Chick's impending surgery, f'n Don Henley, climaxing, Chewing Gum Series, Xmas catalogs, sizes, trailers, cupcakes!

CMS 048 - The Aftermath  

The aftermath happened, that is all!

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