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The Chick McGee Show

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Chick McGee from The Bob and Tom Radio Show leads a revealing discussion of life with four friends, each from a different decade. And just like life, The Chick McGee Show is a genuine mess of emotion, humor, and honesty.


CMS 94 - Contrary  

Chick "Clapback" McGee and the girls share their September 11th and Challenger memories. Of course, the podcast wouldn't be complete without birthing stories and baby talk, as well as a mid-podcast music breakdown. Kaitlyn reminisces her karaoke bar saga, full of accidental voyeurism, $50 gift cards and twerking onstage.

093 - Football is Back, Baby!!!  

The NFL is back baby! Chick and the girls talk football, Blonde on Brunette's big announcement, horse meat steaks, Jeff's new puppy, Jess's soon-to-be niece, and more. Listen in for a special edition of Jess's Oracle Corner, featuring fortune cookies, and of course, a mini dance break in the middle of this episode brought to you by Chick's iPad

CMS 091 - Dog Fart  

Description not available at this time, check back later

CMS 90 - Ms. Pat  

Chick and the crew sit down with comedian, author and Atlanta Falcons fanatic Ms. Pat to discuss her upcoming book and television series. You can buy Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat wherever books are sold on August 22nd.

CMS 89 - LIVE from the Indiana State Fair at The Dairy Bar  

LIVE from the Indiana State Fair at The Dairy Bar thanks to the Indiana Dairy Association.

CMS 88 - Going to the State Fair 8-5-17  

The gang is at the Dairy Bar August 5, 2017 at 4PM. On this episode the gang talks ayahuasca, wall balls, dreams, and spirits.

CMS 87 - Bob Schneider 7-27 Indy @ The Rathskellar  

Chick , Jess, and Kaitlyn sit down minus Vibbs and discuss Netflix, Jess' Tomboy Dayz, the NFL almost being back, the upcoming Rathskellar event with the amazing Bob Schneider, and credit vs debit cards.

CMS 86 - Texas Forever  

Chick is back from Austin, Texas and he comes bearing gifts for the crew. The gang gets dirty and talk about their dirtiest sexual encounters, building Blonde on Brunette,, and The Chick McGee Show LIVE coming up August 5th.

CMS 85 - Chick Leaves for Austin  

Chick and the crew sit down for the last episode before Chick leaves to see Bob Schneider in Austin Texas. Vibbs talks about his trip to West Virginia, and Kaitlyn and Jess discuss the most recent entertainment updates.

CMS 84 - Addi's Seizure Dog Update  

Chick and the crew sit down minus Vibbert and discuss Addi's new seizure dog, the television show "Life Below Zero", blow job acting, Chick's new vodka, and much more.

CMS 83 - Happy 4th of July  

Chick and the crew sit down for their second time as a group and discuss karaoke songs, Brian McKnight, weddings, food trucks, and Chick McGee's new vodka.

CMS 82 - Happy Birthday Jess  

Chick and the crew sits down for Jess' early birthday celebration and discuss everything from working at the post office to going to D.C. for the Washington football season.

CMS 81 - Meet the New CMS Cast  

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Meet the new cast of characters of the Chick McGee Show!

CMS 80 - Summertime Fun  

DEM BoyZ! sit down in the studio and talk all about Summertime fun. The boys also discuss Batman, seafood, urban Legends, hooking up at the movies. Special guest appearance by Little Norah Jones.

CMS 079 - The Hangover Episode: Listener Beware  

DEM BoyZ! sit down in the studio and shake off the rust and hangover. The boys talk all about the Indy 500, school convocations, slim good body, Mariah Carey, movie recommendations, and the return of the greatest bit in CMS history.

CMS 078 - Al  

Al "Sweet Face" Jackson and Josh Arnold sit down with Chick and Vibbs and discuss driving, fame, fast food, football, and nudist colonies.

CMS 077 - Ryan Singer  

Ryan Singer and his friend Joe Pontillo stop by and discuss little rock bottom, rest stops, shape shifting, Me and Paranormal You, and magic.

CMS 076 - DEM BoyZ  

Goofiness abides... Moms, Captains, Fast and Furious, Peter Puck, famous Chris's, Kenny Loggins, scuba diving, records, phone cases, Josh dislikes his vacuum.

CMS 075 - Costaki Economopoulus  

R.E.M., sex, early porn, football, Super Bowl XI, fixing overtime, NBA, Robert Smigel, Costaki's new album pre-sale

CMS 074 - Andy Kindler  

Gaviscon, Tornados, Prozac, bands, first gigs, good/bad trips, Rickles, Bill Maher, being a Jew, Hitler.... then it's off the rails!

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