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Off the Air with Chick McGee


CMS 037 - A King's Podcast  

Kings of Leon, Dick LeBeau, Tennessee, costumes, fears, heights & mice.

CMS 036 - My First Boner  

What's your motivation? Jeff's porno moment, The Beatles, animal wangs, hard yes, passive vaginas, Redskins, Pushmonkey.

CMS 035 - Yoni Egg  

Jess brought Cookies... politics still suck, Dragon Ball Z, Pinterest, Hall & Oates

CMS 034 - Politics Suck  

Jeff George, cards, CFL, Redskins, naps, tanning aaaaand some political BS, plus The Bone Zone!

CMS 033 - Famous 33's  

Neighbors, school stories, scary movies, farting and then segment 2 happens... good luck.

CMS 032 - Dreams & Groceries  

We start off with some DMB, removing doors, fortune cookie, Jess' dream, sporting goods, nasty rap, dying, and farmers markets.

CMS 031 - Kaitlyn Kopetski  

Our guest is the lovely Kaitlyn Kopetski, the co-host of Blonde on Brunette with Jess on YouTube! We're all over the place... lesbians, overalls, school dances, Halloween, twerking, Beyonce and more!

CMS 030 - Glory Days  

Dachshunds, Chick's reunion, Jeff's a hero... Then we get a bit serious. Enjoy.

CMS 029 - Chick's America  

Nicknames, movies, Costco, traveling back in time, Sally Field/Molly Hagan, Clowns, Jeff's fort, football, chicken wings.

CMS 028 - Honey Guest  

Dogs and cats, bed clothes, deodorant, music, new iOS 10, Jeff's hell gig.

CMS 027 - Sun and Saturn are Square  

Russian porn, Airplane the Movie, guacamole day, Jess went to an astrology class... Skittles, personalities, Orlando Bloom, mac-n-cheese, facial hair.

CMS 026 - Tracy Forner  

Our friend Tracy Forner is our guest... TV, Mr. Food, granny pods, bad Xmas stories, Tracy's background, radio, Twitter, kids, cooking

CMS 025 - Yet Another Hero  

Cards, Star Trek, Tina Turner, the Giving Tree, Missy Elliott, nipples, Harrison Ford, female announcer, Lil' Jon

CMS 024 - Josh Arnold  

Josh Arnold is our guest! It's a great episode, just listen.

CMS 023 - Designated Survivor  

Jeff is missing... Apolo Anton Ono, Koala (Bears?), Haircut?!, Chick's stuff, hot air balloons, designated survivor, art is bullshit.

CMS 022 - Why?  

Jess just got back from Costco... Dreams, why?, peaches, kid pictures, jobs & getting fired, dryers that start with N, Bernie!

CMS 021 - We're Legal  

We're finally legal and the gang is celebrating... Chairs, 21st, being "famous", fan behavior, Hitler, Photoshop Life, talking to parents, laundry mishaps.

CMS 020 - The New FRS  

We're broadcasting from Chick's new place... Kissing, bad food, honey, Weiner talk, planning Chick's party & the guests, Jeff's weekend & Beyonce.

CMS 019 - Jeff's Birthday Bonanza  

Migraines, Paula Abdul, family photos, John Mayer talk, the Beastie Boys, Jeff's gifts... Then Jeff ruins it all.

CMS 018 - Birthday Breakfast  

Little Nora Jones gets preferential treatment in Jeff's new car... concerts, tank tops, moving, watching TV/NFL, peanut butter cups, unreal candy, thee Nora Jones, the perfect birthday, GD, JC and the Wayans Family.

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