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Old Row Radio - ep. 74 - Manziel Comeback SZN w/ Eddie Radosevich  

This week the guys talk Johnny Football, suicidal blue whales, Game of Thrones, #bots, worst things ever poll and wrap things up with an interview of Intern #3 and then talk Big 12 media days and more with Eddie Radosevich.  Don't miss out on special segment "Sweg's Vegas Tips"!

Old Row Radio - ep. 73 - Do what you want cause a pirate is free  

This week the guys take sides in the age old debate: pirates or bots? They discuss how the MLB should revamp All-Star week and finish things off by going viral on the #internet with Donald Trump Jr.

Also another interview with a lowly intern.

Pod Squad: Koozie, Hammocks, Woodford, some random intern

Old Row Radio - ep. 72 - Don't Dox Me Bro w/ Asa Akira & Glenny Balls  

This week the guys discussed CNN doxxing 15 year olds, Rob Kardashian being the worlds biggest cuck, week 1 of the Old Row Summer Tour and they wrap things up with Asa Akira and Glenny Balls of the Barstool Sports podcast "Super Curious".

Old Row Radio - ep. 71 - When it Reigns it Pours w/ Tasha Reign  

This week we took a deep dive into the adult film industry with Tasha Reign. We also talked: Jordan Spieth's very controversial celebration, aliens, and wrapped things up with more #LobsterTalk

Pod Squad:

Swig, Woodford, Hammocks, Koozie, Intern #2

Old Row Radio - ep. 70 - ManBearSweg  

The best of Swig: on this episode we talk bear attacks, Redskins Supreme Court ruling, 100lb lobsters and we surprise prank Swig with a little last of his own medicine.

Pod Squad: Swig, Hammocks, Woodford, Koozie

Old Row Radio - ep. 69 - Nice.  


Panelists: Koozie, Swig, Woodford, Hammocks

This week: Dead and Company Boulder recap, Voicemails, Cultural Geography, Comey Nothingburger, Fidget Spinners, Summer plans/vacations, endless shitposting.

Old Row Radio - ep. 68 - The Episode Before 69 (Nice) w/ Glenn Reynolds  

3 man shitposting in the last episode before episode 69.  Koozie, Jimmy & Swig.  Special interview with Instapundit.com 's Glenn Reynolds

Old Row Radio - ep. 67 - The EMP Survival Guide  

On this episode of the podcast, Koozie, Swig, Hammocks and Woodford talk road rage, strip club bowling alleys, DUIs, how to survive an EMP, Bryce Harper getting whomped (with perfectly coiffed hair) and wrap things up with some opium takes from Hammocks. Also, the bots may or may not have infiltrated the podcast. 

This episode is dedicated to Gregg Allman.  Rest in Peace.

Old Row Radio - ep. 66 - The Post-Grad Guide  

On Episode 66 of Old Row Radio, Hammocks Koozie and Jimmy talk acclimating to the post-grad life, dealing with relationships, tips on getting your new life in order, and advice on taking advantage of this time. We also talk bots, conspiracy theories, and take some user calls about Chacos and Wookies.  Small Hangout Fest recap with Swig.

Old Row Radio - ep. 65 - Chad Szn w/ Elephante  

This week Koozie was too busy out having fun and decided to skip the pod so there is no pod host or organization of topics!

What we discussed: McKayla Maroney's IG ass video, Clay Travis blocking Koozie on Twitter, Feet, Conspiracies, Lil Bow Wow faking photos, and we end with a special interview with Elephante.



Mr. Cheeseburger

You can find Elephante's music here:

Old Row Sports! - ep. 13 - Jared Carrabis & the Unwritten Rules of Baseball  

This week, our hosts Paulie and Koozie spoke with author of "One Fan's Story: If This Hat Could Talk" and resident Barstool Sports Red Sox writer, Jared Carrabis. We talked beanballs, unwritten rules, and who is going to win the 2017 World Series.


You can follow Jared on Twitter here:

Old Row Radio - ep. 64 - The Glue Factory  

This week the guys recap the Kentucky derby, talked about the removal of monuments in New Orleans, took some user voicemails and wrapped things up by discussing mankind's inevitable war with the dinosaur robots.

Panelists: Swig, Koozie, Bradshaw

Check out Bradshaw's company here: https://bottlecapart.co/

Old Row Radio - ep. 63 - Cinco de Mayo w/ JTrain  

This week the gang talked Cinco de Mayo, the NFL Draft, the UT Austin attack, flushing your friend's ashes down the toilet, and all the new ways the bots are going to take over. Koozie wraps things up with an interview with Jared Fried, comedian and host of the JTrain podcast.

Old Row Sports! - ep. 12 - Kentucky Derby 2017 Betting Strategy  

Longtime friend of the pod, Cave is back with another year of Kentucky Derby picks and overall betting strategy to help you win money betting on the Derby!


You can follow Cave at https://twitter.com/OldrowCave

His full guide is available here for free: http://imgur.com/a/SI61A


Old Row Radio - ep. 62 - Blank Check  

This week the gang discusses Aaron Hernandez, the problematic story line in the 1993 classic “Blank Check”, bowling a perfect game in 90 seconds and they wrap things up by taking user-submitted voicemails for the first time.

Old Row Radio - ep. 61 - Paleo 420  

This week the gang revisits the pizza roll vs bagel bites debate, addresses Seth Rogen joining Pike, discusses Russian bots firing guns, talk sports moments that hit you in the feels and answer the age old question: which type of drugs are paleo?


This week's panelists:

Old Row Radio - ep. 60 - Hold My Beer  

This week the gang talk United Airlines, bot mowers, the Masters, how to survive a nuclear attack, the RT nugget kid from Wendy's, and special segment: Listener Questions.

This week's Podcast Panelists:

Old Row Radio - ep. 59 - RIP in Peace Tony Romo w/ Eddie Radosevich  

This week the gang mourns the loss of Tony Romo, talk about the worst methods to retrieve lost cell phones, discuss UNC’s latest national championship and wrap things up with an explosive OU interview featuring friend of the podcast and staff writer for Sooner Scoop, Eddie Radosevich.   Relevant links: https://twitter.com/Eddie_Rado https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/coach-eddie-sutton-documentary-sport-film#/    

Old Row Radio - ep. 58 - Kaepernick Karaoke  

This week the gang talks about the all time great Karaoke songs, March Madness, Tomi Lahren getting sacked, Trump potentially getting impeached and Koozie leads things off with a Colin Kaepernick rant.


Sorry for the delayed release, our editor was on vacation. 


Old Row Radio - ep. 57 - Spring Breakers w/ Neutral Snap  

This week the guys recap the shenanigans from their trip to South Padre Island, give you their guide to day drinking, talk about killer GIFs, discuss Donald Trump roasting Colin Kaepernick and wrap things up with an interview with Baton Rouge-based band, Neutral Snap.


You can find Neutral Snap at:




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