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On Point with Tom Ashbrook

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On Point is a live, two-hour morning news-analysis program, produced by WBUR 90.9 and NPR.


The Best Books Of 2016  

The best books of 2016: "The Underground Railroad," "Swing Time," "Commonwealth." We'll crack the books.

Global Democracy Is On Shaky Ground  

Is democracy getting as wobbly around the world as it seems? Many scholars say there are real warning signs all around us.

Our Shifting Digital Retail Habits  

Online shopping continues to remake the world. Mobile shopping, now in the lead. And retail culture, remade.

Week In The News: Trump's Cabinet, Tennessee Ablaze, Fidel Castro Dies  

Tennessee wildfire. Trump's team. Fidel Castro. No charges in Charlotte. Our weekly news round table goes behind the headlines.

China Explores Social Credit Scores  

A Chinese project is tracking everything citizens do and ranking them based on their behavior – like a credit score. With impact. We'll check it out.

Exxon Mobil Vs. The Rockefellers  

Exxon Mobil's climate policy is under attack from its founding family, the Rockefellers. They're with us. So is Exxon.

How To Find A New Job After 50  

The number of older workers is on the rise. We'll tackle the myths and realities of landing a job after fifty.

Public School Funding At A Loss, In Oklahoma And Beyond  

Oklahoma public schools are on the ropes after years of budget cuts. Four-day school weeks and more. We'll take it as a big case study and and look at Donald Trump's new education secretary.

Garth Brooks On 'Gunslinger'  

Country music legend Garth Brooks joins us. Don't miss it.

Leadership Struggles In A Shaken Democratic Party  

Democrats facing big leadership issues and struggling with defeat. We'll look at who will lead the Democratic Party.

What The Alt-Right White Supremacist Movement Wants  

We look at the dreams, some now coming true, of the White supremacist "alt-right" movement.

Unique Conflicts Of Interests For A Businessman President-Elect  

A business empire, conflict of interest concerns and President-Elect Donald Trump. We'll look at the challenge.

A New Look At the Jazz Of Charles Mingus  

The music, life and complex racial identity of jazz great Charles Mingus.

Why A Third Of Millennials Live At Home  

No more 'empty nest'. A third of millennials now live at home with their parents. We'll look at what's still pushing that trend.

Mark Bittman Wants You to Bake Everything  

The one who taught us "How to Cook Everything," Mark Bittman is back. And this time, he's baking.

One Pioneer Woman's Story Of Life On The Mississippi Delta  

A woman's life on the American Frontier: We'll open an old memoir of homesteading on the Mississippi Delta.

StoryCorps Shares Thanksgiving Stories  

We partner with Storycorps to hear family stories – joyful, painful, heartfelt – from their "Great Thanksgiving Listen."

The Future — Or End — Of Identity Politics  

Diversity and the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton campaigned on it — and lost. Mark Lilla says "identity liberalism" is over. Is it? He's with us.

A Viewer's Guide To Better Binge-Watching  

From "Gilmore Girls" to "The Crown," what to binge watch over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thomas Friedman Looks At Our Future  

The New York Times' Thomas Friedman on Donald Trump and the world we are facing now.

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