Hosted by Andy Mangold, Dan Auer, and Matt McInerney." /> sub-reddit

Hosted by Andy Mangold, Dan Auer, and Matt McInerney." />

On the Grid

On the Grid

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Thinking out loud about design weekly.

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Hosted by Andy Mangold, Dan Auer, and Matt McInerney.


158: Finale  

Recorded March 17th, 2016. The last episode of On the Grid. Check out our new shows: Working File and Good Bad Show

157: Matt and Andy  

Recorded March 10th, 2016. How are things at school? Send your emails to mail at and tweet to @gridshow.

156: Content Information Copy Architecting Strategy  

Recorded March 3rd, 2016. This week we talked about Content Strategy and Copywriting.

155: The Pitch  

Recorded February 25th, 2016. This week we talked about... The Pitch.

154: Matching  

Recorded February 18th, 2016. This week: Kanye loses Andy's vote, matching stainless steel appliances, and the diversity of Friends of the Web.

153: Fight the Chaos  

Recorded February 11th, 2016. Andy tells us how planning a murder mystery party is like design... and more logo vs. interface followup.

152: Man Replies with More Tweets  

Recorded February 4th, 2016. This week: All the reasons Andy was wrong about logos.

151: Future Box  

Recorded January 27, 2016. Andy said some pretty controversial things about logos this week... You should probably listen to find out what he said.

150: Talent and Other Diseases  

Recorded January 17th, 2016. This week Andy and Matt sat at a table and talked about talent.

149: Double Back  

Recorded January 14th, 2016. This week Andy brought in some real work for us to discuss.

148: Window Shopping  

Recorded January 7th, 2016. This week Andy finally gave in and decided to create a portfolio for Friends of the Web.

147: Feedback Wanted  

Recorded December 23rd, 2015. In our last episode of the year we responded to listener comments about how to improve the show.

146: Things that are Good  

Recorded December 15th, 2015. This week Andy digs in on an idea from the previous episode: Can anything ever be objectively good or bad?

145: Finding the Thread  

Recorded December 9th, 2015. This week we talked about designing something timeless... or at least designing something you can live with forever.

144: Comptroller Can't Say...  

Recorded December 1st, 2015. This week we talked about tradition and Andy's secret plans to run for office.

143: Time Zones  

Recorded November 24th, 2015. This week: Design as a luxury service and what happens when you can't afford it.

142: Avatar  

Recorded November 17th, 2015. We discussed the symbols we create and rally around. And more on the next great American invention.

141: My Jacket  

Recorded November 10th, 2015. This week we discussed the next great American invention and the aesthetics of wealth.

140: Drawing Realistic Apples  

Recorded November 5th, 2015. Exhaustion, Leases, Art, Madden and robot video games as a form of self-expression.

139: Getting to the Bottom of Dan  

Recorded October 27th, 2015. This week we interviewed Dan.

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