On The Page: Screenwriting

On The Page: Screenwriting


Join professional script consultant Pilar Alessandra as she demystifies screenwriting and answers your questions about script craft and story.


476. Script to Comic to Script  

Comic book writer Eric Freitas (Judge Dredd, Regular Show, Godzilla), reveals how he uses movie structure to write his comic books, then uses the scripts he’s created to write feature films.

475. Getting Creative  

Sometimes a creator’s got to create in order to create more. Filmmaker Noel Orput and web series producer Sarah Hawkins explain how they made it happen for themselves.

475. The Magical Number Three  

Academy award-nominated animation supervisor David Schaub shares the analysis of three-act structure he used when creating his structure app, “The Three Act Compass.”

473. The AFM  

Jonathan Wolf, Managing Director of the American Film Market, discusses the power of the pitch at the world’s largest motion picture business event.

472. Fan Club  

Audience Development Strategist Lara Hoefs discusses the ways that creators and storytellers can learn from their fanbase.

471. Glenn Williamson  

Producer Glenn Williamson brings stories from his early years working for Tim Burton on Edward Scissorhands to producing critically hailed and compelling titles like 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', 'Sunshine Cleaning', and 'The Omen' (2006).

470. Log Line Contest 2016  

Matt Belknap (podcast king and former reader for Imagine Entertainment) joins Pilar to evaluate listener log lines and pick a winner!

469.  Moving the Needle  

Tom Nunan discusses his tremendous career from being an executive at ABC, Fox, NBC and UPN to founding Bull’s Eye Entertainment which produced the Academy Award winning movie "Crash.”

468. The Return of Marc Haimes  

Marc Haimes, writer of "Kubo And The Two Strings," discusses his up and coming projects: the adaptation of the subversive graphic novel “Nimona," and a drama based on the Waco Texas tragedy, produced by Mark Boal.

467. Reality Rocks  

Producer and TV host Damona Hoffman talks about the creativity and storytelling that goes into developing and writing reality shows.

466. How To Write Like A 10th Grader  

Larry Friedman, the high school teacher you wish you had, walks us through the inspiring prompts and exercises he gives in his writing classes. Guaranteed to unstick any writer ... no matter what the age.

465. Trans Characters on Screen  

Writer Sonya Ellis talks about the negative tropes and positive approaches to writing trans characters in film and TV.

464. Scoring Story  

Composer and writer Heather Schmidt talks about the ways she captures the emotion, tone, pace and story beats of the films, TV shows, and video games she scores.

463. Romy, Michelle, and Robin Schiff  

Pilar entertains Robin Schiff in the OTP Studio, as Robin relates the autobiographical origin of her script for 'Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion', and teaches us how to effectively write voices through improv, all while reflecting on how writing comedy for TV and Film have changed over her thirty-year career.

462. Scripting Suits  

Writer Aaron Korsh, (creator of the hit show Suits), and director Kevin Bray (Suits, Empire, Blackish, CSI, Walking Tall) discuss the happy of intersection of writing and directing on TV.

461. Novel To Screen  

Rebecca Phelps and Chris Cookson, authors of the blog “Novel2Screen,” discuss the ways that screen adaptations go right … and painfully wrong.

460. Plan For Success  

Entertainment attorney Richard DeLossa discusses copyright protection, script releases, writing partnerships and more.


459. Out of the Ashes  

Writer Suzanne Keilly talks about her work on "Ash vs. Evil Dead" as a writers’ assistant, episode writer and webisode writer.

458. Inspired By  

Pilar helps writers Alicia Lomas Gross and Steve D’Arcangelo build a whole movie from one real-life-event. Listen and follow along!

457. Terry Rossio  

Terry Rossio, writer of “Aladdin," “Shrek" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," shares his thoughts about adaptation, story telling, dialogue and script notes.

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