ONCE - Once Upon a Time podcast

ONCE - Once Upon a Time podcast


We’re five friends who talk about ABC’s hit TV show Once Upon a Time and invite you to share your theories, observations, and more. We discuss the stories, fairytales, easter eggs, and Lost references. Join Daniel J. Lewis, his wife Jenny, and Jeremy Laughlin, and discover happy endings. Send your feedback to Feedback@ONCEpodcast.com or leave a message on our listener voicemail line at (903) 231-2221. ONCE podcast is an unofficial podcast and is not affiliate with ABC Studios.


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Alice Through the Looking Glass movie review – ONCE253  

We got to see Alice Through the Looking Glass and are here to share our favorite puns, characters, and more from this family-friendly live-action film!

Only You & An Untold Story – ONCE252  

Storybrooke's magic, Regina vs. The Evil Queen, Jekyll and Hyde, the Land of the Untold Stories, and more on our "Only You" & "An Untold Story" full discussion podcast!

“Only You” & “An Untold Story” initial reactions – ONCE251  

The missing portion of season 2; the island of misfit toys; Rumple's best student. These and more on our "Only You" & "An Untold Story" initial reactions!

Last Rites – ONCE250  

Does Hook deserve to be resurrected? Is Robin really gone for good? All these and more on our full discussion of the Once Upon a Time episode, "Last Rites."

“Last Rites” initial reactions – ONCE249  

Robin Hood's future; King Arthur's possible redemption; Rumplestiltskin's own kingdom; all these and more on our initial reaction of the episode "Last Rites"!

Firebird – ONCE248  

Emma's armor, True Love's Test, True Love's Kiss, Zades' trustworthiness, and some new Greek and Egyptian mythology lessons all in our Firebird full discussion!

“Firebird” initial reactions – ONCE247  

True Love's Kiss, Hook's goodbye, and more in this initial reactions podcast for Once Upon a Time's episode "Firebird."

Sisters – ONCE246  

Listen to our in-depth discussion of "Sisters" as we talk about Cora's unfinished business, the convoluted flashbacks, another magical McGuffin and more!

“Sisters” initial reactions – ONCE245  

The Wicked sisters, Zelena's finally meeting her mother, Prince James vs. Charming, Rumplestiltskin recruiting Pan, Hades' proposal, and more!

Ruby Slippers – ONCE244  

Daniel's Christian perspective on homosexuality, Ruby/Red and Dorothy's relationship, Belle's sleeping curse, "Zades," and more in our full discussion podcast on "Ruby Slippers."

“Ruby Slippers” initial reactions – ONCE243  

True Love, the unbreakable curse, Henry finally not sleeping on the job, and so much more in our "Ruby Slippers" initial reactions!

The Jungle Book movie review – ONCE242  

Hear us share our favorite moments from the 2016 live-action movie on our spoiler-free and spoiler-filled The Jungle Book movie review!

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Her Handsome Hero – ONCE241  

Belle's gray area; stalker Hades; the issue on morality and points of view; those squiggly lines and more, all on our full discussion of Her Handsome Hero!

“Her Handsome Hero” initial reactions – ONCE240  

Hear us talk about Belle and her handsome heroes Gaston and Rumplestiltskin on our initial review of Her Handsome Hero. Plus, Ruby, Emma's dream and more!

Our Decay – ONCE239  

Is Rumple a better man? Can we trust Hades? All these and one fearless forecast on our full discussion of the episode, "Our Decay."

“Our Decay” initial reactions – ONCE238  

Join us as we share all the feels about this episode, "Our Decay" including Hades and Zelena, Rumple and Belle, and more!

The Brothers Jones – ONCE237  

Hear us talk about Hook's "redemption," Henry going on full emo teenager, that massive continuity error, and more on our "The Brothers Jones" full discussion!

“The Brothers Jones” initial reactions – ONCE236  

Check out our initial review of "The Brothers Jones" as we talk about Henry's authorship, "Bob," that awkward moment between David and Cruella, and more!

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