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Episode twenty-five (on bras - mostly)  

We've got Lissy's experience on being part of the world's largest half marathon in Gothenburg and courtesy of a rather fantastic visit to a Guilty Feminist podcast recording we chat boobs versus sports bras and women, running and public space.

Episode twenty-four (the looming 30)  

We recap Lissy in New York, Harry melting while running Hackney Half and the joys of an out of London parkrun. We also discuss bad habits we're trying to break before we turn 30.

one for the road: episode twenty-three (on running motivations)  

On this episode we talk whether we can "think" ourselves into faster runners; our New Zealand residing fav Leah shares an 'on the run', and we question our relationship to running and how to 'find your thing'.

one for the road: episode twenty-two (LONDON MARATHON!)  

Not much else to say really, a bit of chat about other recent marathons, then we turn our attention to the big one - it's London marathon week, people!

​one for the road: episode twenty-one (ranting about food)  

Episode twenty-one features a round up of our Easter highs and Easter lows, a massive long rant about food - obsessions, trends and everything in between, plus Taylor Swift and Beyoncé both had new stuff up on YouTube this fortnight, so we share our thoughts.

one for the road: episode twenty (on friendship)  

This episode it's all about periods, wanderlusting and a big old long chat on friendship. Plus the usuals: runner's highs, runner's lows and what's been going on in our Strava club.

one for the road: episode nineteen (we are one year old!)  

On this episode we are REUNITED again! We celebrate our first birthday (woop!), we talk about the many reasons why we run & there's training, cycling and reading progress updates...

one for the road: episode eighteen (it's definitely marathon training season)  

Welcome to episode eighteen, in which Lissy feels lonely, says sorry to bagels, reminisces on her once in a lifetime experience at the Paris marathon and chats to her chums Michelle and Gosia about how they are coping with marathon training madness. Also, Harry reports from the slopes!

one for the road: episode seventeen (running is stupid)  

In this episode, we tell you about our newly created Strava club (#stravawankers), we overenthusiastically share our favourite breakfast places in the London Series and we discuss we running is stupid... yes, really.

one for the road: episode sixteen (women in running)  

In episode sixteen, we recap our recent 10k race together, discuss whether the word filthy is the way to get more women into running and we share our favourite running routes in the London Series.

one for the road: episode fifteen (striving for moderate success)  

On this episode, we bring back our runner's highs and runner's lows, recap the races we have in the plan for the first half of the year, we talk about our favourite museums in the London series and discuss how 'muddling along just fine' is the best way to be.

one for the road: episode fourteen (a mini Christmas episode)  

To help see you through the between Christmas and New Year lull, we are here with a mini Christmas catch up. So listen to find out how active our Christmases were and we chat about our 2016 resolutions.

one for the road: episode thirteen (films, books and smear tests)  

On episode thirteen we talk about the weirdness of watching your favourite teenage film now, running in Edinburgh, smear tests, giving blood, our favourite coffee spots and how (un)successful our 2015 resolutions were.

one for the road: episode twelve (not writing off December)  

In episode twelve, Harry's been out doing some naked running, we've both had some unusual yoga experiences, we discuss the curse of busyness and also talk about how we are not going to write off December.

one for the road: episode eleven (surviving winter running)  

On episode eleven we have tips on surviving winter running, we discuss how our voices affect how we're portrayed at work, the LDN series continues and we talk about the joy of walking.

one for the road: episode ten (pants or no pants)  

It’s WINTER! Sore hamstrings, dark nights, virtual yoga, speedy parkruns and the age old question of whether or not to wear underwear under your Lycra – it’s all here in episode ten.

one for the road: episode nine (Berlin marathon lowdown)  

It’s episode nine, and this time we get the full low down of Harry’s first marathon experience, we discuss how the booze free challenge is going, there’s cycling chat in abundance and we wonder what’s next for our running with no races on the horizon…

one for the road: episode eight (all the detoxes)  

In this podcast, we talk about Lissy’s experience at the Copenhagen half marathon, we look forward to Harry running the Berlin marathon and we discuss digital, racing and booze detoxes. (Plus, Lissy had a cold. Enjoy listening to that!)

one for the road: episode seven (mega catch ups and the return of period chat)  

This podcast is pretty much just one long catch up. Plus we get a post-Ultra update from Stephanie. And period chat IS BACK. You know you’re excited.

one for the road: episode six (enjoying the London summer)  

After lots and lots of fun in the sun, we are back with marathon and half marathon training updates, the embarrassment of falling asleep in yoga, summer festival-ing and soaking up some London culture.

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