One Minute How-To

One Minute How-To


The One Minute How-To is your podcast. Each episode features someone just like you who explains how to do something. The catch is that the participant is only given 60 seconds. This means that they need to get right to the point, but isn't that a good thing?


Item #460 - How To Get Noticed By Recruiters  

George L Smyth explains what he did to get noticed by recruiters, which landed him his job.

Item #200 - How To Buy The Things They Confiscate At Airports  

George L Smyth explains how you can purchase confiscated airport items.

Item #459 - How To Grow a Boss Mustache  

Motion Potion explains the process of getting a good mustache going.

Item #199 - How To Write A Novel  

Novelist Paula Paul relies on her experience to explain how a novel can be written.

Item #458 - How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones  

Joseph Jaffe explains a number of ways to retain the customers that were so hard to get in the first place.

Item #198 - How To Save Your Favorite TV Show From Being Cancelled  

Troy Price explains several steps you can take to increase the chances that your favorite television show stays on the air.

Item #457 - How To Crop A Photo To A Specific Dimension In Ifranview  

Paige Eissinger explains how to use the free program IfranView, to crop an image they way you want.

Item #197 - How To Make A Cosmopolitan  

Seth Harwood explains the proper way to make a Cosmopolitan.

Item #456 - How To Permanently Delete An Application From Your Facebook Profile  

Renee Kerr explains how you can get rid of Facebook applications you no longer want.

Item #196 - How To Have Your First Spa Appointment  

Jessica explains the best route to take when preparing to go to a spa for the first time.

Item #455 - How To Evaluate A Business Idea  

Jim DeLapa explains how to make sure that your business idea is sound.

Item #195 - How To Choose Embroidery Fabric  

Felicity Tepper explains the three things you need to keep in mind when shoosing embroidery fabric.

Item #454 - How To Make Chocolate Fondue  

Debbie Cunningham explains a quick and simple way to create a delicious chocolate fondue.

Item #194 - How To Write A Poem  

Tairy Woodard explains the best route to writing a successful poem.

Item #453 - How To Overcome The Obstacles Of Becoming An Independent Musician  

Julian Bachlow explains how to deal with the things getting in the way of a person becoming an independent musician.

Item #193 - How To Write A Funny Song  

Ken Turetzky explains how he writes his original comedy songs.

Item #452 - How To Use A Public Bath  

Alana Green explains how to use a public bath in Japan without embarrassing yourself.

Item #192 - How To Avoid Death By Powerpoint  

Alan Carr explains how you can give a presentation using Power Point without having your audience fall asleep.

Item #451 - How To Not Be A Schmuck When Sitting In A Movie Theater  

Mark Radcliffe explains how to keep from annoying everyone else when watching a movie in a theatre.

Item #191 - How To Choose A Podcast  

Tyler Walker explains how to find a podcast that will interest you.

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