Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio

Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio


Join Rita Celli and half-a-million listeners for a province-wide phone-in conversation over lunch.


When something isn't right, do you step in?  

A woman called police when a boy showed up at her door and suspected he was a victim of child abuse. The police sent him home.

Gardening with Ed Lawrence  

Advice from Ontario Today's resident gardener about Christmas cactus, fig trees, ranunculus, and what to do if donkeys eats your pine trees.

Air Miles tries to make up  

Air Miles cancelled its controversial expiry policy on its loyalty points program. But are collectors any better off?

Sounds of the Season: A story for a song  

The Juliet Singers and Normand Glaude take requests for songs that hold special meaning this time of year, while we raise money for food banks.

Can you have church without God?  

The United Church of Canada has declared the minister of a Toronto congregation unsuitable because she does not believe in God.

Castro: Hero or Villain?  

The ashes of Fidel Castro are travelling through Cuba in advance of his funeral later this week. Will you remember him as a hero or a villain?

Should there be a minimum age for recreational pot?  

A federal task force is expected to recommend one to cabinet. Open lines with Dr. Jeff Blackmer of the Canadian Medical Association.

Gardening: Don't give up this time of year  

Still lots you can do in the garden, says Ed Lawrence, such as seeding grass, transplanting lilacs, pruning, planting garlic.

Should the CFL give up on Toronto?  

Ottawa is over the moon over a Grey Cup victory. Meanwhile in Toronto, they were giving away tickets to fill the stadium. Open lines with Drew Edwards, editor of 3 Down Nation.

Road tolls: love 'em or hate 'em?  

While Toronto decides whether to charge tolls on the DVP and the Gardiner, callers debate whether they're willing to pay.

Keeping the thought bubble to yourself  

Being diplomatic and still yourself. Stories about the times you have held your tongue.

Words that hurt  

Real stories from real people who have been the targets of words that hurt.

Why child support is so frustrating  

The government office responsible for enforcing child and spousal support in Ontario tops the list for complaints. Does it have to be this way?

Gardening: After the first snow  

The Toronto Botanical Garden's Paul Zammit on what you can still rescue from the garden; raccoons in the compost; paper whites and amaryllis.

Nominating Canada's national bird  

A case for the gray jay. intelligent friendly.

The song that won't quit  

The songs that stay with you, with Ottawa native and Nashville-based Trevor Finlay, a Canadian guitarist who tours with Tiffany.

Why not get the flu shot?  

It's free. It`s the best defence we have against something that can be serious, even fatal. So why give it a pass?

Marijuana and the legal grey zone  

Open lines with a drug policy researcher with the Washington Office on Latin America, a group that advocates for marijuana legalization.

Job after job after job: Get used to it?  

The Finance Minister says, short-term jobs are the new norm. Get used it. Should you just get used to it?

Gardening: Growing salad greens indoors  

Toronto Botanical Garden's Paul Zammit on how to grow fresh sprouts such as pea sprouts and arugula in plastic clam shells.

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