Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio

Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio


Join Rita Celli and half-a-million listeners for a province-wide phone-in conversation over lunch.


Do you taste or click first?  

A conversation for snap happy foodies and the people who put up with them, with GTA food photographer Lauren Cheong.

I`m black. Robert E. Lee is my ancestor  

Open lines with Karen Finney, a descendant of the Confederate general whose statues have become a flash point for white supremacists in the US.

Your brain on games  

Open lines with one of the first research scientists to find proof that you can lose grey matter by playing video games.

Why let kids on social media before 13?  

Parents decisions about launching their kids on Instragram, Snapchat, Facebook and online gaming. Open lines with IT professional Paul Davis of Social Networking Safety.

Ready to go cashless?  

Restarants, airlines and a growing number of customers are refusing to bother with bills and coins. Business owner David Segal predicts, 5 years from now it won't even be a topic of conversation.

Gardening: MosaiCanada  

Plus, lots of blooms but no zuccinis? No worries, says Ed Lawrence, Ontario Today's resident gardener.

Hitchin' a ride  

Adventures on the road.

Growing up in the family business  

The sacrifices, the stories and the lessons learned when family life revolves around a family firm.

After Opioids  

Opioids hijack your brain and change your ability to feel pleasure. So, is there life after an opioid addiction? with a former teen addict and a psychiatrist.

Trapped on the tarmac: Should it be illegal?  

Air Transat passengers spent 6 hours on the tarmac in Ottawa with no food or air conditioning.

What are you harvesting?  

Ed Lawrence is Ontario Today's resident gardener.

Singlism: Is it time for more respect?  

Statistics Canada says, there are now more people living on their own than households with couples raising children. Are singles getting a fair shake?

Your workplace ever feel like this White House?  

A job that lasts less than 2 weeks; everyone jumping ship. Sound familiar? Open lines with HR consultant Lisa Kay.

Using your body to protect yourself  

The link between obesity and childhood trauma and sexual abuse, with psychiatrist Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam.

What the wet summer has cost business  

Environment Canada is calling it the year of the big wet. Some seasonal businesses say they are hanging on by their fingernails.

Gardening in the year of the "big wet"  

Tomatoes and peppers are late. Ed Lawrence's advice on what to do about a water-logged garden.

When you posed as somebody else  

Open lines with a liar for hire, a security expert whom banks hire to test whether he can break in and steal stuff.

Bullied over the breast?  

The message that breast is best can end up shaming women. Correction: During this show, Prof. Courtney Jung said, no women in Scandinavia breastfeed exclusively. This is not true. Some Scandinavian women give their babies only breast milk.

Is CRISPR's gene-editing technology exciting or scary?  

If you could change your genes to eliminate disease, maybe even your own, would you? Well, you can. Now what?

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