Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio

Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio


Join Rita Celli and half-a-million listeners for a province-wide phone-in conversation over lunch.


Headlines missing something in leadership race?  

Two Conservative contenders are hogging the limelight. Want to hear more about the other 12 who want Justin Trudeau's job?

Barack Obama, the man  

Why the President made a lasting impression.

Gardening on Blue Monday  

Countering the gloomiest day of the year with advice on how to grow a pineapple, a yucca plant, overwintering geraniums, King Protea flowers.

What's the coolest thing you've seen in a winter sky?  

A dad in North Bay got up in the night with his toddler and witnessed light beams shimmering red, green and yellow in the sky.

Weirdest dinner mash up ever  

The unlikely duo Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart cooking together? Stories of the oddest dinner parties, with columnist David Eddie.

A guaranteed basic income  

The Province is looking for municipalities to pilot a program that would make sure no one falls below a set income. Could it help people break out of poverty?

Why Joseph Boyden's ancestry matters  

A roiling debate within Indigenous communities over this popular, award-winning novelist. Open lines with Russell Diabo.

Killed while walking  

There were 43 pedestrian fatalities in Toronto last year. Some drivers walk away with a fine of $1,000. Should the penalties be stiffer?

Gardening Ed Lawrence  

Advice on dry house plants, growing rhubarb, Allamanda Yellow Bells, ficus benjamina and much more.

Are calories on the menu changing your order?  

As of Jan. 1st any Ontario restaurant with more than 20 locations must list all the calories on the menu. What difference is it making?

Is sober the only solution for alcoholics?  

A controversial treatment program that gives as much as three litres a day of booze to hardcore alcoholics.

Lessons from failure  

The professor who invited Monica Lewinksy, an Enron exec and the trader behind the Barings Bank collapse to speak to business students.

Christmas plants: Keep or pitch?  

Once the amaryllis has bloomed and the poinsettia is dropping leaves, are they destined for the compost? Ed Lawrence explains what to do.

Cap and trade is here: Do you care?  

It costs 4 cents a litre more to fuel up, 5 dollars a month more to heat your home. Not much, says the Environment Minister. Not everyone agrees.

Away from home for the holidays  

From Germany to China: How you bring a little bit of home to holiday celebrations when home is only in your dreams.

Any good movies this year?  

2016 was, by some accounts, a disappointing year for film. But movie reviewer Karen Gordon has a few gems you don't want to miss.

Is giving grandparents rights a good idea?  

New Ontario legislation gives grandparents the right to take their own kids to court to get access to their grandkids. Families react to the news.

Satirical holiday decor: Funny or offensive?  

In the spirit of the hipster age, a nativity set with Joseph snapping a selfie, Mary puckering her face, and the wise men carrying Amazon packages.

Best and worst Christmas trees  

Plus advice from Ontario Today's resident gardener Ed Lawrence.

No turkey?!!  

Why your family is debating whether to cook the bird.

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