Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio

Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio


Join Rita Celli and half-a-million listeners for a province-wide phone-in conversation over lunch.


Who should pay for a date in 2017?  

Author and lecturer Alfie Kohn says, if men and women see a date as two equal people checking each other out, obviously they would split the bill.

Stories of Stuart Mclean  

Remembering the storyteller who created the irresistable and quirky characters at the Vinyl Cafe.

Still in love with Uber?  

Uber faces a class-action lawsuit from drivers arguing they are not contract workers but employees entitled to minimum wage and vacation.

Gardening: Put Ed Lawrence on a stamp!  

Ed responds to tribute by the CBC's Michael Enright.

What's happening at the border?  

Schools are cancelling trips to the US. People being turned away. What's changed about crossing the border?

The meal that made you fall in love  

Stories of meals the made romance simmer, with Toronto Star Food Writer Karon Liu.

Are things getting better for people with food allergies?  

Families with allergies vow to take business elsewhere after McDonald's adds nuts to its menu. How hard is it to find a safe place to eat?

Why you're reading dystopian litterature  

George Orwell's 1984 and novels like it are flying off the virtual shelves.

Getting it right  

Significant changes are coming to childcare in Ontario. The Minister responsible, on what's in the fine print and how it will affect families.

Two leaders' sunny getaways  

The Leader of the Opposition was tweeting about the Prime Minister's vacation to the Aga Khan's island while she was on a billionaire's yacht.

Feeling withdrawl  

The Toronto Botanical Garden's Paul Zammit has the perfect fix.

Bre-X and beyond  

The bewitching hunt for gold, and it never loses its lustre, with Diane Francis, journalist and author of Bre-X: The Inside Story.

Before and after  

What's changed since the Quebec shooting?

Does this broken promise matter?  

The Liberals are abandoning an election promise to reform the way Canadians vote.

Taking back control  

The more control the US asserts, the more out of control it gets for others. How do you take back?

Heated debate on winners and losers  

Premier Wynne stops tolls for Gardiner and DVP

Women's March: What's next?  

Millions took part in the Women's March. But they also got marching orders to go home and make their community a better place.

Is bilingualism closing doors?  

Learning a language is not easy. Are bilingual requirements unnecessarily disqualifying good people?

Why bother with dieting?  

The latest research shows most people who lose weight will put back the pounds. Scientist Jennifer Kuk says, dieting needs a rethink.

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