Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio

Ontario Today Phone-Ins from CBC Radio


Join Rita Celli and half-a-million listeners for a province-wide phone-in conversation over lunch.


Gardening with Ed  

From 60-year-old cacti to rats in the compost. Advice from Ontario Today's resident gardener, Ed Lawrence, on all things green.

Broken elevators  

How long did you wait for repairs? Ontario MPP Han Dong says it's time to bring in time limits when it comes to repairs.

Who is the Trump in your family?  

It's an extraordinary blended family. Which member are you most fixated on? The favoured daughter? The son who idiolizes dad? The wife explaining her husband?

What does it take to get rid of a senator?  

The case of Senator Don Meredith: How much is about him? How much is about the Senate itself?

A flat fee or charging by distance?  

If you're riding the public transit, should you pay more if you go further? What's the fairest route?

Is it worth learning the language of your parents?  

Why you do it, or why you have given up, with former Toronto councillor Gordon Chong.

Web extra  

Jazz singer Sophie Milman called at the end of our show, Is it worth learning the language of your parents? We taped her call so that you have a listen.

Gardening: Signs of spring  

What does the first day of spring look like where you are? Crocuses, black birds and the rivers opening up, plus advice from Ed Lawrence.

Your trip to the US: On or off?  

Church volunteers are denied entry so they wouldn't steal American jobs; nurses' work visas questioned; school trips cancelled; Girl Guides staying home. Whether your trip is on, off or you're just returned, what's going on?

The most embarassing moment with kids  

A dad is live on the BBC when his kids burst into the room. Their mom crawls in on her hands and knees to retrieve them. Can you relate?

How amazing is a fort?  

Stories of the most unforgettable forts, with the author of Children's Special Places: Exploring the Role of Forts, Dens, and Bush Houses in Middle Childhood.

How to be Miserable  

A psychologist's counterintuitive question. Author Randy Peterson says, sometimes by finding the downward direction you find the one that leads higher.

Cellphones in class  

Are they a hassle or a necessary tool?

Gardening: How to make a seed bomb  

There's lots going on at Canada Blooms garden show that would appeal to kids. Plus gardening advice for big green thumbs too.

The chances you take with your kids  

The news of a car stolen with a child inside captivated the province for three hours last Friday morning. What lesson did you take from it?

More outcry over sales tactics at the banks  

Open lines with a finance professor and former banking executive, who says he quit one bank after feeling pressured to lie to make a sale.

The big debate in the world of birders  

Photographers can dangle a mouse and get a perfect shot of an owl flying toward the camera and pouncing on its prey. But is bird baiting bad?

Going Native  

Why some people search their family tree to claim the past or latch on to an entirely new culture, with UCLA Prof. David Delgado Shorter.

Can a drunk person consent?  

The debate over the acquittal of a Nova Scotia taxi driver in a sexual assault case.

Does the payphone have any place in the future?  

When was the last time you used one? with filmmaker Alex Kliment whose short film Dead Ringer is a nostalgic tribute to curbside pay phones.

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