Out In The Open

Out In The Open


Out in the Open is an adventurous and wide-ranging weekly show about the nitty-gritty of real life. Host Piya Chattopadhyay and her team look at how one timely topic is affecting regular people, and invite listeners to join in on the conversations we need to have ... out in the open.


The Wild Side  

This week, Piya and the Out in the Open team take a faithful journey into infidelity and ask: Why does cheating hurt so much?

Who gets to go?  

This week, we enter the private space everyone uses but no one really wants to talk about — the public bathroom — and ask: Who gets to go?

Pregnancy Loss  

It's tough, deeply personal, layered with politics... and it's estimated that a quarter of pregnancies end in it. So this week, Piya and the OITO team ask: Why don't we talk about pregnancy loss?

Pain Staking  

We exercise it away, medicate it, and trick our brains into pretending it's not there. But for some people, there is great value in experiencing physical pain. Out in the Open looks at pain's place in the human condition.

Conquering Divide  

Love can bring us together and can tear us apart. Today we are putting divorce Out In The Open by looking at what a modern divorce can look like, how some people are doing it differently and how to make it easier on kids.

Political Anger Architects  

How does anger influence politics? Out In The Open talks to the people who shape and define modern political outrage and whether they view themselves as constructive or destructive.

How to Change Police  

Police are here to serve and protect us. But what happens when the job gets in the way of that duty? Piya and the Out in the Open team explore how police are changing and how police themselves think they should.

In the Name of...  

Why do we let our names define who we are? The Out In The Open team explores the baggage, rules, pride and complications that come along with that thing you're called.

Greatest Hits  

A collection of the best Out In The Open segments so far. Stories from our episodes on Weddings, Addiction, Being Black In Canada and the Sex Talk.

Dropping Out  

The decision not to do something can change your life forever. Piya and the Out in the Open team explore stories of dropping out.


Piya and the Out in the Open team explore the effects of gentrification in Canada and the United States.


Various aspects of whiteness are explored, from privilege to class.


In this episode, we explore how different women from the past and present deal with their periods.

What Matthew Bullock's case from the 1920s tells us about Canada and race  

Matthew Bullock was a 23-year-old black veteran from a North Carolina town whose escape to Canada in the 1920s caused an international incident and dominated headlines for months. Today, he's mainly forgotten, but lives on as a family legend.

Black in Canada, Part 2: Policing  

On this week's podcast, we share the story of Junior Manon and how his death affected his community's perception of policing in Canada.

Podcast #11: Black in Canada vs. U.S.  

This week we explore racism against black people in Canada and the idea that it's better here when compared to our neighbour to the South with Black Lives Matter Toronto's Janaya Khan, lawyer Anthony Morgan, and comedian Mark James Heath.


In this week's podcast, we explore the complex nature of the grieving process.


In this week's podcast, we explore the wedding. Kinsey Clarke takes us through trying to invite her religious mom to her same-sex wedding. And, philosopher Alain de Botton tells us how he'd redesign the entire ceremony.


In this podcast, we profile a marathon runner struggling with crystal meth and Piya talks to a counsellor about how to deal with addiction in a friend or loved one.

Belonging 2  

In this podcast, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan on belonging and diversity in the military, and the "Marry Out, Get Out" rule in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, Quebec.

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