Out In The Open

Out In The Open


Out in the Open is an adventurous and wide-ranging weekly show about the nitty-gritty of real life. Host Piya Chattopadhyay and her team look at how one timely topic is affecting regular people, and invite listeners to join in on the conversations we need to have ... out in the open.


#48: Blacklisted  

It's one thing to feel left out and excluded from opportunities. But what happens when you're officially cut out or cut off? Piya will speak with people who've been blacklisted.

Season 2 Preview  

Get ready to hear from people who have been blacklisted, stories about how families are being redefined, moving portraits of people who became caregivers by circumstance, and a tough journey to the front lines of the fentanyl crisis.

#26: Sorry States  

From not holding the door to entire histories of discrimination, we use the same word to try and make up for it all. This week, Piya puts those five letters Out in the Open and asks: What is 'sorry' worth?

#47: Man Up  

Traditional notions of masculinity prize toughness, strength, protection and provision. But what it means to be a man is changing. This week, guest host Duncan McCue asks: "What does it mean to 'man up' in 2017?"

#18: Conquering Divide  

Love can bring us together and can tear us apart. Today we are putting divorce Out In The Open by looking at what a modern divorce can look like, how some people are doing it differently and how to make it easier on kids.

#28: What Dads Can't Say  

Last week, Out in the Open dove into things moms experience but don't feel like they can always express. In this second half of our two-part exploration of parenting stigmas, we give fathers the mic and ask: What can't dads say?

#27: What Moms Can't Say  

Motherhood can be joyous, beautiful and fulfilling. It can also be hard, tedious and full of judgement. In the first of two shows on parenthood, Out in the Open hears from some moms about their complicated relationship to motherhood.

#21: Who Gets to Go?  

This week, we enter the private space everyone uses but no one really wants to talk about — the public bathroom — and ask: Who gets to go?

#36: Sporting Life  

This week, we bring you Out in the Open: The 'Everything I Learned About Life I Learned from Sports' edition [read: a sports show that's not really about sports at all].

#15: In the Name Of...  

Why do we let our names define who we are? The Out in the Open team explores the baggage, rules, pride and complications that come along with that thing you're called.

#19: Pain Staking  

We exercise it away, medicate it, and trick our brains into pretending it's not there. But for some people, there is great value in experiencing physical pain. Out in the Open looks at pain's place in the human condition.

#46: Hyphen State  

As Canada marks 150 years as a country, Piya speaks with people about the words that so often live on the left side of our national identities and their relationship to the identifier on the right, 'Canadian.' So, what is the state of the hyphen today?

#45: Hair Care  

Shaving, waxing, threading, plucking, sugaring, electrolysis... We've come up with so many ways to get rid of something so natural and spent a whole lot of time and money doing it. This week, Piya asks: Why do we care about body hair?

#44: Worst Fears  

For most of us, our fears inspire anxiety, sadness and suppression. But sometimes... you're forced to face them. This week, Piya asks: How do you move forward after your worst fear comes true?

#43: Money's Worth  

From the clothes you wear, to the food you can afford to put in your body... money pervades the choices you make, and how you're seen in the world. This week, Piya asks people across the economic spectrum: How does money define you?

#20: Pregnancy Loss  

It's tough, deeply personal, layered with politics... and it's estimated that a quarter of pregnancies end in it. So this week, Piya and the OITO team ask: Why don't we talk about pregnancy loss?

#42: Public Shaming  

Shame. It burns when you feel it. But the pain and humiliation is something else when being shamed is blown up for the world to see. This week, Piya asks: What are the consequences of public shaming?

#41: Sexual Consent  

Recent high profile sexual assault cases have prompted widespread conversations about consent and revealed that there's still a lot of confusion and contradiction at play. This week, Piya explores how to navigate consent in 2017.

#40: Obsessed  

This week, OITO asks: How does obsession change you? Piya speaks with people whose fixations have improved their lives, devastated them, and ultimately had a major impact on their sense of self.

#39: Perfect Strangers  

This week, OITO asks: What's behind the kindness of strangers? Piya speaks with people who share their homes, time, bodies... and bodily functions... all for the greater good of others.

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