Over The Back Fence (mp3)

Over The Back Fence (mp3)


Blogger Baby Mac Beth (www.baby-mac.com) discusses all the big issues (not) with her neighbour 'over the back fence'


Season 5 Episode 7  

In what may best be described as the sports edition, Beth and Neighbour discuss Jarryd Hayne (again), The Matildas, Olympics memories, Thorpie as well as non-sporting things such as: Sex like Ice Cream and other 'chats' with your kids, War and Peace, The Martian, Kimmy K and using her power for good and Neighbour's recent discovery of Pinterininterinterest...

Season 5 Episode 6  

This week is an action packed episode in which Beth and Neighbour chat about Beth's success at the local show (of course they do), Leo's big win (with a flash back to Titanic), the Donald, the new Mrs Murdoch, fashion trends, angry SIRI man, Elizabeth Gilbert and special travel food experiences. And more (see? Action Packed!)

Season 5 Episode 5  

This week, Beth and Neighbour discuss the joys of Whooping Cough, lockout-laws, show entries, the Super Bowl (yes - the Super Bowl. Don't worry, it features Kardashians), de-toxing your womb and what your favourite biscuit says about you.

Season 5 Episode 4 - The Christmas Special  

In this year's Christmas Special, Beth and Neighbour discuss the start of school holidays, massive jugs, Star Wars and swimmers, hair pie, spending habits, Christmas menus, tactics for surviving long car trips, and things they've learnt this year. Happy holidays to all.

Season 5 Episode 3  

This week, Beth and Neighbour talk getting their christmas bake on, David Pocock saving rhinos shirtless, the 7 things you should be doing in the bedroom (apparently), what they've been watching (or not watching) and phubbing...(which is on fleek... supposedly)

Season 5 Episode 2  

This week Beth and Neighbour discuss Beth's recent trip to Italy (over an Aperol Spritz), the Rugby World Cup (ish) and the Melbourne Cup, Christmas puddings (already), social media fakery and sympathy for the devil...I mean husband.

Season 5 Episode 1 - The Comeback Special  

Just like Elvis in '68, Beth and Neighbour are back in this comeback special to open season 5. In this episode they talk the Hayne Train/Plane, television, the trials of book week, winter growth, indoor bird poo and 'getting a man in'....

Season 4 Episode 4  

After a short break Beth and Neighbour are back with an extra long poddy this time. They talk keeping up fitness, blue ribbons, John Snow (yes - again), humour, ethical dilemmas and much much more...

Season 4 Episode 3  

After dealing with a broody hen, Beth and Neighbour talk Thorpie and Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Daily Mail Valentine's day quiz, food lies, country show time, and the possibility of teaming up to take on the Olympic luge...

Season 4 Episode 2  

This week Beth and Neighbour talk Snap Chat, panko bread crumbs, tracking devices for kids, prank pregnancy and more...

Season 4 Episode 1  

Beth and Neighbour are back (finally) and this one comes with a WARNING - the first 10 minutes are not suitable for the ears of little Santa believers! They also natter about keeping the kids entertained in summer, pastrami sandwiches and the annual quest to get fit.

Season 3 Episode 8  

This week Beth and Neighbour discuss drunk tattooing, Jane Austen, casseroles and ageing rock stars.

Season 3 Episode 7  

This week Beth and Neighbour discuss the royal baby, GOT, 80's jingles and tea. As you do.

Season 3 Episode 6  

This week, Beth and Neighbour discuss general sexism, our Kylie, Lego faces, kinky trends and trendy diets.

Season 3 Episode 5  

This week, after a brief break (sorry) Beth and Neighbour discuss the local ball, canapes, hipster baby names and wonder what ever happened to the encyclopaedia.

Season 3 Episode 4  

This week Beth and Neighbour discuss the Iron Lady, who they'd pay to email, The VOICE being back, Game of Thrones sauciness, cubist philanthropy, and apps that assist in personal decision making.

Season 3 - Episode 3  

This week Beth and Neighbour discuss linen cupboards and the Prime Minister, miniature sheep, tapping trees for syrup, the good ol' chicken schnitz and homemade wild organic virgin bread...

Season 3 - Episode 2  

In this week's podcast, Beth and Neighbour talk grey beard hairs, bottled water, lasagne, oz the great and things the Poms hate about Australia

Season 3 - Episode 1  

After a bit of a lay-off, Beth and neighbour are back for season 3. In this episode they discuss federal politics, losing scones, Downton Abbey (again) and popular dead people.

Season 2 Episode 10 - Season Finale  

In this long awaited season finale, Beth and Neighbour discuss royal morning sickness, show and tell, champagne and being moody at Christmas... or something.

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