Skratch the Surface with Michaela Kiersch  

Michaela Kiersch is an incredible athlete who's mature beyond her 22 years! US National Climbing Championships begin this afternoon. In preparation the DePaul undergrad is studying for upcoming chemistry exams. Join Allen Lim as he and Michaela discuss climbing, chemistry and life in general.

DCurve Goggle Review  

This past December we did a Holiday series with local Colorado companies on 303Radio. I was lucky enough to try out a pair of goggles from Denver based DCurve. DCurve's Andrew Strauss joins us to review the product!

Stepping Out 2017  

Director Ana Claire joins us to talk about this weekend's performance of Stepping Out!

Introducing Allied Cycle Works' Alfa with Neil Shirley  

Neil Shirley joins us to discuss the new Alfa bicycle from Allied Cycle Works!

RoadBikeRider.com Radio: Cross Training with John Hughes  

Cycling coach John Hughes joins us to talk about the importance of effective cross training.

RoadBikeRider.comRadio: Effective Use of the Indoor Trainer  

Cycling coach John Hughes joins us to discuss effective training methods when we're unable to ride outdoors.

A Change in Appetite with Lucas Euser  

Lucas Euser retired from pro cycling following with 2015 season. 2016 involved some big life changes for Lucas which he's handled with aplomb. Lucas joins us to talk about the new direction his life is taking and what looks to be an exciting future for he and his family. Photo credit: Tubay Yabut Photography

Over the Top Cycling: Neil Shirley's New Route  

6 weeks ago Road Bike Action Magazine editor Neil Shirley stepped down to make a career change. He joins us today to talk about his new direction!

Going Mental with Coach John Hughes  

Cycling Coach John Hughes discusses the mental side of training and competition.

RAAM Radio: Sarah Cooper on Dealing with Iowa Winter  

Sarah Cooper joins us for a discussion about her winter RAAM prep prior to heading out for a tandem ride on, you guessed it, gravel roads.

Happy Holidays from Over the Top: Our Annual Christmas Stories with Amelia Thomas  

10 year old Amelia joins us for three Christmas stories: The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg, Santa Calls by William Joyce and Findus at Christmas by Sven Norqvist.

Boulder Ballet Live with Ana Claire  

Director Ana Claire joins us to discuss post Nutcracker as well as both the upcoming Stepping Out 2017 and Storybook: The Wizard of Oz.

Off Season Training  

Coach John Hughes joins us to talk about the importance of the off season.

Going the Distance with Coach John Hughes  

Elizabeth Wicks joins John to discuss her successful 2016 season and goals for 2017.

Boulder Ballet's The Nutcracker Series: Opening Weekend with Nutcracker Prince Matthew Helms  

Matthew Helms joins us to discuss his experiences during the opening weekend's performances of Boulder Ballet's The Nutcracker.

Boulder Ballet's The Nutcracker Series: Opening Weekend with Maid Chelsea Vonu  

Chelsea Vonu joins us following The Nutcracker's opening weekend at Mackey.

Boulder Ballet's The Nutcracker Series with Livia Diener  

Meet Boulder Ballet Apprentice dancer Livia Diener!

Greg Swinand Prepares for the Irish Elite and Master's Hour Record  

Ireland's Greg Swinand is in the US preparing for an attempt at both the Irish Elite and Irish Master's Hour Record. The attempt will take place Monday November 21 in Colorado Springs. Greg checked in with us prior to today's afternoon training session.

12/24 Hour World Championships with Dede Griesbauer  

Dede Griesbauer joins us for a discussion about her first ever 12 hour bicycle race....during which she set a record and won a world title. Photo by Hillary Biscay, Smashfest

Snowbound the PSIA NW Podcast: Fall Conference with Kim Petram and Rick Lyons  

Kim Petram and Rick Lyons join us with a report following the PSIA Fall Conference.

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