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The Changing Nature of War and Conflict  

How has war and conflict changed over time?

Outback Cop  

What sort of people thrive in the Outback and do we give them enough recognition?  

The CWA and Indigenous Women  

The County Women's Association's untold history of social change in Australia

Mysterious Deaths: Dr Gilbert Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chandler  

What happened at the Lane Cove River bank in 1963?

Celebrity Edition of Spot on the Map with Julie Anthony  

Singer Julie Anthony on her hometown

Stroke of Genius: The 1905 Photograph of Victor Trumper  

Gideon Haigh on that famous 1905 photograph of Victor Trumper

Health and Fitness - The 10,000 Step Rule  

Is the 10,000 Step Rule Really Necessary?

How Did Donald Trump Win the Nomination and Could He Win the Election?  

Does Donald Trump have a chance at Winning the Presidency?

What are the latest advances in DNA?  

What impact is the "CSI-effect" having on true crime?

DVD Review - Ghostbusters and Central Intelligence  

Eddie Ivermee's verdict on two new release DVDs

Nepal's Local Women's Handicrafts: A Charity to Help Nepalese Women  

Nasreen Sheik is aiming to help Nepalese women through her enterprise Local Women's Handicrafts in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

Australia's Refugee Policy  

From the Tampa to Border Force - how did Australia’s develop its policy on asylum seekers and refugees?    What factors came into play?    How much was decided in the Courts?  Trevor Chappell discussed this with Julian Burnside, QC, who is one of Australia's leading advocates for asylum seekers.

Farming Technology  

How is technology changing Australian farming?

Favourite Outdoor Activities in Spring  

Bird watching (and counting); bush walks, bike rides, walking the dog, wildflower tours, picnics, barbeques, gardening? Dr Reese Halter, Conservation biologist and Overnights 'Earth Doctor' wants to find out what people love doing in the spring. Here he is with Trevor Chappell.   

John Farnham  

What has made John Farnham such an enduring and loved performer?

Internet Dating  

Is internet dating fraught with danger – or  a renewed chance of romance? 

Fifteen Young Men  

How does a community respond to the loss of a football team?

Spot on the Map - Mintaro, South Australia  

The Historic Town in the Eastern Clare Valley

Exercising: Solo or with a Partner?  

Why train solo?

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