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A Game of Thrones Podcast for people who drink like Tyrion and slay like Daenerys. Tune in every Monday for a new episode. We'll discuss Sunday's show, make predictions, and talk theories. Hosted by Ross Bolen (TotalFratMove.com, PostGradProblems.com), Veronica Ruckh (TotalSororityMove.com), and Barrett Dudley (RowdyGentleman.com). Produced by Micah Wiener for Grandex, Inc.


Season 7, Episode 2: Stormborn  

One thing no one can say is that this season is lacking in story progression. Pieces were flying all over the board in "Stormborn." Things are moving very, very quickly. We recap all of the most important happenings and discuss how what unfolded in this episode will impact the rest of the season with special guest Joe Nullett. Hosted by Ross Bolen, Veronica Ruckh and Barrett Dudley. 866-43-CLAMS Twitter: @ClamsAndCockles Instagram: @OystersClamsCockles

Letters (Voicemails) From Ravens (Listeners): Dragonstone  

Every Thursday, we take calls from our hotline, answer listener questions and address theories. This episode of the podcast revolves around Season 7, Episode 1 -- "Dragonstone." Thank you to everyone who called in this week! Getting to experience the greatest show ever alongside the greatest listeners in the world makes it all the more enjoyable. Hosted by Ross Bolen, Veronica Ruckh and Barrett Dudley. 866-43-CLAMS Twitter: @ClamsAndCockles Instagram: @OystersClamsCockles

Season 7, Episode 1: Dragonstone  

Shall we begin? We're back, baby! We discuss all things "Dragonstone," breaking down and discussing each crucial scene from the episode, including one that was destroyed by mother f***ing Ed Sheeran, and a shocking cold open featuring full-on badass Arya Stark, much to everyone's enjoyment. After the opening sequence, the rest of "Dragonstone" was mostly setup for the remaining 6 episodes of the season, which was to be expected. All-in-all, it was a good start. Hosted by Ross Bolen, Veronica Ruckh and Barrett Dudley. 866-43-CLAMS Twitter: @ClamsAndCockles Instagram: @OystersClamsCockles

Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview  

Finally, after over a year of waiting and anticipating, we are less than one week from the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones. (Some might call it the penultimate season of Game of Thrones.) We spend this hour discussing which important characters remain on the board after season 6's particularly deadly finale, and where those important characters were when we last saw them. Then we bring in special guest after special guest to talk about what they're most excited to see this season, which main character they think has the highest chance of dying, and who they think will be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of season 7. Guests include Joe Nullet of "Dudes Doing Business" podcast, Dan Regester of "Inside TFM" podcast, David Ruff of "Touching Base" and "Dudes Doing Business" podcasts, and Jared Borislow of "Inside TFM" podcast. Special thanks to everyone who rode with us during the off-season and enjoyed less important shows with us, welcome back to everyone who was here for season 6, and we’re glad to have you if you’re a new Oysters, Clams & Cockles listener! Hosted by Ross Bolen, Veronica Ruckh and Barrett Dudley. 866-43-CLAMS Twitter: @ClamsAndCockles Instagram: @OystersClamsCockles

Incredible New Game Of Thrones Trailer, Fargo Finale  

The second trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 has been unveiled and holy sh*t balls it is awesome. We drool over that for a while before getting into the season 3 finale (and possible series finale) of Fargo, and finally random things we're watching.

Penultimate Episode of Fargo's Third Season  

With 26 days remaining until the return of Game of Thrones, we discuss actor Pilou Asbæk saying Euron Greyjoy will make Ramsay "look like a little kid" this season, answer a couple hotline calls, talk about the penultimate episode of Fargo's third season, and get into random things we're watching.

Fargo Season 3, Episode 8, Game of Thrones & Randomness  

Fargo is all that remains from our lineup. Is this a bad thing? You could argue that. But realistically, it gives us time to free up valuable space in our brains for the oh so close return of Game of Thrones. That being said, we talk episode 8 of Fargo season 3, Game of Thrones, and randomness, as the title informed you. 33 days remain as of Wednesday, people. Can you taste it? I can.

The Leftovers Series Finale  

After three mind-f*cking seasons, The Leftovers has concluded. We spend the majority of this episode talking about the finale, what we thought of the series as a whole, and where we think it ranks amongst HBO's other critically lauded programs. Then we get into Fargo and touch on Netflix's new documentary series, The Keepers. Game of Thrones - 1:33 The Leftovers - 11:35 Fargo - 37:57 The Keepers - 48:25 House of Cards - 51:25

The End Is Near  

As Sunday's series finale approaches, we delve into episode 7, season 3 of The Leftovers, otherwise known as "The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)." Then we're joined by the newest member of the Game of Thrones bandwagon, writer and podcaster Jared Borislow, who recently started binge-watching the popular series and has already caught up, so he shares his offensively terrible takes with us. Also, Barrett saw Baywatch, so he talks about that, and we sorta discuss HBO's "Mommy Dead and Dearest" for a second, but not really. The Leftovers - 8:09 Game of Thrones - 42:34 Baywatch - 1:07:00

New Game Of Thrones Trailer, Fargo, The Leftovers  

Holy sh*t balls we finally have ourselves the first trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 and the hype has begun to build. We break down the new trailer before getting into episodes 5 and 6 of Fargo season 3, and finally episode 6, season 3 of The Leftovers, which was probably one of the best hours of television ever made. Game of Thrones - 3:30 Hotline - 17:05 Fargo - 23:26 The Leftovers - 47:57

Frasier The Lion's Orgy  

This week we get into season 3, episode 5 of The Leftovers on HBO, talk season 3, episode 4 of Fargo on FX, bring up random shows and movies we've been watching, take hotline calls, and have a generally wonderful time. Game of Thrones Countdown - 2:37 Hotline Calls - 4:47 The Leftovers - 19:10 Fargo - 40:47 Random Things We're Watching - 54:57

Would You Kill A Baby To Cure Cancer?  

We discuss episode four of The Leftovers season 3, episode three of Fargo season 3, take a riveting call from our hotline, go over some exciting Game of Thrones news, and more. Hotline - 4:00 The Leftovers - 7:30 Game of Thrones News - 33:54 Fargo - 41:40

The Leftovers and Fargo  

We're back with seasons 3 of both The Leftovers on HBO and Fargo on FX along with some random movie talk. Hotline Calls - 3:40 The Leftovers - 18:01 Fargo - 39:08 Random Movie Talk - 56:13

No More Girls  

The series finale of HBO's Girls has come and gone, and we're here to discuss. In other news, Barrett shares a hot take about Veep and we talk about what we're going to talk about next week.

Homeland Ends, What Begins?  

We talk about episodes 11 and 12 of Homeland on Showtime to wrap up the sixth season, get into episodes 8 and 9 of Girls on HBO, and contemplate which shows we should get into next, like Better Call Saul, Fargo, and more. Homeland - 0:27 Rock Hard News - 27:35 Girls - 32:20

You Can't Always Get What You Want  

The series finale of Big Little Lies did not disappoint. Special guest David Ruff of postgradproblems.com joins us to relive the anxiety-inducing seventh episode in all its dramatic glory. We talk Big Little Lies the entire time, but will pick back up with Homeland and Girls next week. Also, it's PODCAST WEEK here at Grandex Media, so if you like our show, check out some of our others including TOUCHING BASE, DUDES DOING BUSINESS, INSIDE TFM, and BACK DOOR COVER.

All Of The Lies  

Episode 6 of Big Little Lies on HBO, episode 10 of Homeland season 6 on Showtime, and episode 7 of Girls season 6 on HBO. We also get into some news from the worlds of Game of Thrones, True Detective, Fargo, and standup comedy. Our Sincerest Apologies - 2:51 Big Little Lies - 5:29 Homeland - 31:38 Girls - 39:20 News - 57:54 Hotline Calls - 1:06:40

Who Done It?  

Big Little Lies, Girls, and Homeland this week. 117 days until Game of Thrones returns. Big Little Lies - 7:00 Girls - 39:00 Homeland - 54:23 OCC Hotline Calls - 1:09:21

Small Gigantic Truths  

Game of Thrones news, Big Little Lies speculation, Homeland discussion, and Girls chaos all rolled up into one endlessly entertaining episode. 2:10 Game of Thrones news 7:49 Big Little Lies episode 4, season 1 33:23 Homeland episode 8, season 6 41:33 Epic Veronica Toss Fail 42:04 Girls episode 5, season 6 58:53 OCC Hotline Calls 866-43-CLAMS @clamsandcockles clamsandcockles@gmail.com

Anger Banging  

We relive the third episode of Big Little Lies, recap episode seven of Homeland's sixth season, and discuss Girls episode 4, season 6. 1:10 Big Little Lies episode 3, season 1 33:40 Homeland episode 7, season 6 38:35 Game of Thrones announcement 40:15 Girls episode 4, season 6 55:33 OCC Hotline Calls 866-43-CLAMS @clamsandcockles clamsandcockles@gmail.com

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