Thought Y'ALL might enjoy this little blunder 

Season 2, Episode 34: Crazy Moderate Isn't So Crazy  

In this episode of the Briefcase, we discuss three articles that circle around the idea of a new center in American politics. 

Show Notes: 

Poverty Inc. 

David Brooks

Galston and Kristol

North Carolina's Moral Movement

Our Crazy Moderate Party

Season 2, Episode 33: What We Learned from the #exittheechochamber Challenge  

Today, we talk about what we learned from the #exittheechochamber challenge and somehow end up dissecting the uselessness of cable news. In the Pearls, we talk about Jill Stein's efforts to recount votes in three states, Trump's latest cabinet appointments, the delay of new overtime regulations, and Fidel Castro's death. Finally, in the Heels, we happily kick off the holiday season.

Show Notes: 

Evan McMullin's Tweetstorm

New York Times on Trump's Business Conflicts

Miami Herald's Castro Coverage




Season 2, Episode 32: Interview with Rebecca Wyhoff, Co-Creator of Local Elections 101  

We're here with Rebecca Wyhoff - co-creater Local Elections 101 - Campaign Essentials in 60 Minutes - Local Elections 101 is a guide for how to win a local election. You can get election advice without hiring a consultant or reading a library of books. The course is presented in a fast-paced, fun video format and would be a great solution for so many of you looking to get involved in local politics!


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Pantsuit Primer: An Overview of the Middle East  

In the first of a series of primers, Beth discusses the Middle East and various groups frequently referenced with little context in US media. 

Season 2, Episode 31: The Post-Election Universe  

We're about halfway through the #exittheechochamber challenge and just a few appointments into the Trump cabinet. We are talking about both plus Sarah's thoughts on The Crown in today's episode. 

Show Notes: 

Trump-Size Idea for a New Presidency

What Trump Cabinet Picks Signal About His Priorities

Trump Meets with Fallin, Gabbard, Perry

Pantsuit Up

Season 2, Episode 30: Exit the Echo Chamber  

We're excited to launch our #exittheechochamber seven day challenge. For the next seven days, we're asking you to look beyond your own perspective by: 

Day 1 - Taking a selfie explaining why you want to exit the echo chamber 

Day 2 - Read three articles from news sources you don't usually read

Day 3 - Have a conversation in real life with someone who voted differently than you

Day 4 - Send a letter or email to someone you've disagreed with politically

Day 5 - Compliment the other side 

Day 6 - Draw an empathy map for someone in another political party 

Day 7 - Take action

Season 2, Episode 29: You Do You  

Recognizing that we are all in different places post-election, we talk about ways to move forward. In The Pearls, we discuss the Bannon and Preibus appointments and discussions percolating on the electoral college. In The Heels, we chat about Thanksgiving coming up. 

Show Notes: 

Pantsuit Up

Ben Shapiro on Steve Bannon

Bannon and Priebus Signal Two Trumps

Preibus Wikipedia

Speculation About Trump's Cabinet

Seth Meyers

How to Make a Congressman Listen

She Should Run

American Pen Pals

Local Elections 101

Kate McKinnon's Benediction

Season 2, Episode 28: Reacting to the Election  

Photo Credit: jsullivan1975 Flickr via Compfight cc

We talk about President Obama and President-elect Trump's meeting in the White House. Voters dissatisfaction with the system and what sanitation has to do with the election. Plus, we talk about what the Democratic party got wrong and our upcoming Exit the Echo Chamber challenge.

We also welcome our new sponsor Make Room. Too many Americans struggle to afford a home, and 20 million families are being squeezed by the high cost of housing. Make Room is dedicated to bringing this to the forefront of our national discussion by letting Congress know we demand more solutions and resources to get families into the homes they deserve - at a cost they can manage. Go to makeroomusa.org and sign up to send a message directly to your local or state representative and take action. 

Show Notes

President Obama and President-elect Trump meet in the White House

The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble


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Special Episode: Results  

We recorded our first conversation post-election results and are sharing with you as we all process things together. 

Special Episode: Election Day  

We made it, America! Get out there and vote, and while you're doing that, try not to take responsibility for how other people feel about this election. 

Special Episode: 1 Day Out  

Down to the wire: We're talking about the FBI's latest report, Jill Filipovic's controversial essay "The Men Feminists Left Behind," and more on reconciliation.

Special Episode: Two Days Out  

We're closing in on Election Day, and early voting is winding down. We talk about efforts to get out the vote, international affairs, and an interesting development in Sarah's race. 

Special Episode: Three Days Out  

Special Episode: Three Days OutThree days before the election, the media, governmental agencies, and politicians seem intent on undermining the public trust. We discuss verdicts in the Bridgegate and Rolling Stone cases as well as Rudy Giuliani's ill-advised insinuations regarding the FBI. 

Special Episode: Four Days Out  

Four days from Election Day, we're asking whether it's worth talking politics with friends and family and how reconciliation can begin on November 9. 

Special Episode: Five Days Out + Our Birthday  

We celebrate our birthday (can you believe it?!?!) and talk about the "tightening" polls, momentum, and news cycles with five days until Election Day. 

Special Episode: Six Days Out  

With six days to go, we talk about important Senate races, the Trump effect in the Republican Party, and the commoditization of "nasty women" and "deplorables." 

Season 2, Episode 27: Seven Days Out  

With one week to go before the election, there's plenty to discuss. In this episode, we kick off a week of daily podcasts. We're talking Wikileaks, the FBI, and our predictions. 


Special Episode: Libertarian v. Green Party - Alex Merced and Robin Laverne Wilson Debate  

In today's special episode, Beth moderates a debate between Robin Laverne Wilson (Green Party) and Alex Merced (Libertarian party), candidates for U.S. Senator from the State of New York.  

Thank you for your patience with the audio -- we recognize it's not perfect, but we love the content and hope that you will, too. 

Show Notes: 

Alex Merced - Website

Robin Laverne Wilson - Website


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