Season 2, Episode 25: How to talk politics with your kids  

Sarah gives a campaign update and we address tough political conversations we've had with other adults, before turning to how we handle these conversations with our kids. During one of the most polarizing presidential elections in an already polarized time, how do we talk to our kids about the news, our political values, and how the electoral college actually works. Plus, we talk about our new favorite Facebook group.


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Season 2, Episode 24: The Third and Final Debate  

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

We're bringing you an early edition of the Briefcase and a late night conversation following the third and final presidential debate. 

Season 2, Episode 23: The Supremes  

We gave our best efforts to focus The Pearls on non-election events (by focusing on the FBI's thwarting of a bombing in Kansas, violence in Baghdad, a gun manufacturer liability ruling, and the Wells Fargo fallout). But, the 2016 race pulled us back in. In The Suit, we talk about the role of the Supreme Court today and how Trump and Clinton might approach the court. Finally, in The Heels, we talk about much-needed self-care during the election season. 

Show Notes: 

Ideological Leanings of SCOTUS Justices

The October Term

Heritage on Important Cases in the 2016-2017 Term

FiveThirtyEight: Two Candidates Promise an Extreme Court

The HRC Short List

The DJT Short List

Judicial Politics

Primer: The US Supreme Court  

Spend 20 minutes with Beth brushing up on the authority, composition, and cases pending before the Supreme Court in advance of Tuesday's episode. 

Season 2, Episode 22: Cultural Touchstones & Cultural Insensitivity  

Photo Credit: feliksbln Flickr via Compfight cc

We catch up on the latest round of upsetting campaign news and share incredibly insightful feedback from our listeners on flawed women, the patriarchy, and Columbia's peace deal. 

Show Notes


Colombian Peace Deal Supporter Reacts To Failure Of Referendum


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Season 2, Episode 21: Town Hall Debate Analysis  

We discuss the Trump Tapes and the fallout within the GOP and beyond. We also offer up our instant analysis on Sunday night's Town Hall Debate and the ugliness before, during, and after. Also, on a lighter note, Sarah shares about her vacation and outrunning Hurricane Matthew.


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Special Episode: Alex Merced on Libertarianism  

In this special episode, Beth interviews libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate (New York) Alex Merced. Alex talks about his background, why he's a libertarian, the current presidential and his positions on a "lightening round" of issues.

Here's what you should know about Alex

Name: Alex Merced - Libertarian Party US Senate Candidate (NY)

Age: 31

Married to wife for 2 years (together for 7 years)

Profession: Corporate Trainer in Financial Industry, former retail store owner (Gamers Lounge in Bowling Green, oh), Podcaster/blogger, event promoter, social media consultant

Education: BA from Bowling Green State University

If Elected Would Be...

- Youngest Serving US Senator (dethroning Tom Cotton)

- First Puerto Rican or Guatemalan Elected US Senate

- First Libertarian Elected to US Senate

Main issues:

- Rolling Back Regime Change to reduce new

Instability abroad

- Ending the drug war and the overcriminalization and violence that comes with it

- Increasing families disposable incomes and ability to save with tax reforms and reforming the policy drivers of inflation in healthcare, housing and education

- increasing visibility of Transgender issues and using the pulpit to bring attention to suicide, homelessness, and structural unemployment within the transgender community (have very close transgender issues, so this is more a personal thing than a policy issue)

Economic Policy Proposals:

- Rainy Day Account: rolling IRAs, HSAs, Coverdells into one tax favored savings account for all of life's events such as Unemployment, education, retirement, healthcare, parental leave, etc.

- The America Corp: a new corporate designation with 0% corporate tax rate but requires all assets and employees be in the US and that employees vote for one member of the board of directors to give labor more of a seat in corporate governance.

- 20% flat tax: instead of a complex tax code and complex web of aid programs, have a 20% flat tax with a refundable tax credit that will provide aid to anyone for anything. The amount of the tax credit amount changes with age (25k 18-26,65+ - 10k 27-64)

Interesting facts:

- Son of a immigrant from Guatemala in which regime change created instability in the 1950s which led to decades of civil wars and dictators and has contributed to the frustrations over the border (stability abroad effects border security, so regime change is very much against the countries national interests)

- parents are divorced so mainly raised by mother who after divorced lived in poverty working multiple part time jobs, going to school, raising two kids but worked her way to the middle class by the time I was 18 and has been my inspiration for my belief that anything is possible with hard work and determination

- grew up in suburban CT, went to school in Rural Ohio, and has lived in urban NYC so has experience the different setting Americans live in

Season 2, Episode 20: Special Guest Bob Inglis on Climate Change and Free Enterprise  

While Sarah wraps up her family vacation, Beth brings you a special interview with former Congressman and Executive Director of republicEN.org Bob Inglis. Bob is a "climate realist and energy optimist." Hear his story of learning about the realities of climate change and advocating for conservative solutions. Bob also gives his take on the current election and the future of the Republican party. 

Show Notes: 


Bob talks with Chris Hayes about the 2017 race

Clip of Bob from Merchants of Doubt

Clip of Bob from YEARS of Living Dangerously

A Carbon Tax is a Conservative Solution to Climate Change

Bob Inglis Rallies GOP on Climate Change, One Lawmaker at a Time

Bonus - Beth's Instant VP Debate Reactions  

Sarah's on vacation, but I watched the debate with many of you. Here are a few quick thoughts. We'll talk more next week. 


Season 2, Episode 19: Trustees or Delegates?  

In the wake of Congress passing, overriding President Obama's veto on, and then regretting the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, we're examining the roles of our representatives. In 2016, should our leaders act as trustees, exercising independent judgment, or delegates, conforming to the will of the populace? But first, we talk about Colombian voters' rejection of the FARC peace agreement, the continued violence and breakdown of diplomacy in Syria, and, of course, Donald Trump's taxes. We end on a much lighter note: Sarah's trip to Disney World. Can you help her family find a better trip hashtag? 

Show Notes: 

Colombian Voters Reject FARC Peace Deal

Diplomacy Breakdown in Syria

Donald Trump's Taxes

International Lawyers: Don't Let Americans Sue Saudi Arabia

The Consequences of JASTA

Congress Somehow Blames President Obama for JASTA

The Unbelievable Idiocy of Congress

Trustees vs. Delegates

Majority Vote Rules: Advocating for the Delegate Model

The Reality of Modern Representation

Was Obama vs. Romney a Trustee vs. Delegate Contest? 

Trustee vs. Delegate: A False Binary? 

Season 2, Episode 18: Debate Interruptus  

We talk further about the debate - both about our thoughts and your feedback. We also discuss the gendered politics of interrupting and share a listener voice mail.


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Season 2, Episode 17: Instant Debate Analysis  

Sarah shares her insight from Vox Conversations. Beth shares her insight from a leadership retreat. Both Sarah and Beth share their (exhausted) insight from the first presidential debate.

Show Notes

Full Debate


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Season 2, Episode 16: The Briefcase - Sarah live from D.C. on Universal Basic Income  

Hey y'all, for this week's episode of The Briefcase we're putting Friday Feedback on hold to bring you a special interview on asking big questions and universal basic income from Sarah's weeklong trip to the Vox Conversations conference in Washington D.C. 

PSA: There are a couple of moments during the interview where we get some mic static. Please forgive us for the live sound issues!

Bonus: Director's Cut of The Great Redhead Debate  

In case you can't get enough Pantsuit Politics, we're giving you an extended version of The Great Redhead Debate, complete with commentary from Sarah, Beth, and Dante. 

Season 2, Episode 15: The Great Redhead Debate  

This week we took a break from our normal format to create a special episode for y'all by stepping behind the podium (figuratively of course) for the Great Redhead Debate. For two weeks we took questions from listeners and prepped hard to bring a real debate feel to this election cycle, Pantsuit Politics style - with substance and issues taking center stage. Dante moderated, and we touched on topics like school choice, the economic recovery, the Dakota Access Pipeline, climate change and clean energy spending, teacher shortages, and lots more. Things even got contentious at times, but don't worry, we kept it nuanced. 

Season 2, Episode 14: The Briefcase - Tough Conversations  

In this episode of the Briefcase, we discuss what listeners are teaching us about gender and race in our conversations. 

Since Dante isn't on the episode for this discussion, we wanted to share his sentiments: 

I'm so glad my presence on the show inspired people to reach out to us, both in positive and critical ways. It's helped reaffirm that this show is and will always be about our listeners. I know this because until very recently I was one, and I know how much this show means to me and all of us. I've always learned from our community and will continue to do so to make this the best show it can possibly be. Y'all, never stop bringing that passion because as soon as that stops we've got a much bigger problem than a man crashing the Pantsuit Politics party. Smooches. - Dante



Season 2, Episode 13: Culture Eats Elections for Lunch  

Peter Drucker famously said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." We take a look at the role of culture in this election season by discussing Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comments and sharing our interview with Nikki Johnson-Huston, attorney, advocate, and the author of "The Culture of the Smug White Liberal." We also briefly cover the cease-fire in Syria, how September 11 influences our generation, and the "life-changing" power of paring things down. 

Show Notes: 

Syrian Airstrikes Follow Cease Fire Announcement

Syrian Cease Fire

A Narrow Opportunity for Peace

Millennials Reflect on September 11

The Basket of Deplorables

Roger Katz: Why This Republican Can't Support Trump

Nikki Johnson-Huston

The Culture of the Smug White Liberal

Marie Kondo

Bonus: Dante and Beth Discuss the Commander in Chief Forum  

Dante and Beth have a late night chat about the Commander in Chief forum, including Trump's response on veteran's health issues and Clinton's strong statement on ground troops in Iraq and Syria. 

Season 2, Episode 12: Candidate Missteps and the Fox News Settlement  

We have an exciting announcement about an upcoming Pantsuit Politics special event! Plus, we talk about the commander-in-chief candidate forums, Gary Johnson and Aleppo, and the settlement and apology Fox News offered Gretchen Carlson.

Show Notes

Commander-In-Chief Forum

Matt Lauer's 'Commander-in-Chief Forum' performance panned

Fox Will Pay Gretchen Carlson $20 Million To Settle Sexual


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