Season 2 Finale: The Inauguration  

In our final episode of Season 2, we discuss your feedback on our mental health episode, the Trump inauguration, and the Women's March. 

Season 2, Episode 44: Mental Health Services  

After discussing Rep. John Lewis's comments about President-elect Trump and our favorite speeches from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we dive into a wide-ranging discussion of mental health in the United States. In the Heels, for some reason, we talk about our high school senior superlatives. 

Show Notes: 

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Dr. King's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Joe Straus

The San Antonio Way

Invisibilia: The Problem with the Solution

Sarah Meets Dean Cain

Primer: Mental Health Services in the US  

Thanks to our listener Debbie, we share background on mental health services in the United States. 

Season 2, Episode 43: Lightning Round  

We received SO much feedback about celebrities and abortions, and the news has been CRAZY. So, we do a lightning round of news and nuance in this episode of the Briefcase. 

Show Notes: 

The Pantsuit Politics Book Club

The Problem with Being Paternalistic about Disabilities

The Trump Press Conference

The GOP's SLOW Going on an ACA Replacement 

Investigation of Ties to Russia

Sister Women's Marches



Season 2, Episode 42: Right to Work  

The Kentucky legislature wasted no time getting to work. We discuss new anti-choice and right-to-work laws and, of course, the Golden Globes. 

Show Notes: 

Kentucky anti-choice laws

Kentucky right to work laws

Right to work laws

Meryl Streep remarks



Season 2: Episode 41: The Word of the Year  

In this episode of The Briefcase, we discuss your contenders for our focal word of 2017, along with the Friday Feedback. 

Season 2, Episode 40: New Year, New Landscape  

Happy New Year! In The Pearls, we discuss the Trump administration, the UN resolution on Israeli settlements, and tragic events around the world. We also compliment the other party before launching into a discussion of what it means to be a woman in the Trump era and what "resistance" means. We particularly dive into Madeleine Davies's piece, Becoming Ugly.  In The Heels, we share our one-word focal points for 2017 and ask for your thoughts on a 2017 Pantsuit Politics word. 

Show Notes: 

The Cabinet So Far

Remaining Seats

Demographics of the Trump Cabinet

Alexander Hamilton

Debriefing the President by John Nixon

Becoming Ugly

Primer: Israel and Palestine  

In Part II of the Middle East primer series, Beth attempts to describe the decades-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in about 25 minutes. 

Season 2, Episode 39: Our Christmas Wish List  

We're sharing our Second Annual Wish List, which takes us from a new conservative party to mental health, climate change, education, and changing the way we think and communicate. Merry everything, and happy nuanced year! 

Season 2, Episode 38: Intense Feedback  

With emotions still running high post-election, we talk about our reflections on critical listener feedback and what we think the promise of Pantsuit Politics should be in 2017. We also discuss the humanitarian crisis in Syria and a blog post written about Sarah's run for office. 

Season 2, Episode 37: It Keeps Getting Stranger  

We attempt to sort out what we're hearing about Russian interference during the election and how the electoral college should respond. In The Pearls, we applaud the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act and discuss the tragic bombings in Istanbul, the continued assault on Aleppo, and the treatment of refugees in Papua New Guinea. In The Heels, we talk about our current non-political passions. 

Show Notes: 

The 21st Century Cures Act

The Istanbul Bombings

McConnell's Tribute to Joe Biden

Bipartisan Call for Investigation into Russian Involvement in Our Election

Everything Mattered

Help Beth and Jane Support the Emergency Shelter

Papua New Guinea

Season 2, Episode 36: Rethinking Identity Politics with Tamela Blalock  

We take the Friday Feedback to a new level today in a conversation with Tamela Blalock on identity politics and race under a Trump administration. We know that the audio is difficult, and we appreciate your graciousness about that. We hope you enjoy this important and challenging conversation. 

Season 2, Episode 35: AllSides  

Today we're talking with John Gable, Founder and CEO of AllSides, a news service dedicated to solving polarization through bias ratings and civil dialogue. In the Pearls, we briefly discuss current events--the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Italian referendum, and the Austrian election--and questions surrounding Betsy DeVos's faith. In the Heels, we discuss Sarah's love of movies. 

Show Notes


Dakota Access Pipeline

Italian Referendum

Austrian Election

Politico on Betsy DeVos


Thought Y'ALL might enjoy this little blunder 

Season 2, Episode 34: Crazy Moderate Isn't So Crazy  

In this episode of the Briefcase, we discuss three articles that circle around the idea of a new center in American politics. 

Show Notes: 

Poverty Inc. 

David Brooks

Galston and Kristol

North Carolina's Moral Movement

Our Crazy Moderate Party

Season 2, Episode 33: What We Learned from the #exittheechochamber Challenge  

Today, we talk about what we learned from the #exittheechochamber challenge and somehow end up dissecting the uselessness of cable news. In the Pearls, we talk about Jill Stein's efforts to recount votes in three states, Trump's latest cabinet appointments, the delay of new overtime regulations, and Fidel Castro's death. Finally, in the Heels, we happily kick off the holiday season.

Show Notes: 

Evan McMullin's Tweetstorm

New York Times on Trump's Business Conflicts

Miami Herald's Castro Coverage




Season 2, Episode 32: Interview with Rebecca Wyhoff, Co-Creator of Local Elections 101  

We're here with Rebecca Wyhoff - co-creater Local Elections 101 - Campaign Essentials in 60 Minutes - Local Elections 101 is a guide for how to win a local election. You can get election advice without hiring a consultant or reading a library of books. The course is presented in a fast-paced, fun video format and would be a great solution for so many of you looking to get involved in local politics!


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Pantsuit Primer: An Overview of the Middle East  

In the first of a series of primers, Beth discusses the Middle East and various groups frequently referenced with little context in US media. 

Season 2, Episode 31: The Post-Election Universe  

We're about halfway through the #exittheechochamber challenge and just a few appointments into the Trump cabinet. We are talking about both plus Sarah's thoughts on The Crown in today's episode. 

Show Notes: 

Trump-Size Idea for a New Presidency

What Trump Cabinet Picks Signal About His Priorities

Trump Meets with Fallin, Gabbard, Perry

Pantsuit Up

Season 2, Episode 30: Exit the Echo Chamber  

We're excited to launch our #exittheechochamber seven day challenge. For the next seven days, we're asking you to look beyond your own perspective by: 

Day 1 - Taking a selfie explaining why you want to exit the echo chamber 

Day 2 - Read three articles from news sources you don't usually read

Day 3 - Have a conversation in real life with someone who voted differently than you

Day 4 - Send a letter or email to someone you've disagreed with politically

Day 5 - Compliment the other side 

Day 6 - Draw an empathy map for someone in another political party 

Day 7 - Take action

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