Paulie Malignaggi: From Brooklyn to the World

Paulie Malignaggi: From Brooklyn to the World


Paulie Malignaggi: From Brooklyn to the World


January 6th 2017 RANT!  

The fans have spoken and the boys have delivered!  Here is the latest rant from Paulie and Pete!  Enjoy!

EP 80:  Julian Williams Live Fight Week!  

Paulie and Pete welcome Julian JRock Williams just days before his 154 lb title fight vs Jermall Charlo.  The guys also address the greatness that is Vasyl Lomachenko.  Lastly, the guys talk Nonito Dinaire and what happened between him and Pacquaio.

EP 79:  Kovalev, Ward, Pittsburgh Pirates and Hair Transplants  

The boys are back in the studio and Paulie drops a bombshell about why he was late to the studio....then it gets serious as they give tremendous props to Ward and Kovalev, two champions that put on a hell of a fight last Saturday night.  There's some laughs in there too.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

EP 78:  From Vegas!  Mayweather, Pacquiao, Garcia, Thurman  

We were able to grab some time with the champ as he is in the thick of it out in Vegas as we are all getting ready for the Light Heavyweight showdown between Kovalev and Ward.  Paulie also weighs in on the Mayweather - Pacquiao rumors and breaks down last weeks fights while also looking forward.

EP 77:  Manny, Danny,King Kong & Floyd?  

The boys are back in the studio and on fire!  The guys talk about last week's PPV fights, featuring Manny Pacquiao.  Has he earned a Mayweather rematch?  The guys also talk about the upcoming fights this weekend.

EP 77.7:  TRUMP!  

Paulie and Pete are excited that Donald Trump is going to be our next president!  They have been talking about it for the last year and now it has happened.  They also have some choice words for the protesters!

EP 76:  Showtime's Hot Schedule!  and Tom Brady!  

Boxing is about to heat up again as Showtime announces several killer fights starting on December 10th, a date that has about 10 fights happening already!  Seriously, great fights coming and the guys have a lot to say about it.

EP 76.5 Politico!  RIP Cousin Sal!  

The guys are talking politics once again!  They end the show with a touching tribute to their friend that has died way too young, Cousin Sal.

EP 75.5 Dirty Politics  

The guys bring up some serious issues and some really dirty politics in this week's rant episode!

EP 75:  Big Fights Announced!  Great Stories!  

The guys have a long history and today they decided to share some classic Paulie and Pete stories....very funny!  The guys also talk about some great fights that were just signed as we look for boxing to heat up starting in November.

EP 74.5:  The Boxing Episode:  RIP HAWK!....Mayweather vs. GGG??????  

The guys talk drug testing in boxing, Mayweather - GGG?, a full month of good fights in November and remembering The Hawk, Aaron Pryor.

EP 74:  Paulie, Petey, Politics?  

The guys start off this week with their political commentary.  Paulie has a lot on his mind that he wants to get off his chest!

EP 73.5:  The Lost Boxing Episode, Anthony vs Klitchko?  

The guys talk the mess that is Tyson Fury, new Hall Of Fame names on the ballet and Anthony vs Klitchko?

EP 73  Paulie Politics!  

The guys are starting this week off on a rant!  Politics, Politics, Politics!  But the guys know how to make it informative and entertaining!  Boxing coming up next!

EP 72.5 Paulie pulls no punches!  Trump vs Clinton!  

Paulie is back in the studio and talking boxing just isn't enough!  The boys go all in on this crazy world and country we live in and they are not shy about their opinions!  Enjoy another RANT episode!

EP 72:  Paulie is back and fired up!  

It's great to have the champ back in the studio!  Paulie has been working for Sky Sports in the UK for some big fights and shares his experience and expertise with the faithful Brooklyn To The World listeners!

EP 71:  Canelo, Trump, Fury...OH MY!  

The boys give us the latest in the world of boxing, get a surprise call from Isaiah from Hilton Rewards, and get into the latest mess in the US.  

EP 70:  What's next for GGG and Kell Brook?  

Paulie is back on the show!  Live from Siracusa, the world!  The guys break down last weekend's action, tell you why you're wrong if you rank GGG or Chocolatito over Andre Ward on the pound 4 pound list, and give you some politics to round it out.  Enjoy!  Tell your friends!  Rate us!  Leave comments!

EP 69:  GGG vs Brook, Hillary vs Donald, Fury vs Klitschko  

Pete and Seth talk about the upcoming fights....boxing, mma, politics, football, baseball, badminton and more!  Lots of laughs and shenanigans!  

EP 68:  Expert analysis of GGG vs Kell Brook  

Paulie and Pete give a tactical, analytical breakdown of the September 10th showdown between GGG and Kell Brook.  The guys also get into Colin Kaepernick and Joe Paterno.  The best damn boxing podcast on the planet!  Tell Your Friends!

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