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Penn's Sunday School

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When It Says Rain In the Script, Cross It Out  

Acting on Code Black, & the trials of making the low budget horror film The Grounds.

Congratulations, Bob!  

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Filming the TV show Code Black and Penn's movie The Grounds. Also, more dieting info.

Red, Not Red.  

Penn gives Clinton advice on how to destroy Trump. 19,000 pounds lost on our non-vegan "hoax" diet. Penn has blonde hair!

Cork it With Cadaver Bone  

Shouldn't Trump be called Mr. Piggy? Why we shouldn't look at Mr. Piggy's tax return, dental surgery, & the Penn & Teller slot machine.

Hold Your Breath & Stay Still  

Penn eats the hottest pepper on earth, & attends the premier of Jerry Lewis' new movie Max Rose. Why do Penn & Teller appear in My Little Pony? The presidential debates are bumming our shit.

We Will Talk About Fucking A Duck At The Drop Of A Hat  

Penn flies a hang glider with The Passing Zone's Owen Morse. Johnny Thompson & Penn perform in the Brookledge Follies. Crawfish as pets, & bear testing products.

Greatest Question Ever  

Penn is asked the greatest question ever. Service jobs, driving in a gorilla suit, & the end of Howard Johnson's.

In Defense of Anthony Weiner  

Penn defends Anthony Weiner, & does a card trick at The Bucket Show. Presto! audio book bloopers. Moxie appears on Fool Us. Penn struggles to pronounce "Chipotle".


The Slammer garage sale, Penn & Teller appear on The Late Late Show, & we make our case for Gary Johnson appearing in the presidential debate.

Predator Confusion  

Penn puts a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on his car. We announce the dates of the Slammer garage sale, & Marvel asks Penn to write a Spiderman & Deadpool story.

Presto! at Live Talks Los Angeles  

Matt & Penn at the Q&A for Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales.

Young Americans For Liberty 2016 & Reason's Nick Gillespie  

Penn's preaches libertarianism for the Young Americans for Liberty at the Catholic University of America, plus a conversation with Nick Gillespie about Trump, Dylan, & Presto! Footage courtesy of &

Beaver Cleaver & the Attractive Slots  

What it is to be American, a radio magic trick, Mahdi Gilbert's sleight of no hand, & the campaign promise to put a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on Penn's car.

Shimmy Naked Up The Pistachio Tree To Skinny Dip With Donald Trump  

Goudeau's kiteboarding trip, The Skinny Dip on Amazon Prime, & the man who saved Penn by pirating passwords.

Four Preachers vs. Penn: Better Get Another Guy  

Matt had a car crash. Season 3 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us premieres on CW. The Preachers question Penn's atheism on Fox.

You May Not Understand This, But We're Right (& Parts for A Third)  

The NRO gives NASA new giant telescopes, a discussion of the benefits of base 12, & David Copperfield gets a new house.

Ungrateful Wretch or Whiny Loser?  

Obama's nighttime routine, our co-host beats Gilbert Gottfried, & when it's OK to quit.

Trumply Whiplash Trumps It Up  

Love wins, even when it loses. Trump finds Jesus. TSA, & Tomsoni's "Gambler's Ballad".

Penn's Punk Ass Dad & Banana Slugs  

Penn talks about seeing "In & Of Itself" (Derek DelGaudio's show) & Dylan, plus Father's Day stories.

The Unstoppable Force Versus the Blubbering Object  

Penn reviews his Reason Rally performance & meeting with evangelist Ray Comfort

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