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Pro Football Focus brings you a podcast featuring David Tuchman and the PFF crew discussing the NFL season.


Draft - AFC West Review  

Mike and Bobby take you through the AFC West. Who had the best draft, who had the worst, and which lucky team landed one of Bobby’s guys?

Draft - NFC West Review  

Mike and Bobby break down the NFC West picks. Who did well, who did not, why will we always hate the pick when Seattle draft a lineman, and who gets the Rick Drummond seal of approval?

Draft - AFC South Review  

Sam and Ben look over the AFC South draft. They both agree that Derrick Henry was a bit of a stretch in the 2nd round, because of his physical limitations.

Draft - NFC South Review  

Sam and Ben look at the NFC South’s draft results. They begin by laying into the Falcons picks, and close by scratching their heads over the Buc’s trading up for a kicker.

Draft - NFC North  

Mike and John break down the NFC North performance in the draft. Who were the best picks? Who were the worst? And just what were the Vikings doing taking Willie Beavers?

Draft - AFC North Review  

John and Mike Review the AFC North’s draft. They both loved William Jackson III going to the Bengals in the first round, as well as the Browns draft overall.

Draft - NFC East Review  

Sam and Steve go through the NFC East highlighting the best and worst picks made by each team. Sam touches on Jaylon Smith being a bit of an overrated prospect, and Steve takes issue with the Dolphins reaching for Eli Apple at 10th overall.  

Draft - AFC East Review  

Sam and Steve take a look at the AFC Easts’s draft results. They highlight the best and worst picks of the draft, and Steve addresses some myths about coverage linebackers.

PFF Podcast - Draft Review  

Sam and Steve are back to review a crazy draft weekend. What were the big storylines? What were the best and worst value picks, and who are the best players to go undrafted?

Short - Ronnie Stanley  

Gordon and John take a look at one of this years top offensive tackles, Ronnie Stanley. PFF have him as the best pass protecting tackle in the draft

Short - Jack Conklin  

Gordon and John talk about Jack Conklin, offensive tackle from Michigan St. They peg him as the best run blocking tackle in the draft.

Draft - Linebackers  

Mike and Bobby go in depth discussing this years linebacker class. They start with Miles Jack and work their way down the board

Draft - Running Backs  

Mike Renner and Matt Claassen talk about the RB class in this draft. How high should elite RBs be taken? Where will Heisman winner Derrick Henry land? And who are some late sleepers to keep an eye on?

Draft - Our Guys  

Sam, Mike and Bobby talk about their guys in this draft process. A few players that have caught the analysts’ eyes during the pre-draft evaluation process and need some more love. They also devise a new offensive system set to take the NFL by storm…for 3 months.

PFF Short - Carson Wentz  

Sam and Steve are back talking North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. Does he belong at the top of the draft? What does he bring to the table, and what are the drawbacks? 

PFF Short - Jared Goff  

Steve and Sam are back previewing the presumptive No. 1 overall pick, with a little help from the office intercom. 

Short - Sterling Shepard  

Gordon and John breakdown Sterling Shepard, the wide receiver from Oklahoma. They talk about Shepard’s strengths, as well as the value of a slot receiver in today’s NFL.

The Mock Draft Podcast  

Sam, Mike, Ben and Gordon have a bit of fun pre-draft, and do a full 1st round mock draft. Check out who your team snagged, the QBs that went in the 1st, and the guy Mike snuck into the 1st round at the death.

Short - Shaq Lawson  

Mike and Bobby have Shaq Lawson as the second best edge defender in the draft. They talk about his scheme versatility, ability to play the run, and give some flattering player comparisons 

PFF Short - Jarran Reed  

Gordon and John take a look at Jarran Reed, one of the best D-line prospects in the draft. A true 2-gap player that can play nose tackle or end. Can he develop as a pass rusher freed from his duties at Bama?

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