PhotoTypes: Where the world's top photographers re

PhotoTypes: Where the world's top photographers re

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A weekly podcast where the world's top photographers reveal their amazing stories and share their inspirations. What drives them to produce the best photography in the world, how do they market themselves and if they weren't a photographer, what would they be?


Gregory Crewdson: Cathedral of the Pines #24  

Gregory Crewdson is an acclaimed American photographer who makes images on an epic scale. With all the production values of a movie the images are crafted with meticulous precision to produce art to fire the viewers imagination. Ahead of the opening of his latest show, 'Cathedral of the Pines,' Gregory took the time to talk to PhotoTypes about his process and what inspires him and his images.

Jose Villa: The reluctant rockstar  

Jose Villa is often referred to as one of the 'rockstars' of wedding photography. It's not a title that sits comfortably with him though. He sees himself as a fairly normal guy who wants to create beautiful images. But there is no getting away from the fact that his images are adored by so many people around the world, and his style has become one of the most replicated. So how does he feel about all this attention and the pressure that comes with it?

James & Jo Melia: Talking through photography #22  

It’s been said that a picture paints a thousand words. For James Melia that is most certainly the case. For him, the images he produces are more than words, they’re his voice. Why waste your time trying to come up with erudite speeches when your photos say all they need to say. James Melia’s images say more than enough which means that he doesn’t have to. He was pretty nervous about this interview for PhotoTypes which is why I’m so grateful for him making the effort to do it, along with his wife, and shooting partner Jo.

Jonny Draper: #Dontbeadick #21  

From Marketing, to wedding videos, to wedding photography, Jonny Draper’s story is an interesting one. I’m not sure it’s ready for the West End just yet Jonny, but when it is, there’s only one person going to play the lead role. Listen to Jonny and I talk about our wives tidying up after us, who's the best character in Les Mis, workshop hashtags and some bits about photography. You can find out more about Jonny at

Cole Roberts: Nordica Photography  

On this weeks episode of PhotoTypes you’re going to hear about an unlikely partnership. Cole Roberts is one half of Nordica Photography; a business that began with a friendship formed in Sweden, travelled to Canada and then returned back to Sweden. To make sense of all that we speak to Cole in Sweden.

Paris Gore: Turn your passion into your profession  

Paris Gore started photographing his friends riding their mountain bikes when he was around 14 years old and he’s still doing it, only now he travels around the world getting paid to do it. His story is a simple one but still fascinating for those who have a passion for something and want to know how to turn that into their job.

Jacob Loafman: The master tinkerer #18  

USA based Jacob Loafman describes himself as a master tinkerer when it comes to photography using lights and household objects to capture moments in works of art. In this episode he talks about his photography journey and how a personal attack led to a massive outpouring of love and support from the photography community.

Luca Locatelli: The mistress called Photography #17  

Luca Locatelli had a successful web design company in Italy, but he wasn't fulfilled, he needed something else. So he set off on a trip to the Amazon with a camera and fell in love with a mistress called Photography. He calls himself a photographic storyteller and has shared his stories with National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine. Now he's sharing his personal story with PhotoTypes. Luca is such a lovely guy, it was a pleasure to have him on PhotoTypes. Find out more at Grazie Luca

Chloe Browne: Capturing the light #16  

To have someone believe in you so much that they invest in you and give you the equipment to pursue your dream must be an empowering feeling. That's what happened to Chloe Browne when the guy she was dating bought her a digital camera because he believed she could do it as a career. It was the helping hand she needed to quit her day job and do what she wanted.

Ann-Kathrin Koch: Telling moving stories #15  

Ann-Kathrin Koch was an Editor of moving pictures for TV commercials and music videos. She loved telling the stories and how things looked but she started to want to tell her own stories. When she got asked to photograph a friends wedding in her native Germany she wasn't keen, but her insistent friends changed the course of her career. Now she shoots weddings on film because she loves the look and feel of it, and the way that the memories last. We also talk, real ale, swearing in German and lots more besides. Check out her work at Thanks for being a guest Ann.

Lukas Piatek: A gift from Oz  

German photographer Lukas Piatek always dreamt of being a professional photographer but he wasn't sure it would happen or how to make it happen, so he got a job as a Graphic Designer. Whilst on a year long trip to Australia something happened that convinced him to do everything he could to follow his dream. You can read more about Lukas on his website and also find Looks Like Film at

Laura Babb: From ASBO's to I Do's  

Life is about the people you meet and the relationships you form with them. Some of those relationships are fleeting and some are lasting and more meaningful. When Laura Babb met a guy called Pete, not only did they fall in love with each other, he taught her to fall in love with photography. The result is a successful wedding photography business and a photography festival now in its second year.

India Hobson: Working your way out of a photography problem #12  

Sheffield based India Hobson is a commercial and portrait photographer and her favourite shade is grey. Now that might seem strange for a photographer to like grey when there is a whole spectrum of colours to choose from, but when you leverage that shade, and light, like India does then you can come up with some pretty stunning results. In this episode of PhotoTypes we talk about her early days as a photographer, which she took up after deciding being a window dresser involved too much DIY. We also talk about her love of paintings and artists and we discuss her incredible Instagram feed which you really have to see to believe. Instagram @indiahobson

Derek Bremner: Escaping into the camera #11  

Derek Bremner found that he could use his camera as an escape tool, as an escape from issues that were holding him back in the past. Now he gets lost in what he sees through his viewfinder and he loves what he sees and we loves what he produces. In this episode of PhotoTypes we talk about cameras, Tony Bennett, festivals, mental health, iconic music eras and staying in hotels at festivals.

Steve Gerrard: Starting all over again in a different country #10  

Steve Gerrard, not a footballer, had a massively successful wedding business in the UK. However, he and his wife decided to return to her place of birth, Montreal and start all over again. So how do you start all over again in a different country with a brand new audience who doesn't know you?

In this episode of PhotoTypes Steve tells us about his worries over the move, how he's planning on finding the clients that fit for him and his hopes for the future.

Steve was also a successful DJ before he took up photography so he tells us about that career and how it took him all over the world and why he eventually hung up his headphones.


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Andy Gaines: All wedding photographers need to listen to this  

Andy Gaines was a musician for ten years but when he met a girl who became his wife he settled down and started a family. His life as a rockstar was winding down but not you could say he's a rockstar photographer. He'd hate to be called that but having gone from complete novice to award winner in three years he's clearly got something about him.

His views on weddings and wedding photography are very simple, but they are extremely effective and pertinent and if you're a wedding photographer now or you want to be one then you seriously need to listen to what Andy has to say

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Conor McDonnell: Shooting Kim & Kanye's wedding and much more besides #8  

Last year Conor McDonnell got a call asking him to shoot Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding. One of the photos from that day became the most liked photo on Instagram with 2.4m likes.

It was a big moment in Conor's life but he's not let it go to his head and he's not got carried away by it because in the years before that he had knocked on doors and built a successful career as a music photographer working with James Morrisson, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and Calvin Harris amongst others.

In this weeks episode of PhotoTypes he tells us what he is allowed to about the wedding and how it came about and he also tells us about his work travelling the world photographing some of the biggest names in music.

Christian McLeod: Do what you love to do #7  

Ocean adventure and lifestyle photographer Christian McLeod talks to PhotoTypes from his home town in Ireland. Having studied engineering at University he realised that his calling lay elsewhere and set off travelling with his camera.

Being entirely self-taught his is another amazing journey into photography.

He talks about how Instagram has affected photography, his love of the ocean and how it inspires him and how it nearly claimed his life.

You can find out more about him at


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Nick Tucker: Not a wedding photographer but a photographer who takes photos at weddings #6  

Photographer Nick Tucker talks to PhotoTypes about his wife Sara who became his muse and completely changed the course of his career. He also talks about why he doesn't consider himself a wedding photographer, more a photographer who takes photos at weddings.

Anna Hardy: Don't miss a moment with wedding and portrait photographer Anna Hardy #5  

When Anna Hardy realised she didn't want to miss a moment of her son growing up she embarked on a project to shoot a photo of him every single day. It kick started her professional photography career.

She left her job as a teacher and took an admin job so that she could have the time to do more and more photography, a year later she was a full time photographer.

Starting out with weddings she soon realised she had a talent for photographing children and was naturally drawn to them so Anna is now shooting more and more family and child portraits.

You can see her work online at

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