Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 13 – Elliot and Slota - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

The Pimpstarlife Podcast is back with the fastest recorded and published episode ever! Elliot Gröndahl and Oliver Slota from our stunt family is back with us for a second time since the first time two weeks ago was lost in data corruption. No tears, just at it again so enjoy this amazing podcast from your […]

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 11 – Double Trouble - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

After a shit-long hiatus we’re back with what you all wanted the most! Not really since we know we’re a little short on vids and clothing right now but fear not, that too is coming! For now though, enjoy this very badly-recorded double episode of your least loved podcast show!

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 10 – Dr Jan - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

Good Morning and Good Times! We’re back after quite a break doing stuff we will talk about in another episode – but on this episode we’re talking something very odd. Our 3-day journey to Norway with our latest (and very old) dual sport bikes, the infamous XR600 and the iron horse DR650. With us is […]

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep.9 – The Badger Den - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

We’re back with a very random Pimpstarlife Podcast again, this time we venture forth into the den of the Badger. The Blackbadger that is. But relax, we brought some backup with us…

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep.8 – Simon Hyttsten - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

The Pimpstarlife Podcast is back with episode 8, this time we sit down with family trials rider Simon Hyttsten. We have a cup of coffee and we try to record outside in the sun.

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep.7 – Daniel Roos, The Rooster - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

Ever wanted to know the life of a professional race car driver? The routine, the hard training and the mental game before the competition? In this Pimpstarlife podcast episode we don’t really answer any of thoose perfectly good questions sadly, but we do talk a lot about nothing important at all! And about the fact […]

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 6 – The Blackbadger Returns - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

James ”Blackbadger” Thompson returns to the podcast in this follow up episode. As usual we have no idea what we are doing and to our 4 listeners out there you can expect another hour of total nonsens just for shits and giggles.

Pimpstarlife Podcast Ep. 5 – That one time in München - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

We just got back home from the ISPO fair in München and our travels involved a cancelled flight, a hotel suite with a glass-walled shower in the middle of the room. And three very tired Pimpstar guys on a very tired podcast episode. Enjoy!

Ep.4 – The MC Mässan Road Trip - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

We’re back with a special kinda podcast, recorded just now in the car on our way to the MC Mässan in Stockholm, Sweden with Tobie Miller and JosefX3M. Pimpstarlife will be attending for the whole week at the fair and we got family riders Josef and Crill on the show floor along with some of […]

Ep.3 – Stunting stunters and some parkour - Pimpstarlife Podcast  

Pimpstarlife talks some stuntriding and stunts with some of our stunters. Stunting amazing episode! Happy to announce that the Pimpstarlife Podcast can now be found on iTunes so no excuses Not to listen to this stunting episode (and our two previous ones).

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