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PlayStation Nation Podcast

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Glenn and Josh discuss anything and everything PlayStation, with other gaming, TV, and movie items as well.


PS Nation-Ep509-Switched Off  

New releases. Puyo Puyo Tetris coming to the West. Dirt Rally getting a VR upgrade. Sony closing Guerrilla Cambridge. Playing & watching. Nintendo Switch discussion. Emails. Comedian is Bill Burr.

PS Nation-Ep508-How We're Sore  

New releases. Mass Effect: Andromeda release date. Disney Infinity unreleased pieces. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. Review: How We Soar. Email. Comedian is Christian Finnegan.

PS Nation-Ep507-High Dynamic Ruhroh  

Rime as re-emerged. PS+ offerings for January 2017. Playing & watching. Around PS Nation. Review of Titanfall 2. Emails. Comedian is Patton Oswalt.

PS Nation Side Quest-Ep008-An Open World Where the Feeling of Final Fantasy Doesn't Exist  

Join us for Quest 8 where Jason and Andy talk about PSX, Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary, what we've been watching, a review of Final Fantasy XV for PS4, and the Anime of the Month!

PS Nation-Ep506-Good Riddance 2016  

New release. Gravity Rush anime on YouTube. Double Dragon 4 coming next month. Playing & watching. Break music from Double Dragon 4. Review: Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story. Emails. Comedy clip from Bob & Brian.

PS Nation-Ep505-Dreams Come True  

New releases. Valkyria Revolution heading West. Free content hitting Battlezone. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. The Switch. Emails. Comedian is Nick Swardson.

PS Nation-Ep504-Toys to Death  

New release. Elite Dangerous finally coming to PS4. Old Time Hockey announced for PS4. PS4 sales surpass 50 million. Playing & watching. Review: PS4 Pro. Emails. Comedian is Eugene Mirman.

PS Nation-Ep503-PlayStation Experience 2016  

Glenn, Michael (The1stMJC), Andy (andyscout), and Andy’s friend Wyatt report from both days of PlayStation Experience 2016. Comedian is Nick Swardson.

PS Nation-Ep502-Ladies and Gentlemen... Andromeda!  

New Releases. New Gran Turismo racing wheel. No Man’s Sky gets a huge update. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. PSX Plans. Emails. Comedian is Patton Oswalt.

PS Nation Side Quest-Ep007-Skyrim Rejiggered  

Join us for Quest number 7, where Andy and Jason are joined by a guest, MJC, for a review of Skyrim Special Edition for PS4. Also a review of BlazBlue Central Fiction and more!

PS Nation-Ep501-And Going… And Going...  

The1stMJC joins us. New releases. Zen Studios announces more Pinball. Survival mode coming to Uncharted 4. NBA 2K comes to VR. Playing & watching. Around PS Nation. Hands-on report with Let It Die. Emails. Comedy clip from Steve Czaban.

PS Nation-Ep500-Halfway There  

New releases. Episode 500 recorded LIVE in the Senger basement. Glenn and Josh are joined by Mark Senger, Two hands Revy, 9-Volt, and Sinfonia Sam as reminisce about past shows and take calls from the community.

PS Nation-Ep499-So Very Tired  

New releases. Extra Life 2016 aftermath. Impressions of the PS4 Pro. Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 350VR Amplified VR Gaming Wired Headset. Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Wireless Headset. Comedian is Lewis Black.

PS Nation-Ep498-Bethesdatari  

New Releases. The final update has hit Driveclub, and it’s a doozie! PS+ Games for November. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 & 2.5 coming to PS4. Playing & Watching. Extra Life 2016 details. Review of Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1&2. Comedian is Dana Gould

PS Nation Side Quest-Ep006-Traveling Uncensored  

In Quest 6 we talk about the the upcoming Final Fantasy TCG, some future collector's editions, what we've been playing and watching. The Anime of the month is Last Exile. Plus a little bit of feedback from last episode.

PS Nation-Ep497-All The HD's  

New Releases. Red Dead Redemption 2 exists. Nintendo Switch. Around PS Nation. Extra Life update. Review of SuperHyperCube. Review of Headmaster. Email. Comedy clip from Bob and Brian.

PS Nation-Ep496-All Hands On Deck  

We’re joined by Two_Hands_Revy, Extra Life 2015 3rd seat winner. New releases. Red Dead Redemption 2 is real! What we’re playing & watching. Review: Skylanders Imaginators. Review: RIGS. Comedian is Kyle Kinane.

PS Nation-Ep495-VReviews, Lots of ‘Em  

New Releases. Viking Squad interview with the guys from Slick Entertainment. Mods Coming to Skyrim and Fallout 4 on PS4. NHL 17 sims the season. What we’re playing & watching. Extensive PSVR report. Review of Battlezone. Impressions of RIGS. Email. Comedian is David Cross.

PS Nation-Ep494-Let's Dive In  

New releases. Super Mega Baseball 2 announced. October PS+ games. Trains are drivable in Farming Simulator 17. PlayStation Experience 2016 announced. Print your own Skylanders Imaginators characters. Playing & Watching. Around PS Nation. PlayStation VR so far. Comedian is Kyle Kinane.

PS Nation Side Quest-Ep005-Seven of Nine Is My Waifu  

Join us for Quest number 5, where we talk about what we've been playing and watching, a review of Hatsune Miku, the Anime of the Month: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the topic of the month

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