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PM - Full Program - 23/06/2017 19:06  

On Friday's program: The Federal Government's school funding package has passed parliament, but there's no end in sight to the political dispute over education; members of the US Navy have been given the legal go ahead to pursue their case against Tokyo Electric Power over the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and researchers in New Zealand say a they're testing technology that may have the ability to read the human mind.

PM - Full Program - 22/06/2017 19:16  

On Thursday's program: Senator Pauline Hanson refuses to apologies for her comments about children with autism in regular classrooms; Renewed calls from the Australian Medical Association for boxing to be banned following a damning NSW coroner's report into the death of boxer Davey Browne; And violence in the home continues to plague Australians, new data obtained by PM shows female offenders of domestic assaults are steadily rising.

PM - Full Program - 21/06/2017 19:20  

On Wednesday's program: The Turnbull Government locks in the numbers to get its Gonski 2.0 school funding package through Parliament thanks to the Senate cross bench; A plunge in oil prices wipes out nearly a quarter of a billion dollars from the local share market; And as the Federal Government pushes ahead with a plan for a tougher English exam for new citizens, we speak to one of the authors of the test, he says the levels are set too high.

PM - Full Program - 20/06/2017 20:01  

On Tuesday's program: The Federal Opposition rejects the Government's proposed new citizenship bill requiring greater English language skills; The school funding row rumbles on in the Senate and we look at your soaring power bills, the Federal Government now wants to stop companies exporting gas if there is a shortage in Australia.

PM - Full Program - 19/06/2017 19:14  

On Monday's program: Development Minister and former Abbott ally Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has accused the former Prime Minister of damaging Australia's reputation overseas and his own political credibility with his stance on climate; and protestors supporting Donald Trump have disrupted a performance of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in New York's Central Park for a second night.

PM - Full Program - 16/06/2017 19:19  

On Friday's program: The ABC is in damage control mode this afternoon, apologising for airing an interview in which a radio host asks his guest 'what's the deal with Asians' and if she was 'yellow'. The country's spy agency ASIO has declared the threat of espionage and foreign interference in Australia is extreme, saying it warrants expanded questioning and detention powers. And Australia is near the bottom of the class when it comes to quality education, according to a new report by the United Nations Children's Fund.

PM - Full Program - 15/06/2017 19:14  

On Thursday's program: The fallout from a Four Corners investigation into the Chinese communist party's influence in Australia continues with Barnaby Joyce calling for rules around the jobs ministers can take after politics to be tightened; Lawyers believe potential contempt of court proceedings against three Federal Government ministers in Victoria is unprecedented.; And happy days for the Employment Minister as official data show more Australians are in employment than ever before but the minister also copped this warning from a leading economist.

PM - Full Program - 14/06/2017 19:08  

On Wednesday's program: The Australian Government and its offshore detention contractors will pay $70 million in compensation to nearly 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island; In London, more than 200 firefighters are struggling to contain a major fire at a high-rise apartment building; And the Ten Network goes into voluntary administration, a day after its billionaire shareholders refused to back a new finance package.

PM - Full Program - 13/06/2017 19:20  

On Tuesday's program: No end to the political bickering over energy policy as government and opposition MPs yell insults in Federal Parliament, while they continue to assess the recommendations of the Chief Scientist's report into Australia's energy market; The Ten network forced into a trading halt after its financial backers fail to guarantee a new $250 million loan; And a survey of Australians attitudes to tax shows even rich people reckon they should pay more.

PM - Full Program - 12/06/2017 19:07  

On Monday's program: The Federal Opposition has warned the Prime Minister that he needs to pull his party room into line, if he wants to achieve a bipartisan agreement on Australia's future energy policy; migration agents are calling for more details about the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's latest citizenship legislation; and there's been an outpouring of self-reflection in China after a horrific video surfaced of a woman's death in a hit and run.

PM - Full Program - 09/06/2017 19:12  

On Friday's program: The election in the UK has delivered a stunning result; Theresa May's Conservative party has won the most seats but is short of the number needed to govern in its own right. Far from ending the climate change wars, today's report from the chief scientist Alan Finkel is already showing signs of igniting a new one. And the so-called Blerd movement - that's a blend of two words, black and nerd - seeking to challenge the white nerd stereotype.

PM - Full Program - 08/06/2017 19:23  

On Thursday's program: Former FBI chief James Comey's allegations that Donald Trump pushed him to drop an investigation into his National Security Advisor and his blockbuster cross examination tonight; Exclusive details on what's in tomorrow's Finkel Review of the electricity market; And a remote arts centre in Arnhem Land proving they have what it takes, to compete on the world stage.

PM - Full Program - 07/06/2017 19:17  

On Wednesday's program: Activist group Getup hits back at the government after being blamed for the holdup in banning foreign donations to political parties; Three quarters of women struggle to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, that's the finding of a major global survey led by Australian researchers; And Australia stumbles into a record 26 years without a recession, so why aren't we celebrating?

PM - Full Program - 06/06/2017 19:09  

On Tuesday's program: Indian coal miner Adani announces its controversial project is going ahead in central Queensland and activists call it a publicity stunt.; A terrorist siege in suburban Melbourne leaves politicians and the public asking the question 'why was the gunman on parole?'; And a group of year 6 students in far north Queensland are learning to build and sell their own computer games.

PM - Full Program - 05/06/2017 19:27  

On Monday's program: The Prime Minister has confirmed there are concerns about the welfare of Australian victims in the London terror attacks. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the actions of three terrorists who killed seven people and injured 48 either by running them down in a vehicle or stabbing them. Hundreds of thousands of workers will see their Sunday pay reduced within weeks as the Fair Work Commission rules cuts to penalty rates for fast food, hospitality, retail and pharmacy employees will be phased in over the next few years. And a clinical trial in the United States analyses whether young blood could hold the key to anti-aging.

PM - Full Program - 02/06/2017 19:19  

On Friday's program: The Prime Minister has slapped down calls from some of his colleagues to reconsider Australia's commitment to the Paris Agreement, following Donald Trump's announcement that the United States will withdraw from the deal. Global governance experts say Donald Trump's refusal to sign the Paris Climate Agreement undermines America's economic leadership; and Australian retailers are confident they can survive the impending arrival of global giant Amazon.

PM - Full Program - 01/06/2017 19:11  

On Thursday's program: Victoria Police defend their response to a bomb threat on an international flight overnight after passengers complained they were forced to wait 90 minutes on the tarmac; Are we edging towards another recession? The latest official data out today suggests national economic growth is grinding to a halt; And new research reveals that children of divorced parents are more likely to end up homeless with one gender far more affected.

PM - Full Program - 31/05/2017 19:09  

On Wednesday's program: The head of the Australian Federal Police, Andrew Colvin joins the director general of ASIO to warn against condemning migrant communities for terrorism; South east Queensland landholders claim a stunning win after expansion plans for the new Acland coal mine in the region are rejected by the state's land court; And the latest snapshot of lending to home buyers points to a soft landing for the east coast property market.

PM - Full Program - 30/05/2017 20:03  

On Tuesday's program: Mining giant, Glencore raises doubts over the future of its north Queensland operations, where it employs 2,000 people, blaming electricity prices and an uncertain investment market; As the American economy achieves full employment and inflation heads upwards, what does it mean for Australia? And new research reveals uncontrolled mobile phone use is leading adolescents down a dangerous path of sleep deprivation, plummeting self-esteem, and other mental health issues.

PM - Full Program - 29/05/2017 19:11  

On Monday's program: The families of the two people killed in 2014's Lindt Cafe siege have gone further than the New South Wales Coroner Michael Barnes criticisms of police actions by calling for adverse findings to be made against individual police commanders and the psychiatrist who was advising them that fatal day. Australia is increasing its presence in Afghanistan by sending 30 extra troops to the war torn country. And a new funeral comparison website which is trying to bring more transparency to the industry has been peppered with legal threats.

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