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Business PM  

Business PM catches you up on the most important news in business and finance.

Movement of salmon seals creating problem in Tasmania  

Seals that are breaking into Salmon company Tassal's fish pens in the state's south are being moved north but local fishermen there say their wild fishery is being destroyed by the seals.

Danish Prince's night out sparks more controversy over Queensland's ID scanning laws  

The Queensland Government is defending its controversial ID scanning laws, despite the legislation being the subject of international embarrassment when Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was reportedly turned away from a Brisbane bar because of the laws.

Shorten says drug testing trial targets the poor  

The Opposition Leader says while he supports moving drug addicts off welfare and into work, he's accusing the Government of picking on the poor by trialling a new drug testing regime in Canterbury Bankstown in Sydney.

Royal Commission report highlights ADF failures allowed child abuse  

The Royal Commission into child sexual abuse has condemned the Australian Defence Force for failures it says perpetuated a culture of abuse under its watch.

Concerns Australian internet not up to challenge of online NAPLAN tests  

Lately it seems everyone has a view on Australia's patchy internet speeds, and now the nation's teachers have weighed in, calling for plans to move NAPLAN testing online to be scrapped.

Senators pressure tech companies on reported revenue in Australia  

Some of the world's biggest tech companies have faced a grilling by politicians about the taxes they pay in Australia.

US being tougher with Pakistan won't solve fundamental issue: expert  

Joining PM to discuss Donald Trump's speech and what this new approach means is James Fallows a national correspondent for The Atlantic and non-resident fellow at the Lowy Institute in Sydney.

"Do not tell me Pakistan is the only problem": former ambassador to the US  

Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's former ambassador to the US, says singling out Pakistan as the fundamental reason for 16 years of American failure is counterproductive, she insists the US and Pakistan must work together to combat violent extremism.

Trump doubles down on Afghan war, names Pakistan for supporting terror  

In the face of a strategic stalemate, President Trump outlined a new stance, saying US troops will continue to stay in the region and the fight will become more intense.

Tuesday PM  

On PM: Donald Trump on Afghanistan; The Royal Commission into child sexual abuse condemns the Australian Defence Force for failures it says perpetuated a culture of abuse; And tech giants cop a grilling from a Senate committee over tax avoidance.

Business PM  

Business PM catches you up on the most important news in business and finance.

First dementia garden in Australia opens  

This month, the first dementia friendly garden in Australia has opened in Port Macquarie, featuring a number of sensory components, including a texture wall, waterfall and pick and sniff plant area.

Growth in 'gig economy' should force update to industrial relations laws: report  

The co-author of a new report on the 'gig economy' suggests governments, industrial umpires, unions and consumers will all need to be involved in updating industrial relations laws to reflect the changing nature of work.

Robotics and AI companies urge UN to protect humans from killer robots  

Robotics companies have warned the UN the technology they deal with could even be abused to make lethal autonomous weapons.

Earnings season delivers one too many 'downside surprises'  

The Australian company reporting season is now over the halfway mark, and global investment houses have been using words like 'disappointing' and 'worrying' to describe the results so far.

Tax Office 'hot-desking' plan subject of workplace tribunal fight  

The Australian Tax Office is being taken to Fair Work Australia, with many employees unhappy about plans to introduce hot-desking in their work place.

Review into rural crime in NSW reveals lack of confidence in policing  

A landmark review into rural crime in New South Wales has revealed a lack of confidence in policing from rural communities.

Catholic Church's campaign against NSW Euthanasia Bill  

Advocates of legalising euthanasia in New South Wales hope the Catholic Church's campaign against them will not hinder their bill being passed.

NZ election: Labour has 'shot up stratospherically' since leadership of Jacinda Ardern  

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English has seen a commanding lead over the Labour Party evaporate, with just over a month to go in the election campaign.

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