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PM - Full Program - 28/03/2017 19:16  

On Tuesday's program: Tropical Cyclone Debbie makes landfall in Queensland, bringing destructive winds and torrential rain; The Senate begins debating changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, despite protests from the Opposition and the Greens; And are we being too negative about the resources industry? A Reserve Bank board member tells PM the current export phase of the mining boom has another thirty years to run.

PM - Full Program - 27/03/2017 19:08  

On Monday's program: From Townsville down to Mackay, residents are bunkering down in preparation of what's tipped to be the worst cyclone to hit north Queensland since Yasi in 2011. After more than three years of hearings, Australia's Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse is entering its final stretch. And come April, an Indigenous animated kids' TV series will be on our screens for the first time in Australia.

PM - Full Program - 24/03/2017 19:12  

On Friday's program: Federal Labor says that Tony Abbott is at war with his own party, following his calls for Victoria's Hazelwood Power station to remain open. Tasmania's experiencing a tourism boom in the state's remote north-east, where new mountain bike trails have been built, but the success story of Derby's mountain bike boom could be overshadowed by tension surrounding the Tasmanian Government's decision to open up forest around the trails for logging. And are so-called 'skimpies' empowering women to take control of their bodies, or are glorified barmaids allowing themselves to be objectified by men?

PM - Full Program - 23/03/2017 19:10  

On Thursday's program: The investigation continues into a terrorist attack outside parliament in London, after a man ploughed his car into pedestrians and fatally stabbed a police officer; And a new report warns that future Australian retirees will face enormous financial burdens, as they're forced to use their super to fund the increasing cost of housing.

PM - Full Program - 22/03/2017 19:08  

On Wednesday's program: The Federal Government moves to extend the senate sitting hours and freeze family tax benefits for two years, among other things, in an effort to push its childcare package through parliament by the weeks' end; And are global financial markets heading for a 'correction'? Traders tell PM they're nervous ahead of a key test for Donald Trump.

PM - Full Program - 21/03/2017 19:12  

On Tuesday's program: On Harmony Day, the designated day on which the nation celebrates diversity, the Federal Government announces changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, the opposition calls it a weakening of protections, but the Government says it's strengthening the laws; The Law Society NSW says it's always been concerned about the unintended consequences of the laws around the production and dissemination of child abuse material and that young people may be unwittingly caught up in criminal cases; And it's a country with the world's biggest oil reserves, so why is Venezuela's economy in ruins?

PM - Full Program - 20/03/2017 19:12  

On Monday's program: The Disability Discrimination Commissioner says people with a disability are still not equal before the law, three years on from a damning Human Rights Commission Report. The Northern Territory youth detention royal commission has heard some of its most explosive evidence yet, with a guard admitting he filmed detainees eating faeces, urinating and being sworn at. And Australia's peak accounting body has joined the list of financial heavyweights rejecting the idea of using superannuation to help ease the east coast housing affordability crisis.

PM - Full Program - 17/03/2017 19:15  

On Friday's program: New South Wales Nationals party MP John 'Wacka' Williams goes public with Parkinson's diagnosis. Lawyers representing residents in a Queensland Darling Downs town say they have the final clearance to commence a class action against the Department of Defence. And calls for a review of the guidelines that recommend IVF treatment not be offered to obese women.

PM - Full Program - 16/03/2017 19:47  

On Thursday's program: The South Australian Premier reacts angrily to the Federal Government's multi-billion-dollar announcement to extend the snowy hydro scheme; Australia's unemployment rate shows a surprising increase, rising to 5.9 per cent with the economy losing nearly 6500 jobs; And what actually happens to our mind during a traumatic event and can we trust our brains to remember?

PM - Full Program - 15/03/2017 19:15  

On Wednesday's Program: The Prime Minister says gas suppliers have agreed to keep supplies flowing to power stations during peak electricity demand; Donald Trump's tax returns for one year made public, a rare glimpse at records of his business affairs, but the journalist who received the documents says he can't rule out that the President leaked them himself; And would cutting the amount of food you eat help you live longer?

PM - Full Program - 14/03/2017 19:08  

On Tuesday's program: The South Australian government announces plans to build battery storage for renewable energy, new gas-fired power plants and tougher legislation to intervene in the national electricity market; An international expert on black lung disease claims it's extraordinary that Australian authorities assumed the coal miners' disease had been eradicated; And economists warn the banking watchdog APRA could be close to announcing a major crackdown on lending to property investors.

PM - Full Program - 13/03/2017 19:09  

On Monday's program: The head of WA's maritime union has gone as far as saying trade union aligned MPs deserve quid-pro-quo cabinet positions for helping Labor into power on Saturday night. South Australia's Government is selling its energy strategy as a way to reduce energy prices, increase reliability, and return 'power to the people', saying gas will play a key role in the plan. And Iraqi forces have reclaimed up to a third of western Mosul from Islamic State, yet as many as 600,000 civilians are trapped inside the city, controlled by so-called Islamic State fighters.

PM - Full Program - 10/03/2017 19:27  

On Friday's program: Bill Leak, cartoonist, raconteur, portrait painter, writer, and controversial free speech absolutist, now dead of a heart attack at 61; A Federal parliamentary committee fails to reach a consensus on how widespread a ban on political donations should be; And Jehovah's Witnesses are grilled for a lack of action in the wake of damning findings at the child abuse royal commission.

PM - Full Program - 09/03/2017 19:21  

On Thursday's program: A fracturing coalition in Western Australia as a public brawl breaks out between the Liberals and Nationals two days out from the state election; The energy industry reacts angrily to concerns over the impending gas crisis, claiming their warnings were never heeded while governments have failed to respond; And despite the oil cartel OPEC making concerted efforts, they seem to have been out-gunned by the United States, with the price of crude dropping: what does it mean for Australian motorists?

PM - Full Program - 08/03/2017 19:21  

On Wednesday's program: A senate inquiry is told Centrelink's automated debt recovery system represents an 'abuse of government power' that is undermining confidence in public administration; The High Court dismisses a challenge to Northern Territory laws which allow police to detain intoxicated people for up to 10 hours; And a study involving nearly one million traders seems to show women are better at trading in the financial markets than men.

PM - Full Program - 07/03/2017 19:19  

On Tuesday's program: Up to 200 staff to lose their jobs at the national broadcaster under a sweeping restructure announced by the ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie; Are homes in Melbourne and Sydney overpriced? The CEO of the Commonwealth Bank tells a parliamentary committee that he doesn't think so; And state and territory governments have been grilled about whether they'll support a national redress scheme for victims of child sexual abuse.

PM - Full Program - 06/03/2017 19:13  

On Monday's program: New research shows that where you live could mean that you pay up to five times more than others to see a medical specialist. A coalition of 24 health, school, academic and sporting organisations is calling for a national plan to tackle physical inactivity. And three members of the far right United Patriots Front have faced court in Melbourne charged with breaching with Victoria's religious vilification laws.

PM - Full Program - 03/03/2017 19:09  

On Friday's program: The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today used aggressive and blunt language about killing Islamic militants, as he defended the Government's counter-terrorism laws. The recent hacking of an American toy manufacturer which made cloud-based toys has Australian security experts warning national data breach laws don't go far enough. And a men's group in the far west New South Wales town of Wilcannia is trying to tackle some of the town's urgent social issues like high crime, poor health, and high unemployment.

PM - Full Program - 02/03/2017 19:16  

On Thursday's program: UN investigators accuse both sides in the battle for Aleppo of committing war crimes with a report also finding it was Syrian government aircraft that 'deliberately' bombed a humanitarian convoy last September; Scientists say they've found 4-billion-year-old micro-fossils, which could be the earliest evidence of life on earth; And new research shows plain cigarette packaging is proving to be effective in reducing smoking rates.

PM - Full Program - 01/03/2017 19:15  

On Wednesday's program: Australia's economy rebounds, reversing the shock negative result in the September quarter and thus avoiding a recession; in his first address to a joint session of Congress, Donald Trump, defends the difficult early days of his presidency, ramps up the anti immigration rhetoric and raises new questions about his plans and how he aims to achieve them; and, Transparency International pushes for political donations reform in Australia after a corruption survey reveals major worries about secret back-room deals between Australian businesses and the government.

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