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Improving lifestyle could cut dementia by 35 per cent  

New research suggests one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more of us looked after the health of our brain throughout life. An international study lists nine key risk factors including a lack of education, smoking and physical inactivity. Scientists also say people with hearing loss are also more likely to develop dementia.

Fed Govt slammed over proposal to allow commercial fishing in the country's biggest marine park  

The Federal Government is being criticised for proposing to change the level of protection over waters on and around parts of the Great Barrier Reef. Environmentalists say about 50 per cent of the Coral Sea would have its National Park protection status slashed under the new plan. The Government's head of National Marine Parks has confirmed the plans allow for more commercial fishing but says much more of the sea floor will be protected and there needs to be a balance between the environment and coastal community livelihoods.

Islamic State core helping fund militants in the Philippines: director of IPAC  

The battle to re-capture the Filipino city of Marawi from pro-Islamic State militants is still going, two months after it was overrun by the Islamists. A new report ago by the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict reveals deep links between the militants there and IS in the Middle East. It shows funding channelled through Malaysia's most wanted terrorists and jihadists in Indonesia. Militants are also being urged to go to the Philippines instead of Syria. The Institute's director, Sidney Jones, says it means the fight won't be over even when Marawi is retaken.

Just six Australian cities where commute times are 30 minutes or less  

Toowoomba, Launceston, Geelong, Cairns, Bendigo and Ballarat are the six places where 100 per cent of homes are within a 30-minute car ride of jobs, and essential services. The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has released its National Cities Performance Framework interim report.

Suicide law blueprint unveiled in Victoria  

A blueprint for legal, voluntary assisted suicide has been released in Victoria. It would allow people with a terminal condition and who are close to dying access to lethal drugs to end their life. Proponents say eligibility criteria is strict. But critics in the palliative care industry say MPs would be making a huge mistake if they backed the plan.

Big 'kerfufle': Surging Aus dollar comes to screeching halt after RBA comments  

The surging Australian dollar came to a screeching halt today after the Reserve Bank attempted to backtrack on comments it made about interest rates earlier in the week. Speaking to business leaders in Adelaide, the RBA's deputy governor downplayed speculation that an interest rate rise is to come. He's cautioned against reading too much into the RBA's recent talk about the neutral cash rate.

Shorten calls for inequality focus  

The Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has given a speech arguing inequality is on the rise in Australia and tax reform is the way to address it. He didn't unveil any new policies, saying the first step is acknowledging there's a problem.

Justine Damond's family contemplates lawsuit  

The family of an Australian woman fatally shot by Minneapolis Police has hired a prominently trial attorney, in a signal they may be considering a lawsuit. 40-year-old Justine Damond was killed by an officer who responded to her 911 call, reporting a possible rape near her house on the weekend. Senior police are distancing themselves from the junior officer who fired the shot, as the investigation continues.

Elijah Doughty verdict: Outrage as man who ran over teen cleared of manslaughter  

The three-year jail term handed to the man who caused the death of 14-year-old Elijah Doughty in Kalgoorlie-Boulder last year has sparked an outpouring of anger and grief. The trial was held in the Supreme Court in Perth, but proceedings were streamed into the small town.

Business PM  

Business PM catches you up on the most important news in business and finance.

Bananas in Pyjamas: ABC's flagship children's program celebrates 25th anniversary  

The ABC's flagship children's program Bananas in Pyjamas is celebrating 25 years. The infamous B1 and B2 were nearly named something else. Co-creators Simon Hopkinson and Helena Harris reflect on the creation of everyone's favourite fruits.

Parents shouldn't drink in front of their kids: study  

Parents should stop drinking in front of their teenagers if they want them to develop a healthy relationship with alcohol say researchers from the University of Adelaide. And in even more sobering findings the authors of the new study into school age drinkers found introducing teenagers to alcohol under parental supervision in the home was counterproductive.

Victoria's Casey Council passes motion supporting conscription  

A Victorian council has moved a motion to support the re-introduction of conscription. Casey Council in Melbourne's deep south will now write to the Defence Minister asking her to consider national service for men and women.

Export of Aussie value-added and premium foods on the rise  

Australia is a bulk commodity exporting nation, but there are signs that could be changing. The majority of growth in exports is now coming from value-added or premium foods, according to the CSIRO. For the first time, value-added and premium products accounted for 60 per cent of food export growth in the three years to 2016.

Australian Dengue Fever program launched in Sri Lanka  

The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has launched a partnership between Monash University's Eliminate Dengue Program and the Sri Lankan health ministry. Sri Lanka has been hard hit by dengue with about 90, 000 cases reported and more than 240 deaths. The Australian Government is also contributing to the WHO's dengue programs.

Cockfighting raids in Queensland see 200 birds seized and crime ring exposed  

The RSPCA has raided 11 properties in Queensland, busting a major cockfighting ring. About 200 birds have been seized, along with illegal cockfighting paraphernalia. Animal welfare inspectors say the illegal activity is widespread in Queensland and across Australia. They say there's evidence the birds were bred and trained for fighting domestically and abroad. They expect to charge numerous people over the operation.

US Senator McCain diagnosed with aggressive type of brain tumour  

The former US presidential candidate John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The 80-year-old war hero had a blot clot removed from above his eye earlier this week after complaining he wasn't feeling himself. His prognosis is not known at this stage or when or if he might sit again in the Senate. CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta broke the story after speaking with the John McCain's medical team, with the Senator's permission.

The 'standard' slow trickle of information after US police killings  

Crucial details of the fatal police shooting of an Australian woman in Minneapolis have emerged at a slow trickle this week. Justine Damond was shot dead by an officer in Minneapolis after reporting a possible assault near her home on Saturday night. Since then, the officer who fired the shot has refused to testify, as an investigation into the death continues. A criminologist says information is always slow to emerge in cases like this, and that problem is a battleground for reform in the US.

Unemployment holding steady, jobs up, so will rates rise too?  

Malcolm Turnbull says people with mortgages should prepare for interest rates to rise. The Prime Minister says the Reserve Bank has been signalling that in its recent statements. Today's brighter than expected employment figures even further underlined the possibility of a rise. But experts who help people who run into trouble servicing mortgage debt caution against hiking rates when power prices are so high.

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