Podcast About Nothing

Podcast About Nothing


My name is Chris and I'm a Hyper Island student wanting to become a voice actor. This is going to be my first ever podcast and it will be an experiment on how I can use my voice in different ways. It is mostly going to be me sitting talking about whatever I find interesting, and things that pop up in my head but who knows what the devil will bring to the kitchen table. Enjoy and keep on twisting.


Anger Management For An MC  

It's time for this MC to tell you a little bit about anger management and what you can do to stop yourself from hitting someone hard in the face. Enjoy.

Dijana's Fetish For Fear  

Let us all go to bed at 12 o clock tonight, turn down the lights and listen to this special edition of the Podcast About Nothing. Enjoy!

Incoherent Stories  

If you don't understand a thing, that's OK. Just hide underneath a blanket and shoot fireballs at everyone passing by.

Old People Shenanigans  

Let's change people's minds! Let's widen perspectives! Let's rant for 13 minutes! Let's talk about old people...

Podcast About Nothing - Small Talk  

In this episode I talk about small talk and how it could potentially ruin your life. I also mention the C word so let that be a warning for sensitive people. Enjoy!

Podcast About Nothing - The Stinky Fish  

Third episode live! Sorry for the puffs in the microphone and the uneven sound quality, but there are people running back and forth screaming in my apartment building. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Podcast About Nothing - Decisions  

Folks! I want to thank you for all the feedback and support for the first episode of this podcast! It makes it fun to go on. So without further ado, here's episode 2! Enjoy!

Podcast about nothing  

Welcome to the podcast about absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. You know when you just want something to talk about, this is one of those podcasts. Maybe I'll invite people to talk with me, maybe I will release this every week, maybe one day something will happen that changes the world. We'll see what happens. Most importantly tho, this is the first episode and I hope you will enjoy it.

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