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Podcast Master

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Your essential guide to starting up a podcast and making your current show even better. Presented by Ben Green - producer of the Guardian's award-winning Football Weekly podcast - and adapted from his book of the same name, in this series you'll learn about the history of podcasting; get the lowdown on the equipment and software that's best for your budget; find out how to grow your audience and monetise your programme; discover the best podcasts to listen to and why; and get a grasp on the future of on-demand audio.


PM 06: The podosphere in 2016  

An update on the state of the audio landscape - and new listening recommendations

PM 05: The future of on-demand audio  

If the first ten years of podcasting have been about content, then the next decade is set to be about technology

PM 04: The pick of the pods  

The best podcasts around - and what you can learn from listening to them

PM 03: How to monetise and grow your podcast  

Everything you need to know about building an audience and making money from your podcast

PM 02: Getting started - and getting better  

Everything you need to know about securing the right equipment for your budget. Plus, choosing the correct hosting service, and presentation and production advice

PM 01: A brief history of podcasting  

You may have noticed that podcasting is having a moment right now. But how did we get from the ramblings of Ricky Gervais and his two best friends to President Obama sitting down in a hour-long conversation in a Los Angeles garage - let alone 90m downloads of the first season of Serial? Here begins your journey into the podosphere...

PM 00: Coming soon!  

Your essential guide to starting up a podcast and making your current show even better. Download the ebook of Podcast Master on Kindle, Android and iPad

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