Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio

Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio


Fresh, new, provocative programs from the digital realm. Radio One's Podcast Playlist kicks it off on terrestrial with a sampling of some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.


Podcasts to Inspire Wanderlust  

6 podcasts on trotting the globe: Outside/In, Vox Tablet, The Expats, The Moth, Still Buffering, The Memory Palace.

More True Crime Stories  

Explore a former mob town in Rhode Island & track the case of a missing woman who disappeared two days after her engagement. Featuring: Crimetown, Someone Knows Something, In the Dark, Accused, Stuff You Should Know.

Myths & Legends From Around the World  

7 Fantastical podcasts on myths and legends. Our Fake History, Myths and Legends, Imaginary Worlds, Singing Bones, Faculty of Horror, Métis in Space, Trojan War: The Podcast.

Must Hear Podcasts of the Season  

From cold cases to vintage Hollywood gossip. The best new podcasts you need to hear. Featuring: The Orbiting Human Circus, Plus an interview with Julian Koster. Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams, Outside/In, Lady Problems, How I Built This

Money Lessons  

7 Money podcasts worth your Investment: Bad With Money, Question of the Day, Kind World, Us & Them, Her Money, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, Planet Money.

Science Rules!  

7 podcasts that question the nature of things. Featuring: The Show About Science, Historically Black, The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, Story Collider, You're the Expert, Science Alive!, Science Vs.

The Halloween Special  

Five podcasts that range from truly creepy to downright terrifying. Featuring: The Memory Palace, The Black Tapes, The Faculty of Horror, Risk!, No Sleep Podcast.

The Sound of History  

6 podcasts that take you back in time. The Memory Palace, Days of Old, Memory Motel, Archive 81, Found, Collections Canada. Plus, an interview with Nate DiMeo - host of The Memory Palace.

6 Brainy Beauty Podcasts  

From Marilyn Monroe's secrets to the creepy history behind early cosmetic surgery. Plus, the fake science behind anti-aging products. Stuff Mom Never Told You, The Rotunda, Sawbones, Science For The People, Black Girls Talking, American Masters Podcast.

90s Throwback  

We're celebrating the 90s with podcasts that are too legit to quit. Featuring, Reply All, Studio 360, Stuck in the 90s, You Must Remember This & Allusionist.

Fall Podcast Preview  

Our fall podcast sampler with 6 new shows to check out now. The Family Tree Podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking, Colour Code, Secrets of the Fifth Estate and Dead Pilot's Society. Plus we discuss Jonathan Goldstein's new Gimlet podcast Heavyweight.

Celebrating the Toronto International Film Festival  

In honour of the Toronto International Film Festival, a selection of podcasts about cinema and the movie industry.

Must Hear Music Podcasts  

Rappers, composers, and pop singers discuss the process of making beautiful sound. Featuring Song Exploder, Switched On Pop, Meet the Composer, Toronto Symphony Podcast and Southern Souls.

Freshest and Bestest Vol.3 : Summer of '16  

Best new podcasts of the summer. The Room Where It's Happening, ISO: The Bunz Podcast, Dear Prudence, Science Vs, Politically Re-Active. Plus, Lindsay interviews W. Kamau Bell, and Kohji Nagata.

Altered State of Mind  

Usually we control our brains and bodies. But sometimes, it's like they have minds of their own. You Are Not So Smart, Flash Forward, Sickboy, Anxious Machine, The Rich Roll Podcast, Reply All.

Locally Sourced Podcasts  

This week we discover shows that aren't looking for international acclaim. Instead, these podcasts want to introduce you to the place they call home. Featuring: Curious City, Living Heritage, Neighbors, WMMT's Mountain News and World Report, SaskScapes.

Scary Stories  

Lindsay hosts this episode of terrifying tales solo. Featuring: Rain City Chronicles, Love + Radio, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Radiotonic and Skeptoid.

Countdown To Rio  

From anti-Semitism to steroid abuse, hear the landmark stories behind the Olympic Games. Stuff You Missed In History Class, Voices On Antisemitism, Back Story, I'm Not Arguing With You, Creating Our Own Lives, The Edge Of Sports With Dave Zirin.

Deep Waters  

We dive deep into the sea of stories that deal with water. The Tumble Podcast, Generation Anthropocene, The Dirtbag Diaries, Cargoland, Nocturne, Stories From The Land, This Week I Learned.

Freshest and Bestest Vol.2 : Even Fresher  

New and excellent podcasts you need to hear right now. Hyphen, Strong Opinions Loosely Held, Embedded, Invisibilia, UpTalk.

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