Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio

Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio


Fresh, new, provocative programs from the digital realm. Radio One's Podcast Playlist kicks it off on terrestrial with a sampling of some of the most intriguing of what the internet has to offer.


What TV Can Teach Us  

Podcasts about the small screen. Twenty Thousand Hertz, Why Oh Why, Only Human, Memory Motel, Life of the Law, Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids.

The Love of the Game  

Run, Chirp, Move, Dance, Fold. Podcasts about the pain and beauty of sports. Surprisingly Awesome, WNYC's The Season, Sift, CBC's Off Guard, Seriously, Falling Tree Productions.

As Seen on TV  

From reality TV to nostalgic sitcoms to cheesy commercials, what can we learn from the boob tube? Can The Bachelor teach us about true love? Can product placement on Grey's Anatomy change people's opinions about a disease?

Get Your Game Face On  

Run, Chirp, Lose, Dance, Fold. Podcasts about athletes. WNYC's The Season, Gimlet's Surprisingly Awesome, Seriously…‚Äč, CBC's Off Guard, Sift.

Classic Pranks to Annoy the People You Love  

This episode is all about tricks and the tricksters behind them. Reply All, Dinner Party Download, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids, Tuner, The Spoke.

The most addictive serialized podcasts  

Get a taste of the most addictive serialized podcasts. From real-life documentaries like Missing Richard Simmons and Someone Knows Something to audio fiction like Homecoming, these binge-worthy stories will keep you coming back for more.

Top podcasters recommend  

What do the people who make your favourite podcasts listen to? We have top podcast recommendations from the people who MAKE the top podcasts! Gilmore Guys, Welcome to Night Vale, Nocturne and more!

Games People Play  

Seven playful podcasts that are sure to amuse you. Pause + Play, Planet Money, Imaginary Worlds, Note to Self, Full Hearts, Polygamer, The Moth.

The Greats from Oprah to Shakespeare  

Oprah Winfrey. Louis Armstrong. Muhammed Ali. A Victorian-era Shakespearean actress famous for playing men. Stories about masters in their field from Making Oprah, Blank on Blank, Shakespeare Unlimited, and more.

Harry Potter Podcasts Even Muggles Will Love  

6 podcasts on the world of witchcraft & wizardry. Imaginary Worlds, Witch Please, Criminal, Harry Potter & the Sacred Text, Nerdist, Mortified.

Podcasts to accompany Oscar night  

Podcasts to accompany Oscar night. Featuring, Show Your Work, The Awards Show Show, Radiolab, Code Switch, Baby Geniuses, Dinner Party Download.

What's Love Got to Do With It?  

Heartwarming to heartbreaking. This week: stories about love. Featuring: The Allusionist, BBC Shortcuts, Surprisingly Awesome, Strong Opinions Loosely Held, Dear Prudence, Songs in Seven, Historically Black.

Fake Zombies & Drake's Bedtime Routine  

Surprising stories about music: Tuner, Pessimists Archive, Between the Liner Notes, Leave a Message After the Tone.

The apocalypse in 7 podcasts  

7 podcasts about the end times. Mortified, Generation Anthropocene, Bunker Buddies, Fault Lines, Codebreaker, Open Source, The World According to Sound.

Human-Animal Relations  

6 podcasts about our complex relationships with animals. Criminal, Recent Paper, Decent Puzzle, Big Picture Science, Short and Curly, HumaNature, TED Radio Hour.

Art Podcasts That Pop  

Making the audio visual. Featuring: The Lonely Palette, The Land of Desire, Stuff to Blow Your Mind.

Best Podcasts of 2016  

Our staff selects their faves of the year: The Truth, Undone, Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?, Us & Them, Death, Sex and Money, WTF with Marc Maron.

Podcasts for Foodies  

Six podcasts on the meals we eat. Completely Optional Knowledge, The Racist Sandwich, The Food Podcast, Dinner Party Download, Food Stuff Podcast, Gastropod.

Family Ties  

Teach pets how to handle newborn babies or grow up amongst a tribe of travelling salespeople. This week's episode is all about family. Arrvls, Colour Code, Not By Accident, Can I Pet Your Dog, Heavyweight.

Etiquette For Your Ears  

Podcasts on Politeness: Shmanners, The Feast, The Civilist, Studio 360 and Surprisingly Awesome. Take part in one of the most extravagant dinner parties of the 19th century and hear why insulting others might not actually be so bad.

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