Podcast #20 – Maximizing your agility camp experience  

Thoughts on how to maximize your agility camp experience

Session 18: Where are you and your dog REALLY at risk for injury?  
Given my own recent experiences with Solar’s injury, I think it’s important to think about just WHERE we’re at the highest risk for injury in...

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The 4 Key Elements To Getting Great Feedback On Your Videos  

There are 4 key elements to getting great feedback on videos you submit to your long distance instructor. Do you know what they are? Listen on to find out!

Session 17: Getting the most out of time with your instructor  
A while back, I had somebody submit this question to be answered as a podcast: [quote]As an educator you obviously know different ways to present...

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Session 16: An Interview With Marcy Mantell  

This week, I'm interviewing Marcy Mantell, who came up to visit for the 2014 Rose City AKC show, where she won High Combined with her young sheltie, Stripe. Marcy talks about how she got started in agility, some unexpected difficulties she's had along the way with her sheltie Wave, and what it's like to win a World Championship. Enjoy!

Session 15: Mileage  

In this podcast, I talk a little about the idea of "mileage". Every step you and your dog take together on an agility course shapes your future steps on future courses!

Session 14 – Participating in an online classroom  

In this episode, I talk about the different levels of participation in online learning environments, and why participation in an online classroom might NOT be right for you!

Podcast #13 – An Interview With Bobbie Lyons  

An Interview With Bobbie Lyons, one of the instructors in the Online Classroom. K9 Conditioning is so important, listen in to learn how Bobbie went from concerned dog owner, to student, to teacher herself, and learn how you can benefit from her instruction!

Podcast #12 – An Interview with Kristin Rosenbach, ATC, Stott Pilates Certified Instructor  

An interview with Kristin Rosenbach, ATC. Kristin teaches Functional Fitness classes in my Online Classroom and believes in "training movements, not muscles". Listen to learn more about why Kristin has this philosophy, and how it can help handlers at any level reduce injuries and increase their ability to communicate clearly with their bodies to their dogs and have FUN.

Podcast #11 – An Interview With Helen Grinnell King  

In this session, an interview with Helen Grinnell King, one of the instructors in my Online Classroom

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