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Podshambles is the comedy stylings of Paddy Gervers (Jonny & The Baptists) and Laurie Havelock (once met Brian Blessed). They are two best friends who know far too much about each other. Each episode, marvel as they stagger and ramble through video games, comic books and any other fragments of geek culture that wander through their weirdly synchronised brains. No conversational cul-de-sac is left unplundered, whether it's Game of Thrones (or Goats), their many run-ins with geese, or just a load of egg puns. There's even a regular check in with Choose Your Own Adventure with Flagon the Dwarf, a not at all Dungeons and Dragons-esque romp through somewhere quite like a pound-shop Middle Earth. Expect an hour-long podcast that will make you laugh. I promise. Swearsies. BFFs 4LYF.


Podshambles 40: Snake Oil (Season Finale)  

The Podifications have been made and the results are simply flabberCasting. That's right - it's the end of Podshambles Season 2. Look at how far we've all come - it's actually rather astounding that we're still here/not dead. So what better way to celebrate than an ENORMOUS Podshambles Special? Laurie and Paddy are joined in this Podquest by soon-to-be movie star James Utechin and already-super-rad Zac Cole for a good ol' fashioned game of Snake Oil. We really hope you enjoy this extra-fantastic episode. Thank you all so much for your continued support of the podcast and YouTube channel. Bring your RainbowPhone and start banging your UrgeDrum. Once more unto the breach my friends - it's Podshambles 40.

Podshambles 39: Big Wang Theory  

Have a Podspoon of Castor oil and get involved - the agents of Shamble are back from their travels and have a brand new dollop of ear fun for you. Paddy had a run in with some of his heroes, Laurie had a roast, and we discover why 41 is the new 27. Stock up on supplies, raise the drawbridge and brace yourself for impact. It sounds confusing because it is - it's Podshambles.

Podshambles 38: Of Love And Tetanus (Christmas Special)  

T'was the night before Shambles, when all through the Pod, not a creature was Casting, not even a Shambles. Except they were - the creatures that is. Laurie and Paddy. They were casting. Podcasting. Podshambles. Anyway. IT'S CHRISTMAS and so here is a special extended Podshambles just for you. Paddy questions whether or not the ham has gone off, Laurie surprises everyone with the introduction of his new character 'Good Will', and the Shamblecubs embark on a festive adventure through Victorian London to find the perfect goose. Pull up your stockings, peel a clementine, and stop touching Blitzen - This is a Shamchristblesmas.

Podshambles 37: Meat In A Bag In A Pub  

Two pints of Poddingtons and a packet of WorCASTer Sauce crisps please. Thank you. Oh hang on I think you gave me the wrong change. Oh no, my mistake. Thanks. Christmas is nearly upon us, so it's about time for Podshambles 37. Those Shamblelfs are getting restless. Laurie finally goes through his 'NO' phase, Paddy tackles nudity, and the fruity pair of fruit-bears give us a taste of Shamble Karaoke. Download now for our eleven top tips for staying warm this winter! All that remains is one question: WHO IS JOE LEADER?

Podshambles 36: Dweebles, We Hardly Knew Ye  

Another Podpun? Sorry mate I can't be Cast. The aces are high and the deck is loaded in favour of the Shamblegamblers in this saloon - Podshambles 36 really has it all. The team muse over their latest DnD session, Laurie gets a wet chest, and Paddy discovers both Deliveroo and Pointless on the same day. It will blow your mind. Tinker with the fusion schematics, recalibrate the advanced targeting module and meet me on the holodeck - we're taking this sucker down.

Podshambles 35: Finger Of Fudge  

Poddy (Poddy) / The little man in the red and yellow Cast. That's right - we're now at the point where I'm crowbarring Noddy references into descriptions as there are only so many words that rhyme/half-rhyme with pod, cast, or podcast. The Shambleboots are laced this week as Paddy & Laurie take you on a journey through forgotten James Bond movies, the ever increasing pretentiousness of music genres, and what happens when you shine a torch into a lemur's eyes. There's even a generous dollop of Choose Your Own Adventure thrown in for good measure. Plug in your toasters, steer clear of the bath, and dance like nobody else is dancing i.e. sit down. This is a shambles.

Podshambles 34: The Quaxon  

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho / It’s off to pod we cast / We’ll keep on shambling all day long / Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho. It’s a real honky-tonk this week in Shambalala as Paddy undergoes rigorous psychological profiling, Laurie unleashes his new theme tune and Flagon uncovers the secrets of the Orville Memorial Duck Sanctuary. Keep your powder dry and your hats jaunty - this Turpin just got dicked.

Podshambles 33: Shambles & Dragons (Live From A Farm)  

It's all gone a bit fantastical this week at Shambleville U.S.A (Pod-ulation: Cast) as Paddy & Laurie take a weekend away together to - you guessed it - play Dungeons & Dragons. There will be dogs. There will be hangovers. There will be Two-Handed Bearded Axes of Gnoll-Slaying +1. You better get your D20s out as this podcast is about to get critical.

Podshambles 32: Butt Harp  

Sound the shamble-horns and alert the village elders - there's a fangorious pod-beast on the loose and it's coming right for us. Under its fleshy jowls this week: Paddy and Laurie put the Twitter phenomenon that is #100HappyDays to task, share some heartwarming tales of childhood vandalism before catching up with Flagon the Dwarf, Barbossa the pirate King and Oliver, the other one, in another exciting, unplanned episode of CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. Send in your thoughts, suggestions and geese pictures to podshambles@gmail.com You can also follow our gubbins on youtube here: www.youtube.com/ThisIsAShambles

Podshambles 31: I Trust You…With My Wife  

A rolling pod gathers no shambles, but a shambles in time saves you big money cash sums. It's time for another rollicking good time with Paddy and Laurie as they crawl their little butts into another enormous Shamble-cavern. There's hi-jinks ahoy and jeopardy aplenty as we undertake not one, not two, not four, but yes, that's right, THREE quizzes that plumb the very depths of man's soul! And determine which 2003 snooker player we are. Then there's just about time to swap some choice book recommendations before Paddy slings his hairy arse off to Edinburgh with barely a "toodle-oo" to speak of. What a guy. What a piece. What a butt. What a shambles.

Podshambles 30: Ball Of Otters  

Shambles. Shambles never changes. But this week it has. A little bit. It's episode 30 of our Podshambling antics and we celebrate by revisiting some old features! Yay! We check in with Number One Fan Mauricio Pochettino and give him some otter-related tips for the new Tottenham stadium, we get some VERY overdue correspondence from a certain courier fish and, oh, what's that? You want some Choose Your Own Adventure? Well pop this installment in your mouth hole and chew wisely, friend, chew very wisely. Podshambles: it's like audio treacle for your ears except less sticky and, if anything, less easy to sneak into a public place.

Podshambles 29: Hold Your Sort Of Horses  

Cleanliness is next to Podliness, and Podliness is next to Castliness. The Shambled-Eggs are back again and they sure know how to be served with toast. Genuinely gasp as Laurie brings you into the 21st century, potentially wail as Paddy continues the tale of Flagon the Dwarf in Choose Your Own Adventure, and aggressively jump as maestro Zac Cole returns to the Shamblewaves. Fluff the pillows, repair the stairs, buy more towels and do not under any circumstances give those towels to the crabs because as we all now know the crabs are angered by fabric. We just about got away with it last time but I think AGAIN might be pushing it. Good evening. This is a shambles.

Podshambles 28: Flapsworth The Butler  

Pod through the Cast / and you're to blame / you give Cast / a Pod name. Or something. After a hiatus the Shambleggs are back with another thing! Expect Laurie undertaking severe psychological profiling, Paddy genuinely losing control over a one-foot magic butler, and to top it all off - a husky sled team. The night is dark and full of butts. Podshambles is back.

Podshambles 27: Betrayal Monkey and Lie Bananas (Live From New York)  

The Podprinces have been Cast away to Shamblerica but golly gee willikers are they bouncing back! Continue your adventures with Padcoolio and Lauradical as they brave the tundras of New York, covering everything from overzealous flag usage to why three and a half feet of bacon is apparently an appropriate substitute for bread. They've only bloody gone and made a YouTube channel too. Expect ham. Or don't. YOUR CALL.

Podshambles 26: Wood Ewe, Would Ye?  

"Those criminals put two of our men in Podybags captain - those poor Castards didn't know what hit 'em." The Shamburglars are back and they've brought goat farming, emu highways, hit new songs and the plot synopsis to the dreadful movie Heathers with them! Oh - and they have also found the ancient Chinese city of Tseng Su because they are rad. So restitch your moccasins, restock the sultanas and win that tombola - Podshambles has arrived.

Podshambles 25: Bananas For Bananas (Christmas Special)  

Crack open the Christmas Podt (that's Port, as in the drink) and tap the Cast of Ale (like Cask, as in a Cask of Ale - these jokes just get better and better) and tuck in to a very Shambolic Christmas. Paddy will inevitably explain the inner workings of an Indonesian Gamelan, Laurie will undoubtably regale you will the details of his new sitcom 'Happy Go Clucky', and the waifish strays will finally settle the big arguments. It is time to choose. Are you BanFlak? Or are you VanChocBo?

Podshambles 24: Falcon Vendetta  

The Shamblecars are Podracing again in Cast And Curious 6: This Time It Is Cars Again. Will our star-crossed lovers keep their cool? We certainly hope so. It's a tight corner as Laurie introduces classic character Mike Po-Host, a swift chicane as Paddy relives his childhood broadcast Radio Smile and a cataclysmic collision as special guest Falcon Vendetta bursts onto the scene in a blaze of platinum-record glory. It just got real. Way too real. Really real.

Podshambles 23: Hallowangover  

The Podghosts arise from their Castgraves to wiggle their Shamblebums to funky funky beat. That is correct - it is Halloween. And Paddy is very, very hungover. Even as I write this I am not yet fully recovered. I mean seriously. This is the longest and worst hangover I have ever had. Anyway. LISTEN as Laurie talks beards, GASP as Paddy struggles to explain toasters, and COMBUST as the Shamblerangers recreate the Halloween Specials of Friends and Thomas the Tank Engine. There were some massive sound issues that were entirely my own fault because I'm a danglewangle - my apologies, I think I managed to sort most of them though. Lock the doors, Clancy. Close the windows, Miranda. Pipe down, Jeff. Reimburse me for those trousers, Samantha. It's about to get dreadful. Again.

Podshambles 22: Meet The Klumps  

Just like our fathers, our Podfathers and their Castfathers before them, Laurie and Paddy wrangle their way into another Shamblexpedition to the undiscovered lands. Paddy explores his dark past and his traumatic memories of battery advertising, Laurie well and truly meets the Klumps, and the hip-hop-double-act of some renown reveal what REALLY happened on the Ionian Island of Zakynthos. Ready your bayonets and open your hats - this yacht just went rogue.

Podshambles 21: The Five Bears  

The Fairy Podparents have well and truly Cast a naughty/nice Shamblespell and unleashed total and uninhibited chaos upon the land of Crumpton. Season 2 bollocks off in style, with such hard-hitting nodules as wizarding pastimes, Paddy's Big Ball World Cup Ball Adventure Segment, and a whole host of totally original and definitely not hastily thrown together characters. Who ISN'T ready to meet Jean Voyage? HEY?

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