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Point vs Point is the news show where people turn for intelligent conversation on all the topics you care about, hosted by Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds.


127: Twist the Shank Pipe  

Evan doesn't want to talk about his crazy week, and Gareth doesn't want to talk about his HUGE NEWS!

126: Tent City Murders  

Gareth’s obsession with ancient history puts a damper on Evan’s Independence Week.

125: The Voicemail  

Evan receives an upsetting voicemail that Gareth insists he and the listeners deserve to hear.

124: On The Rocks  

Evan has some worries and a wurban. Gareth's Turn returns!

123: The Tufts Are Back in Town  

Evan loves his new tufts and news drama, but Gareth hates the show's new direction. We say farewell to a beloved segment.

122: Darlene Chase  

Gareth's girlfriend Winona Ryder returns, and Evan gets queasy over his own Nut.

121: Winona Ryder  

Gareth surprises Evan by bringing his new girlfriend, A-List Actress Winona Ryder, to the studio.

120: A Fast & Furious Sitting President  

Gareth is relieved Alfonso isn't in-studio. Evan recovers from tuft-related injuries.

119: Alfonshow!  

Alfonso is back in action while Evan handles the Mann Jamm biz! Here we go again! (also featuring Gareth Reynolds)

118: Small Talk & Mann Jamm  

Evan’s assistant Alfonso vows to stop talking on the show. Gareth has a message for the ladies, and also for the men. #GoodProblems

117: Alfonso The Time Manager  

Gareth is furious when Evan brings his new assistant to the show.

116: Front Blonde Tuft  

Evan’s relationship continues to transform him. A project from Gareth’s past heats up.

115: Group Shower General Vibe  

Evan’s girlfriend Charlize Theron is a PvP fan with a favorite, and Gareth is devastated to find out who's gotten a seat by the pool.

114: Duffy Theron  

Evan explains why he wasn't available last week. Gareth learns he's not every fan’s favorite.

113: I Can't Charlize This  

Evan listens to his conscience, and Gareth is furious. 

112: A Seat by the Pool  

Gareth's attitude changes as Evan’s relationship with Charlize Theron continues.

111: Epic Night  

Evan recovers from a crazy weekend. Gareth retires a segment.

110: Evtacular Oscar Special  

When Gareth refuses to stop learning Russian, Evan unleashes The Nuclear Option.

109: You Russian Idiot  

Gareth preps for a future power couple. Evan misreads a headline.

108: Boy from Back in the Day  

Evan apologizes for last week’s Oscar talk. Gareth defends an old buddy from the block and gets a sick idea.

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