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Point vs Point

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Point vs Point is the news show where people turn for intelligent conversation on all the topics you care about, hosted by Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds.


113: I Can't Charlize This  

Evan listens to his conscience, and Gareth is furious. 

112: A Seat by the Pool  

Gareth's attitude changes as Evan’s relationship with Charlize Theron continues.

111: Epic Night  

Evan recovers from a crazy weekend. Gareth retires a segment.

110: Evtacular Oscar Special  

When Gareth refuses to stop learning Russian, Evan unleashes The Nuclear Option.

109: You Russian Idiot  

Gareth preps for a future power couple. Evan misreads a headline.

108: Boy from Back in the Day  

Evan apologizes for last week’s Oscar talk. Gareth defends an old buddy from the block and gets a sick idea.

107: Talk About Acting  

Evan kicks off the pageantry of Oscar season. Gareth gets some company in The Locker Room.

106: Sick Beethoven  

Dr. Shmarza joins Evan & Gareth on a pageantric day.

105: Piss Luck Dinner  

When a Big Story leaks, a newsman takes this golden opportunity to normalize pee heads.

104: SFX Machine  

Gareth finally realizes what the show’s been missing.

103: Right Eye Locked  

Evan works through an on-air injury. Gareth’s hot new segment tackles pornography.

102: The Dumb Machine  

Gareth celebrates liberty with a new segment that Evan finds offensive.

101: Govandi’s Peruvian Sugar Cookies  

Dan Govandi is back in-studio after a trip to Peru. Evan promises to remain professional, and Gareth works on his Trumpniques.

100: Welcome to the Locker Room  

Evan’s celebratory tone takes a turn when PvP’s 100th episode collides with America’s presidential election. Gareth performs a song to express his feelings about the results.

99: How Did We Get Here?  

Evan basks in the nostalgic pageantry of this very special episode, but Gareth is confused by the premise. 

98: Sara’s Summer Dresses  

Evan proudly presents his new and improved app, just in time for the election! Gareth reminisces about the good old days, but Evan’s past cheers him up.

97: Casa de Casa Quid Pro Quo  

Evan takes issue with Gareth’s language and pranks. Gareth relies on a Trump win to fulfill his dream.

96: Jitterbug Burn Wounds & Locker Room Talk  

Evan recovers from his injuries and defends his phone. Gareth enjoys the freedom of talking presidential. A Nut bursts into the studio during Newsy Nuggets.

95: Evan's on Fire  

Evan gets cocky as his hot new product hits the marketplace. Gareth reveals the details of his education. 

94: Live from the 5th Annual LA PodFest  

Evan asks Dr. Anthony Shmarza to co-host with him at the Sofitel, but Gareth decides take a break from Say What?!: The Musical to attend PodFest with his best friend, Dan Govandi.      Featuring Evan Mann, Gareth Reynolds, Steve Berg, Chris Marrs, Annie Mebane & Matt Rocheleau   PodFest Intro by Graham Elwood & PvP Intro by Dave Anthony   Produced by Vicky Pezza    Recorded live from the 5th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival, September 23, 2016, at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills

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