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Point vs Point is the news show where people turn for intelligent conversation on all the topics you care about, hosted by Evan Mann & Gareth Reynolds.


97: Casa de Casa Quid Pro Quo  

Evan takes issue with Gareth’s language and pranks. Gareth relies on a Trump win to fulfill his dream.

96: Jitterbug Burn Wounds & Locker Room Talk  

Evan recovers from his injuries and defends his phone. Gareth enjoys the freedom of talking presidential. A Nut bursts into the studio during Newsy Nuggets.

95: Evan's on Fire  

Evan gets cocky as his hot new product hits the marketplace. Gareth reveals the details of his education. 

94: Live from the 5th Annual LA PodFest  

Evan asks Dr. Anthony Shmarza to co-host with him at the Sofitel, but Gareth decides take a break from Say What?!: The Musical to attend PodFest with his best friend, Dan Govandi.      Featuring Evan Mann, Gareth Reynolds, Steve Berg, Chris Marrs, Annie Mebane & Matt Rocheleau   PodFest Intro by Graham Elwood & PvP Intro by Dave Anthony   Produced by Vicky Pezza    Recorded live from the 5th Annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival, September 23, 2016, at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills

93: For Old Times’ Sake  

Gareth shows up to the studio on a whim, while Evan’s new co-host, Dr. Anthony Shmarza, is nowhere to be found.

92: Evan & Shmarza’s  

When Gareth quits the show, Evan co-hosts with his best friend and medical correspondent, Dr. Anthony Shmarza.

91: Celebrate The New PvP  

Evan’s excitement inspires a new invention that aggravates Gareth.

90: Swag in the Streets  

Evan celebrates his victory. Gareth reads his official statement on the Garexit vote and questions the results.

89: 2016 Garexit Debate  

The future of the podcast is at stake when Vicky moderates this 2016 Garexit Debate and PvP Candidate Evan Mann goes head-to-head with Say What?! Candidate Gareth Reynolds.

88: Life in the Say What Lane  

Evan insists on covering the DNC while recovering from septic shock, while the buzz has buzz for Gareth’s Say What?! The Musical.

87: Feeding Tube  

The pageantry of the RNC lures Evan back to PvP way too soon after a severe injury, much to Gareth’s horror.

86: PvP GO  

The new Pokemon game disrupts the show. Evan will never Say What as Gareth’s segment begins to expand. Lukewarm endorse much? 

85: A Dash of Cinnamon (to Counter the Zest of Lemon)  

Gareth has a new plan for pollution, and Evan’s bringin’ Newsy Nuggets of Nuts to a Say What fight.

84: Garexit  

Gareth’s Say WHAT?! is the hottest segment in podcasting, and Evan unveils another updated version of his Evlections app.

83: Say WHAT?!   

Evan is outraged and upset by Gareth's lucrative new business and familiar new segment-within-a-segment. 

82: Govandi’s Back in Town  

Dan Govandi returns! And his travel stories are both profound and taboo. Gareth dials up some Classic Prank Calls. Evan reveals yet another fetish that a lot of men have. Hop on the Newsy Nuggets of Nuts Tour Bus! First stop? Fart Fight!

81: The Return of Dr. Shmarza  

Gareth denies making a business deal behind Evan’s back. Dr. Shmarza returns with some news of his own.

80: Man Gravy & The Burn  

Evan teases a big announcement, and Gareth has a surprising endorsement. We cover Bernie, Trump, Clinton, and a fellow newsman arrested for public defecation.

79: Pounding Pickles  

Evan tries to influence the sex of his baby. Gareth performs impressions and drops rhymes. Evan’s origin story explains a lot.

78: Dougie ‘The Donut’ Swathmore  

Evan is thrilled to have one of his Christian comedy heroes, Dougie ‘The Donut’ Swathmore, in-studio, while Gareth feels their guest threatens his role in the show. Let there be laughter!

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