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Pokémon GO Podcast


Keeping you in the know on all things Pokemon Go! Pokémon GO is an upcoming augmented reality game for mobile phones developed by Niantic, scheduled to be released in 2016 for iOS and Android devices.


PGP ! Ep 20 – Eight is Enough (Jerk Face)  

What?! Charles is on the fast track to L25 and Pokémon Joe is turning a shade of green at the water-type portion of his Pokédex.

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PGP! Ep 19 – Covérthon 2016  

Joe gets a Ditto, Joe gets a Ditto, no other host gets a Ditto!!!

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PGP! Ep 18 – “Goodness Gracious, *radio edit* of Charles!”  

As in life; even to Pokémon GO there are seasons. Is the gym bubble about to burst? Is Mewtwo coming and what could that bring? Lapras migration spawns interest in northern Japan. Is a Pokémon Advent event coming? Grab some water, stretch your legs, and don’t count on a plethora of Magikarp in the newest region release.

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PGP! Ep 17 – Joe’s Brakian iPhone  

PGP! Ep 17 – Joe’s Brakian iPhone
“Gyms that were…changing color, faster than an Everlasting Gobstopper.” -B. Ibbott
Joe’s iPhone channels Brak.

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PGP! Ep 16 – “One-A-Day Pokémon GO”  

He is the very model of a generous contributor, He’s gone from fan to patron saint, a philanthropic donator, We thank this friend and devotee, Sean Michael Hudson welcome to, A wonderful community, that grows because of folks like you. Thanks to our Patrons’ efforts, we are growing a wonderful community of trainers from all […]

PGP! Ep 14 – Beau Gets Fingered  

Show-kémon me the money!! Babu says Pokémon GO is a very, very bad app! Japan to mint Pokécoins? Will Pokémon GO get more time in the Sun and shoot for the Moon? Pokémon GO’s new speed cap is lower than the shawty in ‘dem apple bottom jeans. Pokémon GO creates million of mobile users and cashes in!

PGP! Ep 13 – The Pidgagorean Theorem  

Who knew that the best argument for algebra teacher, worldwide, could make to their student would be Pokémon GO?

PGP! Ep 12 – Just the Good ol’ Boys  

Beau and Joe land for another awesome episode as the Boss Hogg of Podcasting and Sherriff Brian P. Ibbottrane just couldn’t clear the jump.

PGP! Ep 11 – Pokémon GO Minus  

Brian has a Pokémon GO Minus moment, Joe totally Garies McFall, and Charles ups his game…FINALLY…kinda

PGP! Ep 10 – Pokémon GO, ala Ronco  

Like Professor Oak, Beau may be out but he’s still in contact. We get a Pokémon GO Plus rundown, Duplica may be Niantic programmer, and Charles brings the show to screeching halt…AGAIN…

PGP! Ep 09 – “Joe Talks a Mile in Beau’s Pronunciations”  

With both Beau and Charles off hatching eggs and earning candy, Joe and the rest of the panel compete for the show’s more dubious position.

PGP! Ep 08 – Pokémon GO in the Key of WTF  

Three of four are in, as one takes in a game of FOOTBALL. One third of the remaining hosts are feeling cruddy, one doesn’t listen to his co-hosts, and the other basks in the glory of his greatness.

PGP! Ep 07 – “Who Knows What Pokémon Lurks in the Grass?  The Shadow Types Know! ”  

Its Joe’s day at the beach and Beau’s out so Charles grabs a couple of randoes of the street to make sure you trainers get a show. Joe makes it in; hopefully he doesn’t get any sand in the show, ‘cause you know…sand.

PGP! Ep 06 – “Go-ing In the Magikarp Kingdom”  

Litigatéon Go, therapy Pokémon, Team instinct gets a voice on the show, Chikorita Littles weigh-in on the game’s performance, and Boba Mocha gets some high praise from this week’s guest.

PGP! Ep 05 – “…A Hand-Full of Pokéballs”  

Stop, ban-Hammer Time!! Beau gives the hard “C”, while Joe pulls a G.W., and a French Mayor vows to stand against an incursion not seen since the 1940s.

PGP! Ep 04 – Challenge of the Patreon  

Pop quiz, hotshots; there's an egg in an incubator. Once, if you traveled less than 12 miles an hour, the egg would hatch. Now, you have to go below seven, or it won’t. What do you do? What do you do?

PGP! Ep 03 – Episododrio  

Despite squishes and nerfs Vaporeon still seems to be the top dog-fish. Hactivism, shutdowns, and patches; with Charles tagging Beau in and Mr. Ibbott making it a triple-threat, this week shows that good thing come in threes.

PGP Ep 02 – Ep Two, Poke? (A Pokémon by Any Other Name…)  

Who knows what evil lurks in quick catching a Weedle? The Shadow knows. Brian Ibbott pedals in to share some bicycle-safety tips; The More You Know… and Charles carries on Patrick’s Pokémon tradition.

PGP e01 – The ‘Cast Go!..es Weekly!  

As one trainer walks off into the sunset, a new trainer begins his quest. Love it or hate it Pokemon Go! has added more trainers to the world than Pidgies and Rattatas in the game. Can penicillin cure a case of Grimer? Red vs Blue comes to the show... Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes... Exciting changes are coming to the Pokemon Go! Podcast and we're glad to have you traveling and training with us. Patrick, Joe, and Beau welcome Charles McFall to the show to discuss the game, the players, and what's in store for the #1 gaming podcast in the world. Correlation vs Causality; we get all Venn diagram on Pokemon Go!. Do the answers to Eevee-lution lie in Pokemon: Indigo League? We get into a trainer level measuring contest and Joes whips out his 22. Finally, we say goodbye to Patrick, as he leaves Pallet Town to begin his journey to become a Pokemon master. Subscribe on iTunes or the Satchel Podcast Player 5IV Pokémon Giveaway: Review us on iTunes and tweet out “Check out #PokemonGOPodcast on iTunes & Satchel” to win Follow the podcast: reddit.com/r/PokemonGoPodcast facebook.com/pokemongopodcast https://twitter.com/pokemongopod Follow the hosts: Twitter.com/rockgodofpod twitter.com/therealbeauyork twitter.com/joseph_ard

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