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Brexit: The British are…leaving? The British are leaving?!  

This morning, Canada awoke to shocking news as the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union, roiling the world in political and economic turmoil.

The End…(of season 1)  

For the end of our first season we weigh in on with our very subjective opinions of whether our top issues were undervalued, accurately valued,…

Our Neighbours  

This week we focus on how Canadians are discussing the Orlando shooting and how American politics are filtering into Canadian politics. David is back from…

Debates and Fighter Jets  

This week we’re talking about electoral reform (again), doctor-assisted dying legislation (again) and…fighter jets! Also, we have special guest Travis Kann filling while David is…

The Conservative and Liberal Conventions  

Allie and David talk about the issues of the week and Allie follows up with Will Stewart on the Conservative and Liberal conventions and talk…

Scheduling update  

The podcast will now be ready and waiting for you, first thing, every Friday morning We are changing our schedule! To bring you more timely…

What do you do with a Prime Minister once he stops being a Prime Minister?  

Now that Stephen Harper is going to transition into the private sector, I think his main selling point is that he was a successful leader…

Elbowgate 2016  

In this week’s episode, Allie and David discuss the incident in the House of Commons that resulted from rising tensions over Motion 6 and what…

Whose money is it anyway?  

Lately the government has been getting some heat for how it is spending taxpayer money – specifically with the size of the delegation Justin Trudeau…

Fort McMurray Crisis Response  

This week, our thoughts are with all those affected by the wildfires in Fort McMurray. Allie talks with Jason Hatcher, lead on Navigator’s Western Canadian…

Celebrity JT  

To get some perspective on the intersection of celebrity and political culture, Allie talks with CTV’s THE SOCIAL co-host and ETALK senior Correspondent Lainey Lui…

The Exciting Topic of Senate Reform  

"they should take 10% of what they were going to spend on legal bills and buy Senator Duffy a car or something."

Leadership Races  

“The thing about politics in Canada, it’s a very small place. If you’re a member of a party growing up, the chances are you’ve known…

Special Update: The NDP Leadership Vote  

"Really what the leadership vote demonstrates is an unwillingness to move back to third-party status."

Open and Transparent  

"It’s more a difference in interpretation of how they’re presenting the numbers than any sort of error or lack of thought of what’s gone into…

Region, region, what’s your region?  

We’re in a dangerous kind of precarious sense of federalism now, not just over the EI…we’re already getting close to the old sense of western…

The Budget  

It’s the first time we’ve seen media be critical of this government. There’s always dissenting paragraphs, now we’re seeing articles about broken promises.


This week, we’re talking about garbage. Literal garbage and literally mountains of it. For months now, garbage has been piling up in Lebanon.

Mr. Trudeau Goes to Washington!  

This week "It really is a celebrity-comes-to-town type of coverage […] everybody knows who Justin Trudeau is, and Sophie as well."

Get Out of Ottawa  

We’re not focusing specifically on Ottawa this week because it’s an interesting week for Canadian politics for a few reasons. First off, this is an…

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