Laurie Brown is one of Canada's finest music journalists and broadcasters. After ten years hosting The Signal on CBC, she is now shifting into a new direction with PONDERCAST. Useful podcasts to keep you company into the night. Free range brain shavings for what ails you.


01. Slow Down  

Warning – Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this Pondercast. Because it’s meant to help you slow down.  And slow down you will - I ended up flat out on the living room carpet by about Track #6.  

You are going to hear a compilation album put together by Joshua Van Tassel and James Bunton called Slow Volumes One (01).  I’ll be there for you between tracks, taking your pulse and slowing down with you.  I hope if it works for you, you’ll pass this link along to someone you think could use a little slowing down too.

You can buy the album here for any price – proceeds go to The Daily Bread Food Bank  which is lovely. 

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